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  1. Doesn't this autoattack setting happen, when you remove behavioral scripts completely but keep the AI on? Character will just autottack anything you order them to, and keep doing till he getts new order.
  2. Yep, Might is more important now than it was in POE1. I think that it was Obsidians response to critique that stats effects on gameplay are underwhelming. It might even be too strong now, and you are right every min-maxer will max it now, it's just too good as multiplicative bonus. Neverthelss I still think that for anything armored Dex is still #1 stat though, as characters get really slow now with heavier armors. We'll get max Mig, max Dex and 3 Res, for most min/max meta builds. Which is a shame. Not gonna do it myself but lot of "pro"gamers will for sure.
  3. And I'd say high Dex is better that max Might in POE1. Maxing might was not important at all in POE1 it was relatively easy to get extra dmg in other ways. Might is stronger in Deadfire than it was in POE1, since it's now multiplicative bonus, but still recovery time (Dex) is more important stat overall to me.
  4. What dissengagemenbt attack if you have 0 engagement by default, you don't get any... Most melee dps charaters in deadfire will have 0 engagement for a long time.
  5. So from I get, in deadfire characters have now by default 0 engagement, and have to aquire it by shield, passive or modal abilites (stances). So for example, rogue has 0 till he gets persistent distraction when played with out of shield. It is really bad for combat. if Enemy decides to move from you while you are performing attack he will move away your character will start weirly sliding to catch him, but ability will 100% miss and you will loose resourse used for that ability. This occurs even when you character will close the distance and seem again to be in melee range of enemy. When enemy moves ability will miss! Happend quite a few times for me. Please reconsider giving back 1 engagement to every character using melee weapon in main hand. New implementation creates really stupid situations in combat and makes combat feel really buggy and clunky. Also give us engagement number somewhere in the inventory or character screen, so we are able to track it.
  6. it says that intelligence increases AoE (area) by percentage in the stat view. So it is actually worded correctly there. It can bit confusing in skill view, but it's not that bad.
  7. Item put in quick slots sometimes dissapear. I'm pretty sure this happens sometimes. They will not go to the slot and will not apear in presonal inv nor in stash anymore. Such bugged slot is like black hole then, made like 10 items dissapear in it with no return.
  8. What's the ceiling for accuracy? I should have said "soft ceiling". It varies by monster and difficulty level (PotD). Basically, each point of additional accuracy shifts misses to grazes, grazes to hits, hits to crits, etc. Thing is, converting a hit to a crit is just +25% damage, but converting a miss to a graze is +50% damage! So when accuracy is low you're converting a lot of misses to grazes and grazes to hits, which is a big damage boost. Once you have +25 accuracy over target's defenses, though (which isn't hard to hit at all on normal difficulties for most enemies, if you use debuffs), the bonus from Per drops off, and if you get enemy defenses low enough / your Accuracy high enough (remember, Devotions for the Faithful adds 20 by itself!), the relative value of more accuracy keeps going down. There is a theoretical hard ceiling if you were +100 accuracy over target's defenses, where every hit would be a critical and then additional accuracy would do nothing at all, but that actually is pretty hard to reach. To bring this back around to the Pistol modal though, if you've got a priest in the party and they cast Dire Blessing and Devotions for the Faithful, that's +25 accuracy right there, and those are both Beta powers, nothing more. Turn on the pistol rapid fire modal then, and you're still +10 Accuracy above your baseline, not counting Perception etc. or any debuffs on the target. It should be possible to calculate mathematically what the "break point" is for +accuracy where the pistol modal becomes useful (because the increased reload speed gives more of a bonus than you lose from the lost accuracy). Well that would assume that our characters accuracy will raise more quickly than enemy defenses. From what we've seen in POE specially on POTD there are some tough bastards out there in the POE world. So I don't think that will work all that great & 15 accuracy penalty will be still a lot even near end game.
