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  1. While I don't necessarily wish to say you did the right thing by checking his e-mail, I can't really blame you for jumping at that chance in your situation. It was a **** move by him and if you got a bit Machiavellian on his *** in the process, good on ya. Oh you have *no* idea.
  2. Antony and the Johnsons - Her Eyes Are Underneath the Ground
  3. This thread has provided some good reads, but it's also got me worked up. I'm reminded of my last relationship and all the utter BS I had to put up with to the point where I find myself seething with repressed anger. Now I'm gonna leave this thread and go pick up a hobby, eat better and start working out.
  4. I don't know it it's too early for you, but Bright Eyes' "First Day of My Life" is a nice song to have a go at.
  5. Coffee makes me weak and makes me tremble. So do women.
  6. Wait what? You're a dog? You know your place or I'll virtually walk you!
  7. Well, due to my slender build and rugged physique I am virtually indestructible, but you could always have a go. Don't hurt your virtual hand trying to internet punch me!
  8. Haha, how womanly of you!
  9. That's because you suck too.
  10. If it's a masquerade I'm coming as John Holmes. I won't even need an outfit! Oh, and girls suck (you know what I mean).
  11. Good thing we're only in March... Ya, in July some Aussie will find a talking dingo and by Christmas the world's first real pink panther will have been born.
  12. Tough chore having a transparent head that is mostly empty. I'd be kinda embarrassed.
  13. Checkpoint


    Lol, you just described 90% of the posters on the hfboards, Alan. And I agree with Volo that Sather should have been axed and not Tom Renney. Yes, HF can be very tiresome. I read almost every day, but I can't find too much energy to post anymore.
  14. OMG there's something wrong with my Intertr0n today because I can't see option c) OPEN FIRE.
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