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  1. baodur makes energ y shields for me whenever i want. its never happened to me before...
  2. bao dur, -be nice to him on telos after he apologizes for being nocked out. (ls points) -use force persuade to make thugs jump in pit on narshadda (talk to man you rescued after)(ds points) -heal geriel the sick man in the refugee sector.(ls points) then train away make sure only baodur can see you do these acts or someone else will gain instead. also, if you dont want ds points you can save the trapped mandalorian on dxun and gain influence that way instead. i always have baodur dark side mastery with exar kuns armor, ludo kresh's arm band, a double bladed lightsaber that is restricted to the darkside, and freedon nadds saber as a back up
  3. dark side always. it does bug me how low you have to be to gain darkside points. seriously would a great sith lord kill a guy out of fun. they have better things to do.
  4. well i never got him to say that in my play through...
  5. Does anyone have some great quotes from mandalore in k2? or a mandalorian quote in general
  6. no......i just like jolee bindo. one of my all time fav kotor characters
  7. i dont need the fight between atton and disciple or visas and handmaiden to make me happy. i do like the idea of atton fighting sion and losing an arm though. he can get a robo one later...
  8. well i got to telos where i fight handmaiden sisters as handmaiden and guess what. i dont automatically have a conversation so i go up to a handmaiden siter and talk to her and she says why have you approached me (now im thinking: to freakin kill you, shutta!!) and i see dialogue options from the first telos trip such as im looking for a fight, wheres the ebon hawk, tell me about atris... i can even spar with them.. lookies like im staring over <_<
  9. ... you swing a branch around while making lightsaber noises ...
  10. qui gon! or... IGNORE NEXT PART IF YOU WANT kotor setting! playing as mandalorians or telosians and tthen revan sion jolee etc \better tactics
  11. great trailer! do you right fan fic on k3? just wondering cause id read it. yeah Birth of the order is a little off. still really awesome and creative. actually it made me want to go watch the movie and vandar didnt talk like yoda in k1 but i can see why you made him say it like that because it adds dramatic effect.
  12. *awkward silence* uhhh....... i think malak sux and he trained his apprentice in the arts of suckiness. darth maul is such a unique fighter tht i cant help but enjoy it
  13. my handmaiden is glitched. she is a jedi but she wont follow me around in my party. she just stands around. also i cant talk to her in the ebon hawk. also cant open containers doors or terminals if she is in party.
  14. no. gaining influence causes npcs to follow your example (become DS) losing influence makes them go to the opposite alignment. i only made a jedi from lost influence once with disciple because i dont like him and he gave me DS points. i always play darkside bao dur looks awesome darkside and atton looks creepy. btw atton will gain influence for you doing dark things like killing random ppl. it is great
  15. id like most o the stuff listed like hoods and sabers i always play darkside and it bugs me that people on this forum say that the lightside is the best but then they use choke and force lightning. NOT COOL <_< ls jedi can have a power that is always active called force block that can reflect a sith power used on them back at the enemy. they could use wisdom and dexterity as modifiers for this power. and i hope they slightly adjust random loot cause i had 5 Freyyrs war blades last time i playec
  16. its a glitch i played through ds once and got mira instead of hanhar
  17. yeah i just wanted to know cause iv never got bronze crystals my latest combos are dealing out mid 40s to 80s with +70
  18. visas- double purple kreia- freedon nadds short or viridian mical- single blue or green (in the head! ) mira- a gun atton - dual cyan or double orange, or single yellow baodur- double red handmaiden- double in blue or red me- single red or just trying double red im always darkside and i always get bao atton visas handmaiden hanharr and me dark mastery
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