  9. There was quite a few.... save game file corruption. Load time getting really long as game progressed Some buff being permanent on load. some stats increases from passives not being calculated right on loading (this one still happens sometimes, looking at you "magran priest accuracy bonus to arquebuss) save/load could make equiped items disapear. And those are only few I've encountered in around 500hrs in the game over the years. Pretty sure there were more. So they should make sure to try to polish that. OP is right, this can really anger customers a lot and can hurt game revenues, which would be unfortunate.
  10. My idea of active weapon profficency. Once character has proffciency then with proffcient weapons he would have: 3 selectable stances (similar in UI to what fighter has) 1. High stance + penetration (good against high armored targets & good for high dmg hitting builds) 2. Medium stance + accuracy (good agains high deflection targets & good for crit builds) 3. Low stance + speed (good against targets with low defenses in general & good for speed builds) + these 3 would have visually differnt animations, which would really make them stand out and fee like they mean even more. No downsides since character profficient with weapon is always better with it than not profficient character. (Yes, I stole it from Nioh, but it would work well in any rpg, system is just really good)
  11. If they want to keep the profficiencies modal, they should add somehting like stances fighter has. Have like fast swing, strong swing and accurate swing modal. Just a little bonus like 5-10 percent so player can choose which one to use. Don't think any debuff for using profficient weapon makes sense, specially not such a big one like 50% recovery or -15 accuracy.
  12. Mace has same recovery as sabre, rapier is bit faster. Now it is way better to just switch weapon than to use the modal. And since profficiency does not have accuracy bonus it is pointless at that point. So having 3 weapon sets (slash,pierce,crush) or 2 (slash/pierce, pierce/crush) completely negates any usefullness of weapon proffciency in most cases. And problem with you calculation is you'll not nornally fight naked and together with armor you'll become really slow. Two-handers area already slow do they have +50% modal as well? (I know great-sword does not... but -15 accuracy, that is useless in most cases as well, basicallly u need buff like disciplined strikes to ever hit with that, on it's own it is pretty bad) My issue with this design choise is that character with profficiency should be using it. He should be really good with his profficent weapon. Now you'll not use it in most cases and your character having proffieciency means nothing, so why even bother? It made lot more sense as accuracy passive if you ask me.
  13. Weapons profficiency modals +50% recovery time, isn't that little too much? Who uses that instead of switching to better weapon for the situation? Specially when non profficient weapons don't suffer from accuracy penalty? Recovery speed is a major stat, maybe even top stat (poorly trackable in the game BTW). Such proficiency seems useless to me, the debuff is much bigger that the given buff. example Sabre +2pen + 50%rec time. So I'll switch to mace If need more pen or rapier, depeding on damage resistance type monster has. Why ever use that horrible modal. Proffciency should encourage specialization into weapons, not discourage it. At max 20%rec time would be fair. Weapon proficiency should just have buff not debuff. I understand they wanted it to be modal ability (I think that was a mistake), not passive, so it had to have downside. But that downside is to big to ever use. (Unless you are Fighter-Devoted, and maybe punching monk who have no choise but to run with their selected weapon)
  14. Well as for weapons, it's hard to tell. It depends what damage resistance will be most common in the full game. I'n POE1 slash resistance was most common, making sabre not that great even with high dmg bonus (sharp is +20% in POE, and only10% in POE2 Beta). Only really good sabre in POE1 is "Bittrecut" that did full corrode damage (it was slash/corode dmg type) Sabres were still great for squishy targets like casters in robes, but is Pellagina gona hunt those as pally? Won't she be fighting front line against the armored guys? Slash will do little there in most cases. So I go sword for more versatility. And from POE1 experience, best one-handed was warhammer pierce/Crush was best dmg combo, it worked on almost anyone. Warhammers had really cool models and some neat uniques (Abyddons hammer was only two-handed warhammer and that thing was best weapon in the game by far) BTW so far in POE2 weapon proficiencies don't mean anything to me. Most modals have like 50%+ recovery time on them. Who would ever use that?? Recovery speed is like the top stat in the game. specially when non proficient weapons have no accuracy penalty, it's just better to switch weapon. Why would anyone use modal with +50% recovery is beyond me, as most attack speed are painfully slow already (everything except dualwield)
  15. Thanks obsidian you've made my day, that kick animation while shifted is just pure joy to watch Anyone else has really neat small thing that they really enjoyed?
