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    i love to play sports . . . im the starting point guard for my high school basketball team ! ! ! i also love gaming (obviously) my favorite games and types of games are halo 1&2 kotor 1&2 ncaa football and madden are just a few . . . rpg's action sports and shooter are the types i like.
  1. i watched m.s.2 video on e3 it not an mmo!!
  2. actually an article came out on g4 june 16th about a secret game obsidian is currently workin on and it says- Developer Obsidian Entertainment (Neverwinter Nights 2, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords) might be currently up to its irradiated eyes in Fallout: New Vegas development, that
  3. wait nobody said in that meeting that there will be no k3 maybe we will have to wait a little bit longer!!
  4. I would like to see both BUT i think they should finish the storyline first so im goin with rpg
  5. well we have been waiting for years so i guess we might finnaly get some kinda kotor !! if its an mmo then atleast we will have something to play y we wait to see if they are going to finish the trilogy!!
  6. thers also this article on g4 saying it can possibly be announced on the 21st
  7. sry i couldnt help but good luck neways!!
  8. never happened to me b4...maybe try it with kriea in ur party!!!
  9. i think ME is biowares best game since kotor and it deserved to be game of the year...u should definately get it!!
  10. atton is my fav. because i like his attitude!!
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