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  1. Blizzard quietly confirms another LGBTQ Overwatch hero For some reason I'm not surprised about this. But I can accept that since I like this character. Now I just wonder if they will make Hanzo become a gay or Bi.
  2. Daimio looks cool but his scars are just a few red lines. I hope he still a Werejaguar in movie. Alice is black for some reason.
  3. Blizzard customer service concern as staff accept cash to exit Irish hub
  4. I guess vancian casting is back. Jaw drop indeed. Even if the new subclasses are the Wild Mind and others like that. I want them! Let's see what is available: - Fighter: ? - Paladin: Steel Garrote - Barbarian: ? - Priest: Woedica, Rymrgand (only one per class so this one is out?) - Druid: Watershaper - Monk: Sisters of the Reaping Moon - Rogue: ? - Ranger: Gunhawk - Chanter: Stormspeaker - Wizard: ? - Cipher: Wild Mind Did I forget something? No...Wild Mind just suck. I hope new cipher subclass will be like this. https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/98
  5. I don't think my action can change deadfire archipelago. Even if my watcher were born in the Deadfire, I felt I'm just an outsider after ending game.Especially The Watcher can't decide the fate of The Wheel because the main story writer try to forced the player must accept Eothas's plan and you can't stop him. No final boss and dungeon. advertisement created the wrong expectations since I didn't have any combat encounter with Eothas. That why most player very dissapointed about it.
  6. I like POE and I really hope POE3 could have better storyline. I don't mind they're still continue The Watcher's story But I think they should avoid some pseudo-philosophy thing like "what is a god ?".
  7. So this is just a reskin from another chinese trash mobile game. https://clips.twitch.tv/AttractiveSpotlessStingrayTinyFace
  8. It may possibly be true or just rumor from unspecified sources.
  9. I going to make Eder become a druid in this game. What do you think Defender of the True World because our enemy is fey creature.
  10. https://www.pcgamer.com/pathfinder-kingmaker-review/ Honestly, POE writing have too many purple prose. And Kingmaker is for those IE game and hardcore gamer. There is problem with POE. Josh tried to stray away from the BG formula, Because he thought he could do it better. And also with bigger budget they'd have to target a bigger audience which in turn usually results in devs playing "safe" to cater to as many people as possible. The end result would be probably a bad game.
  11. Well, they did have Chris Avellone... I think MCA only wrote some companions
  12. About storyline, I'm worry about Avellone writing probably just another gimmick. Just like Tide of Numenera and Divinity Original Sin 2.
  13. That sort of indicates that the game isn't very well designed, though. There is difference between high skill sealing, or high difficulty, and game not explaining its mechanics or having balance issues. If it is a fairly faithful table-top adaptation than it is an uphill battle (don't know the system, and didn't try the game myself - just guessing). Just like with D&D those don't translate elegantly into a digital setting. From the comments it seems much more like a "game problem", rather than "player problem". It's like all of the above! To the joy of a few and to the detriment of others. Josh circumscribed so many D&D PnP-like issues and problems, especially when he designed Deadfire. Gratz to that! But in so doing, he made a game where you can have five super-balanced party members with super-balanced skills and everything, and if you use your AI settings, well there isn't much variety or urgency left. Well, sometimes - I exaggerate - but with 5 guys in your party, you'll mow down the opposition without even clicking, and you don't have to know the system very well in order to do so. Josh seem very care how to make all class more equality. But he doesn't know it will just make them not very unique.
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