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  1. tried it with kriea as 1 of 3 in my party tried with just myself and Kriea and by myself, thanks though
  2. For the record I'm playing on a PC. So after I've finished collecting all the jedi (I guess I went in reverse order of what was intended Onderon to Nar Shadda to Dant was my path) after finishing up on Dant I go to talk to Kriea and she says we must speak in the Jedi enclave. So off I go prancing my way down to the enclave and walk in....nothing happens...ok I figure maybe if I walk around abit maybe I need to find everyone else, nope still nothing. So then I figure well how about I fly to another planet then talk to Kriea again then fly back to dant and run back to the enclave...well if you cant guess I figured wrong. Any ideas?
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