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  1. ^ yes yes yes!!! that is a brilliant theory. well done!!
  2. i went to nar shadda right after telos. i gained dark mastery and was heading to jekk jekk tar. hanharr intercepts me and talks to me and then it switches to atton. atton dies by twin suns and i reload i take too steps and MIRA intercepts me. i now have mira instead of hanharr even though i have dark side
  3. thanks, only a fwe are missing like malaks and jolees.
  4. Does anyone have pics of robes like jolees, malaks, and other rare or unusual and also: how rare are grey jedi robes
  5. i found ossuss keeper robes, lots of BIndo's bands, kaiburr crystal, force mask that has +14 force resist
  6. SITH LORD or more specifically THE Dark Lord of the Sith
  7. zaalbar does NOT egual hanharr. just cuz their wookies is not a good reason. zaalbar and baodur are closer. both i hoped for tough dudes and both were kind of soft. i dont think that jolee and kreia are both neutral. kreia was exiled for her students corruptions and she has been bitter ever since. she clearly favors the darkside and is close to adhering to it. she does not want to adhere to it yet jolee does not want someone to go to the darkside. he lost his wife to the dark side and i dont think hes in a rush to do the same. he chose exile because of the jedi code forbidding love. i believe that he does draw a line between good and evil, but he appreciates some jedi teachings, and also disagrees with some of them. if put to the test, jolee would join the lightside. Jolee is the best!!!!!!!!!
  8. visas no bastila....no visas....no basilla. AUGH brianna is a whiny self obsessed ugly
  9. heres me dark jedi or sith. its crappy and on paintbrush. i do lots of pencil shading drawings and ive been told im good. ill post some later
  10. how can you forget:(not sure about the exiles line) little girl on nar shadda in exchange headquarters Exile: you run and il deal with saquesh(that squid guy) girl: thanks. give him a good kick in the tentacles for me
  11. Sith Lord/ Dark Jedi, not sure which or i cant attach that works to
  12. is the lightside ending that differnt? for me when i played DS my ending just showed a zoom out of malachor V and then credits. WTH? ANyways im playing neutral now and i got mira. to maintain neutrality, i am nice to baodur and atton and am fiercely mean to handmaiden and kreia. i got 2 of bindos banw when i played DS
  13. my friend played the game and found A LIGHTSABER IN A CONTAINER ON PERAGUS. NOT EVEN THE BAO DUR CEREMONIAL CRAP. and no cheats!
  14. handmaiden is ugly! visas...mmmmmmmm hot stuff
  15. sith lord. i walked right through malachor with force storm, and right through sion with force crush. life is good when the force is yours. Bow to the True Lord of the Sith
  16. my wants: customizable lightsaber hilt more colors more robes, better robes more force powers a story line that is really good. i loved k1 storyline, k2 was ok but really, do we need MORE force bonds??? choose species. if i want to be a wookie, lemme be a wookie, a zabrak if i want. and i think a great force power would be the ability to control a floating lightsaber. start off with one and add another every couple level ups until you can have up to three lightsabers following you around in combat. they could add defence bonuses, as well as be included in master lightsaber throw or something. i know these have all been said but still. ps it would be awesome to be able to select an apprentice on dantooine and train him, would it not? choose some padawan from a group that displays the stats and stuf that you would want, and then you get to train him in they ways of the force
  17. can someone post a picture of qel droma robes and star forge robes from k1? the ultimate out of all was Darth Revan's robes, the only robes that flowed in k1. all it needed was the hood up and maybe the mask(which is beyond be why you got a vacuum mask instead of revans when you join bastila on the dark side) in k2, norris and jedi robes, i wish you could wear them without the outer robe, though
  18. Jolee!!!! He is absolutely hysterical. i think i cried when "of course, master master" hk was alright. what did carth say that was funny? t3's conversation options in k2 are great. "deet. dee-reet?" bao dur is a mothers boy" Atton is funny
  19. i dont know how to cover my words *SPOILER POSSIBILITY!!!!!* DO NOT READ IF YOU WISH NOT TO HAVE SPOILERS SHOWN!!! i already recieved the holocron, mira has been busted and i cant get to jekk jekk tar. so the exit is in pylon 3? i thought you had to go through vogga's place. so you dont right? thanks
  20. hey! i am trapped on nar shadda. i cant get into jekk jekk's tar because i cant get through the security door in vogga's place(with the cath hounds) i have the stinking juma juice but that slug busts me every time. can someone help me?
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