  16. If it's like POE1 your whole team now has 1 trap. (atleast I think so) So if your team together (assist mechanic) has mechanics 5 or 10 why not give them 2 and then 3 traps. 3 traps for team would be still balanced don't you think?
  17. Yea lagufaeth do trigger their own trip-wires in the Beta which is pretty cool. Didn't notice about the injury. if it's true they are actually more usefull now. Some -dex traps might be pretty handy. Still I'd like to be set-up more than one if I have high mechanics.
  18. Anyone can be master trapper, mechanics govern trap efficiency. Did I ever used them in POE 1?.. No, they are weak (except the petrify trap) and the fact you can have only 1 at a time set-up is a bummer. I think there should be treshold and on mechanics 5 you should have 2 traps and on 10 you should have 3. I would actaully use them if I could set more of them or their AoE would get bigger with mechanics. Anyways traps are XP and money, so just disarm and sell. They are not useless. Also dungeons without traps is blasphemy.
  19. I know they do, but some indicator somwhere what is my current number of engagements would be usefull. Same for the recovery (specially that was displayed in Tyranny. so why did they removed it)
  20. Completely agree with all the points, except the first which I have few doubts about: specifically if a rogue dual-wields blunderbusses, should he backstab with both? I'd prefer the proposed 2s grace period be reduced to 0.5s. This way if you want to backstab with offhand too, you have to invest into action speed stuff. Well, that is the question if full attack ability should trigger backstab for both attacks when dual-wielding. Thing is, if it does not than backstab is really only good with two-handed wepons, which is a problem. Currently it does not, so is better to use primary attack that adds dmg mulplier (like Mule kick or flames of devotion) when triggering backtab. Cause it will do more dmg than Full attack. A agree that backstab full attack with 2 blundebusses would be brutal, on the other hand with most dual-wielding wepons it would be just fine.
  21. It is when you mouse over you weapon equiped weapon. But yea it was visible in inventory screen in Tyranny, that was much better.
  22. ahaa, I see that must be the same with full attack when dualwielding. It's one ability but strikes come 1 at a time, so backstab only triggers once. Same as the blunderbuss with many projectiles, only 1 projectile counts. So worst scenario is - blunderbuss dualwield full attack from stealth. I actually tried it it does nothing you are right. Yea they should fix it, though that backtab with dual blundebusses full attack + disciplined strikes, if it's gonna ever work, it's gonna oneshot anything :D
  23. add 1. Why the backstab rework? You can use escape in stealth (it does not break it) and use melee attack for the dmg bonus before you are detected just don't jump infront of enemy. I'm pretty sure it works fine. Then smoke vail and backstab again. This was not posible in POE1 but with stealth skill at like 4 it si perfectly doable in Deadfire. Only thing I'm not sure that both attacks of Full attack abilites (dual-wield) trigger with the bonus. I would say from what I've seen that only the first strike does, which I'd say is a bug. Add 2. yea those 2 are just plain inferrior to cripling strike atm (mainly due to cost efficiency) add 5. Shadowing beyond is too expensive I agree. escape + smoke veil has same resource cost together (3) and they can be used together to same effect or separately for more efficient invis with no movement. So why ever take shadowing, 3 is a big cost. Played Swashbuckler (assasin/blackjacket) alot in Beta I like the micro intense gameplay a lot. Escape not causing recovery is really great fun to fool around with.
  24. Enagagement - Why does not character information or inventory screen show how many agagements can you character establish in combat? It's kinda importat information for melee characters. So why is the sum not shown anywhere. Shield adds 1, defende stance +3 , and there are other abilitiies that increase it. So are the additive or not? Pretty sure they are but I cannot see it displayed anywhere.
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