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  1. I don't remember leaving that comment

  2. What's Hades's favourite film?

    Butch Appeasement Never Works But Neither Does Being An Overbearing Warmongering Jackassidy and the Sundance Kid

  3. Where did all the comments go?

  4. Who was Hades's favourite US president?

    Shoots First, Hates Religion Laterald Ford

  5. So, we should get together with soemtimes for when we are on MSN, and get myself back into the habbit of logging on to MSN and have some chats like the good old days.

  6. So I'm thinking about getting on MSN again more often. I'm thinking about trying to coordinate soem times to get some of the old gang back together. I mean you and Laozi.

  7. I hope you like having creepy internet guys all over you. It's good to see Obsidian hasn't changed too much in the past month.

  8. Hey Hell Kitty. Long time no talk. I've never read Watchmen, but I'm excited for the movie non the less

  9. Probably shouldn't what?

  10. I didn't know you were a girl. This changes everything. Now I feel less gay.

  11. Everything, but to start, looking at me.

  12. That wasn't directed at you.

  13. 1. creepy.

    2. Hahaha, you share a state with Hades. That's unfortunate.

  14. : ( I'm sorry, I'm not really in much of a laughing mood. But thanks for trying. : (

  15. A better life babydol. A better life.

  16. I had a good smeck at that.

  17. I'm dead on the inside.

  18. I don't have a sense of humor.

  19. Where oh where could my baby be?

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