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  1. Wait, I don't see a sexist comment.

  2. So do you play marching trumpet or jazz trumpet?

  3. You have to admire his persistance. Admire it with hatred.

  4. Yes, Rackabye Baby. I was thinking about geting a bunch of those.

  5. Omelette...

    It's ok...

    Don't be afraid...

  6. All creatures feel fear.

  7. And why do we fall Omelette? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up.

  8. What do you fear?

  9. I've been idly ignoring your comment. You've offended me with your obnoxiously apparent ignorance of Pokeculture.

  10. Or better yet, don't.

    Oh yeah, I went there. Lou Gutman isn't afraid to pull any punches!

  11. I don't know what that means.

  12. Who am I supposed to fight now?

  13. I wasn't taking harm in what you said, I was going along with it. I had made my intentions of hitting on Omelette because she was a girl from the very beginning.

  14. Accept, you're acting like you're the frist person to show some sort of cooralation between her being a girl and profile veiws.

  15. More childish fighting

  16. Despite what you've heard, I'm all guy.

  17. That's a pretty jerk way of showing your love.

  18. Someone DOES care.

  19. I'm glad somebody took notice.

  20. Quail-man is an improvement. And Doug wasn't before his time.

  21. I'm serious, if you want some singing tips and lessons then PM me. ; )

  22. Your's was special though.

  23. Something is amiss here! Quick, Eldarboy, to the ThePixiesRock cave!

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