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  1. Sorry if this is relatively reviving a dead topic but I thought I'd make a comment here regarding the "mage" prestige classes: that being that you're just as good staying with the consular - in fact in some ways the jedi master (ls-prestige) is WORSE than the consular due to lower saves. the Guardian and Sentinel PrC's however, tend to be a good step up. Just my 2c
  2. Of course if you're playing xbox that's not an option...
  3. I think you would get the SA bonus more from catching your opponent flat-footed by jumping in before they can act; rather than from the stealth...
  4. Go to www.gamefaqs.com and find the FAQs there. I can particularly recommend dsimpson's one for this stuff.
  5. That certainly looks like it's what you're after. As for the first response from refuse - you may not have been wanting the droid planet, but the droid factory they referred to was one and the same with the HK factory you're wanting.
  6. You also need This is another good sign that you're good/evil enough.
  7. The speeder becomes unusable once you've You can gain influence with 2/3 of your party members in the process of building the speeder:
  8. Well that full quote is in my sig - I rather like it I can't bring any specific quotes to mind right now - but the recurrant use of "meatbag" is dead funny
  9. I played a Consular/Weapon Master a couple of times and it really played well. Especially when you get towards the end. You get a good mix of "might & magic" with a solid base of consular abilities having set you up.
  10. I believe that DC is based on Wisdom AND Charisma. Basically both WIS and CHA will increase your DC. WIS will increase your FP pool. CHA will decrease cross-alignment penalties (and doesn't it do something to boost the AB of your allies too?). Then there's the skill bonuses from each - CHA is for Persuade, WIS helps with awareness and a couple others (forget which)...
  11. No - no adverse effects. You get some slightly different dialog but otherwise it makes no difference to the storyline of the game. Atris and Kreia are just moody biatches
  12. I can't even remember how long ago since I last played TSL - going on 2 years maybe... I've tried to revive my gaming of K1 - but it's struggling on my 360 and other commitments have got in the way
  13. While avoiding making K2 a carbon-copy of K1 is a good idea - the simple fact that it's a sequel from the original, follows on the story (more or less) from the first, and contains reintroduced and cameo characters from it all mean that you will need a solid knowledge of how the first game went to make it viable.
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