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  1. Walked right into it

  2. That's what she said

  3. That's pretty crafty.

  4. I still don't know what it meant.

  5. Heh, you share a state with Hades. I'm sorry to hear that.

  6. His internet liscence was revoked.

  7. Hey, I'm starting NADS. Get ready.

  8. You know who your REAL internet friends are.

  9. Yeah, awkwardly awesome

  10. Yeah, you WISH there wasn't a limit to the ammount of letters I can type into the comments.

  11. "Little girl in big daddy" A fanfic by Lou Gutman

    As the Big Daddy crept closer, she began breathing heavily. She was panting now, panting with anticipation. Anticipation for what was to come. Quivering. She was quivering with expectance. She was expectant with delight. Now, as he was almost upon her, she was delightfully blissful. The bliss was too much for her to take,

  12. Wh...

    Why aren't you a mod anymore? : (

  13. It's funny because Astro wrote that himself.

  14. 2.9 repeating isn't equal to 3 in this context.

  15. Yes Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends

  16. Dear Omelette,

    This is me flirting with you.

    <3 Lou

  17. I'm AIMing for you

  18. Especially the ones that are guys.

  19. Dear Musopticon,

    A short poem by Lou Gutman.

    Dear Musopticon

    You haven't returned my PMs

    Dear Musopticon

    I want to be your friend

    Dear Musopticon

    Like flowers our love with bloom

    Dear Musopticon

    If not, then prepare to face your doom

    Dear Musopticon

    I'll find you where you live

    Dear Musopticon

    I want to have your babies

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