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  1. i would go and get a bionic plug set in my impalement hole that could generate a force shield around me.
  2. agreed. Jolee was not neutral about the jedi and sith, he just abandoned the Jedi code, thus making him a grey Jedi, not a neutral jedi.......maybe more of an off-white jedi, not neutral. "I sense much strangeness in you Sionn, Strangeness leads to romantic comedies, and romantic comedies, to the Pink side, lead."
  3. In the guide it lists force powers beast control and beast confusion and ive never gotten the second one, as well as mobility, which ive never heard of. are these even in the game? (besides the beast one from dxun which we all know, except isnt it called beast trick?)
  4. Become strong in the darkside, I would. Defeat Palpatine and rule Galaxy, I could.
  5. i always tried to be just lightside enough to gain prestige class, which was relatively quick, and then go neutral......i did go neutral all the way once, but had a poor build and failed
  7. and besides, my looks like thanks for the input. I decided on following the bonuses of the matukai robes and boost strength dex and constitution
  8. that single thought just made me want a k3 based on canon revan and exile because jolee was awesome, and he would look awesome with real robes!!!!!!!
  9. you sure like your purple lightsabers, eh? these are really good, you should make one of malak and bandon, and the k2 badguys
  10. so you have to download it, but you got it on xbox? right.... and the link isnt showing me anything
  11. alright, ill probably give my a small and then concentrate on .. ....ive also never had with ...maybe ill give that a whirl,
  12. Im starting a game as a dual wielding gaurdian. i was thinking of giving a small strength bonus, and then a much higher dexterity bonus combined with finesse feats. My question is: can i do a lot of damage with a high , or is strength the only way to go for quickly dispatching enemies?
  13. spoiler tags??? come on....everyone here knows the game or should know the game. this is a load of
  14. "Visas come here for a minute" "what do you wish" [close door]"lets get it ON!"
  15. anyone have pics or description (both) of malaks armor????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  16. K1 Korriban-Sith homeworld Star Forge- Kick Dark Jedi Butt Unknown World- Kill almost all party members Leviathon- PRetty sweet Kashyyk- Meet Jolee, meet wookies Tatooine- Enjoyable Endar Spire- other than trask, really cool dantooine- ok Taris- too long, but alright manaan- I just had to go have seafood after that planet is that all the planets? K2 Onderon- I like leading an army Dxun- I like mandalorians Nar Shadda- interesting Dantooine- good Ravager- Yeah! Korriban- missing stuff Peragus- I enjoyed it more the 3rd time telos- ok Malachor- Meh (look at my member number. im the DEVIL) nope, gorth is
  17. i have played as a sith and i think makashi but sith assassin good. you make no sense
  18. sword! NOTHING beats owning enemies with a force wave and feeling my blade slice their flesh......double bladed sword (not vibrosword) looks cool too
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