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  1. I don't remember leaving that comment

  2. 5th beautiful sunny day here in Montreal, I've been working hard... on my tan. I'm studying for the final exam of my Theoretical Computer Science class while lounging by my pool. I just came inside for a few minutes to cool off and get a drink. I'm waiting for my father to get home so I can drive to the gym and do my week's 4th muscle training, biceps and back. Tonight, band practice...
  3. Oh, I've played that game Giggidy!
  4. I just wanna say to those of you who recommended Baldur's Gate (2) for me to play........ Thank you.
  5. Yep. I had that problem. Albeit I didn't download any patches. Teehee.
  6. Sounds like good advice for any long-lasting relationship. Maybe someday I'll cool my independent ways and settle down like that.
  7. Jade

    Hi there!

    A man who knows when to shut up. I like you already. But I'm not ready for you to do that quite yet. Aside from that C++ OpenGL game I'll be making, you're right, I probably should make a J2ME game to add to my portfolio. I'm sure programming as part of a team must be challenging. I imagine a lot of the cohesion comes from good communication between the programmers and their leader. Anyway, send me a pm if you wanna talk some more!
  8. Jade

    Hi there!

    Thanks for the advice. I'll be taking what they call 'Computer Graphics' class within the next schoolyear, it's a class in which you program a 3d game in C++ using (I believe) OpenGL libraries. I really hope that from that class on I'll be able to refine a more game-oriented coding technique.
  9. It's going to sound pathetic, but it was the catalyst to our breakup. Still, it wasn't meant to be. Dating a non-gamer, well, is never meant to be.
  10. As a recovering WoW addict, I really don't suggest getting into mmo's unless you've got time to spare. Heh, I fondly remember how my significant other of 2 and a half years jokingly said to me the day I bought WoW: "A game that never ends? Oh my god, I'll never see you again." ... Yeah. It was close to true.
  11. Canadian prisons are a joke. A joke with cable TV.
  12. Hrm... I should reinstall Bloodlines, too. I was too addicted to World of Warcraft at the time to really get into VtM:B. And no, I'm not an XBot. Cool! I can always use more clothes and more hairstyles!
  13. Jade

    Hi there!

    I'd love to work for a game development company. I'm not entirely sure what position to aim for, though. I suppose initially what I would have to bring to the table are some decent programming skills, handiness with Databases, good 2d arts skills, writing skills, and some voice acting (a more recent venture). Ideally I'll be able to come to a mutually beneficial understanding with a company that has a need I can happily fulfill! Slightly less ideal but more realistic, I'll start at the bottom of the chain somewhere and work my way up (and I assume, come closer to figuring out exactly w
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