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  1. i didnt like that in ep 2 anakin is all bad and rebellious and whiny...and then in ep 3 he's happy and nice and all, and then he kills children who probably almost worshipped him as their hero
  2. and the award for must original topic goes to...
  3. he wants to save padme, and hes got the dark lord that he has just pledged allegiance too watching his every move. If he backs out, he wont save padme. I think he just said, screw it lets go all the way!
  4. if you spam death field, nothing can stop a dark sider
  5. exile discovers he is actually superman, malachor is actually krypton, revan the evil bad guy. and a bunch of angry possums ravage the plains of dantooine.
  6. This isn't Peter Pan. now look what you did! after he was just getting over the last one too... i cannot believe the arguments here. The question was whetehr fighting with 2 dbls is possible, not special sabers, extra adjustments, things like that. straight out, is it possible.
  7. comparing gandalf's fighting to lightsaber fighting???? come on!! i suppose only by controlling their mmovements with the force, would someone not kill themselves.....impressive to watch, yes....possible, i cant see it being anything but a blender job. Gandalf is a great character. LotR is the best!!!!!!!
  8. Maybe because the topic was a 2 option question. and the first bunch of answers werent even from the list for some reason
  9. whats the difference? both smuggler ships that claim to be the fastest in the galaxy, both named after birds. I'll take my Century Penguin any day, cause its the fastest in the galaxy id probably take the ebon hawk and go find me some true power
  10. my first exile was a true baddie and i called him revan just for kicks. My favorite of my billion exiles were Raith, a jedi gaurdian/master, who turned to the darkside but did not become a sith, remaining a Dark Jedi Master for the rest of the game. This one was really fun, because the siith and jedi have codes but the dark jedi are free, unless they become pawns of the sith, but he destroyed the sith lords with his aggressive double bladed orange lightsaber. After ending the jedi at the rebuilt enclave, he defeated the sith and disappeared from the galaxy's knowledge. He chose not to follow revan because he only followed revan the first time because he believed it was what a true jedi should do. another favorite was one where i abandoned the "exile" part (i know, its not cannon, but it was fun!) I started out as a lightside gaurdian, but instead of choosing to be a jedi i was a matukai. i got inspired by the robes in the game, looked them up, and built my character accordingly,therefore i used force body, speed, and other physically boosting powers, etc. It was really cool. I ended up as a lightside, near mastery jedi weaponmaster with Matukai adept robes, and a dbl blade viridian. I was very off the true story, though. i decided his backstory as that he had been trained by the echani for many years, discovered hs abilities, was denied apprenticeship because of his age, and joied the matukai now im playing as a lightside oriented gray jedi, which is pretty seeet. oh yeah, my blaster pc was really fun too, except it was the one time i didnt get my freedon nadd blasters, and it was the one time i wanted them. and my only melee weapons jedi was fun too. I finished the game with every single single bladed weapon there was in the game and no lighsaber or guns at all.
  11. good day, although i will get in trouble if i say why
  12. quigon of ben kenobi vrook- true he's an old fart sometimes but he knows alot abou the force and has a cool voice
  13. i just have a hard time agreeing with breakfast foods. Those eggs are so fussy and the bacon just hurts my feelings. Personally i dont believe any K3 rumors. Its too easy to just start one, so i will sit back and wait for a nice unrushed game to come out.
  14. You are crazy. I can barely wake up at 8:00 for school. BUt yes, i agree that LS or DS forces you to do things. How many of us have had a conversation in the game, and then got LS points while playing DS and then got mad that we lost our mastery bonus? Grey lets you help who you will and leave those you wont for the kinraths to eat
  15. maybe we play as exile and attons kid called Attexilon I vote New Character, strange as it is...i agree with Omelette
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