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  1. no kidding......therres always a new "greatest force user ever"
  2. who knew a neutral character would be seen as deep. i know what you mean
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    I don't like spam!!!! spam spam spam spam spammitty spam!
  4. Darth_Nihlus


    toss up between Hello Zepp from saw, and We Belong by Pat Belanater (sp?) <-----song playing in Talledega nights when ricky and jean are running after they crash
  5. i think it would be cool to become a matukai, or some other less known force user. Flashbacks would be awesome, seeing your own character wiping the floor with some madalorians or something would be awesome....
  6. i would love to have a mandalorian soldier too. It could be Mandalores most trusted soldier (xarga, zuka?) Mandalore may be old but he still has a brilliant mind for planning battles, even if he cant be in them directly.
  7. 8 freyyrs war blades in one game nothing good.
  8. is it possible for a save game reader in K3 that lets you choose which one of your exiles or revans to use, and for people who havent played then i dont know...
  9. ditto what dustin said about killing palpatine. Sidius would have only continued gaining power and apprentices.
  10. i know i spelled nihilus wrong but i was young and wild and just played k2. and yes, i am random.

  11. i cant stand the eu that is post episode 6. It takes the 6 films and forgets them. {mockery}Sure some last of the jedi kid stopped the sith, but the bad guy came back the next day, making everything that the people in the films worked and died for irrelevant.[/mockery} and now theres some vaders apprentice thing. They're gonna build him/her up so much, and yet he makes no difference at all in the galaxy.
  12. children droids???? droidlings??? stupid padme....she is evil!
  13. That could be awesomely helpful. Shaving cuts would be a bitch, though. sometimes, toilet paper just doesnt cut it. You'd need skin grafting
  14. NO. GL in his wisdom would have to make another trilogy, not just one movie, each worst than the last
  15. ...a light kukrisaber, a lightshaving razorsaber, light pruning shearsabers, lightmacesaber. It never ends. id like to smack someone
  16. great ideas. i like the i dea of animation before choosing attack, like lotr return of the king, where you can watch the character do the move.....hey fellowship feats in kotor??? maybe.... i like the idea of having a few powers and then instead of having improved and master, you could add the point system thing you mentioned. Some of those force powers and other things sound awesome, but some seem to only work with a more hack and slash game. good ideas as a whole. i wouldnt need a story if these are in there
  17. so is this apprentice guy someone who exists between episode 3 and 4?
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