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  1. It ain't necessarily so

    (It ain't necessarily so)

  2. Li'l Moses was found in a stream

    (Li'l Moses was found in a stream)

    He floated on water 'til ole Pharaoh's daughter

    She fished him she says from that stream

  3. For he made his home in dat fish's abdomen

    Oh Jonah he lived in de whale

  4. Oh Jonah he lived in de whale

    (Oh Jonah he lived in de whale)

  5. He fought big Goliath who lay down and dieth

    Li'l David was small but oh my

  6. Li'l David was small but oh my

    (Li'l David was small but oh my)

  7. It ain't necessarily so (it ain't necessarily so!)

    The things that you're liable to read in the bible

    It ain't necessarily so!

  8. What's the difference between a train and a teacher?

    One says "Choo choo choo!" and the other says "Spit that gum out!"

  9. Yeah well Charmander? More like, gay... fat... I'm not good with puns.

  10. Eevee is the cutest pokemon ever.

  11. You're so gay for Charizard.

  12. Let me think of something funny to say.

  13. Thanks you for taking that picture down. That pretty girls face doesn't follow me around the room.

  14. What? Not logical? Dude, a freaking ghost that can't be hurt by zombies and can attack them with like, ghost tricks and like, other sweet moves that are ranged attacks, and then a psychic type that can like, just lift the zombies up and throw them across the city, and can also teleport me to a safe place if things get too hairy. And then freaking flareon is soooooooo cute and also has the c

  15. That last peep's eyes follow me around the room.

  16. Umm Gengar cause he rapes, and Alakazam cause he rapes and could just teleport me away from harm, and Flareon cause it's cute.

  17. Hey I heard what that jerk did to you. Look man, I'm here for you if you need anything. anything at all. Hang in there big guy.

  18. God, I was just about to make a joke about how I clicked it and it didn't do anything. I need to reinvent myself

  19. But you can't catch me!

  20. I don't have my 360 up here, but yeah, next time I'm home, we're def gonna crash it up.

    Get it? Crash it up?

  21. I'm never letting him use a picture of me ever again!

  22. See, I was thinking about when I put that up a while ago. I've never played a Bard before, so like, I didn't know if I was supposed to pick a class I always play, or if I'm supposed to pick one that describes me. I don't know, I'm pretty Monk like anyway.

  23. Do you want to roleplay or something?

  24. We're both five on the inside. And that's all that matters. When our world falls apart around us, we will still have that. It doesn't matter what happens Kitty. We share this.

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