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  1. hey that is NOT funny. I hate that some people feel that they can go and come up with bs spam and paste it here just kidding its all good
  2. i choose orange as my favorite except that it is really fat, and red is really skinny....i dont know why that is... i like all the colors
  3. dark side. And all you people who play lightside cannot convince me that you used storm and kill force powers and other dark abbilities...lightside my bum
  4. i agree this game is made for darkside! storyline wise, everything
  5. then we must rebel! i agree about everything you said JW. I love KOTOR
  6. i often start with gaurdian because i LOVE force jump. if i want to go sith lord, i boost my wisdom and charisma. I always must have force jump, which is why i never go consular, weaponmaster. i do go consular sith lord and then make myself level 50. OWNAGE!!! sentinel assassin or sentinel anything is good. i only played that with blasters and heavy armor though.
  7. nihilus + katarr = dead vhandar, zhar, etc
  8. so if the enemy is stuned or in stasis or insanity and i go and use ANY for of hit (power critical flurry regular) then i get a damage bonus? no stealth mode?
  9. 1st choice: single, traditional, manouverable, powerful 2nd choice: double bladed, good for taking on multiple opponents i DON"T like two because how do you use the force if your hand is wrapped around a lightsaber? the animations for two lightsabers using the force is wierd. i prefer my single bladed (maybe with an extra blade that can come out the bottom like Exsr's)
  10. updated Shintu Kai General (Something) Darth Vomicus Raith Jacus Revan (now that was a hoot) Jett Bindo Miko Yeung (yeah, i know) Alaine Erdan Fett Darien Trogdor Note: I haven't finished the game that many times, just started it that many
  11. what is it and how do i use it, cause i played as an assassin and i dont know what sneak attack does
  12. tusken miraluka kiffar wookie gungan is my fav 'not!
  13. kotor 3: -juhani's hairball -the final and likely rushed installment of a game series that no one wants to finish. -^SwKotORtFaLRIoaGStnoWtF -Revans return -Republic in Darkness -Shadow of the Force -bastilla gets hit by a swoop bike -KOtOR BGHbaSB^ i think these are solid
  14. this was discussed once already and there was a good theory there just search and read.
  15. Has anyone ever gotten Dark Jedi master robes besides off of sion??
  16. i just finished game as blaster jedi sentinel/sith assassin. i dont know how to use sneak attack but it was still fun. dual blasters and heavy armor(no force )
  17. whats the best build and feats for a dual blaster wielding exile?
  18. so force deflection is useless if i am wielding a lightsaber ? and i can or cant use it with blasters?
  19. does force deflection/redirection wrk if the character is wielding blasters instead of a saber? ie. if i am wielding 2 blastors and an enemy shoots me with a blaster can i redirect it??
  20. but i have never got that dialogue option before
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