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  1. Yeah that's right, call me a filthy American. I love it when you talk dirty and degrade me like that

  2. So, I can't find any licorice costumes online, but I did find a dress made out of licorice that I wouldn't mind wearing.

  3. I like where this is going.

  4. So you're saying you want to suck on me? I like where this is going.

  5. You are electricity and light

  6. You are the blood flowing through my fingers

  7. I'd love to tell you more but I'll save it for a more private and intimate setting.

  8. Often times I find agressive things erotic. Just so you know.

  9. It's like almost three AM here. Your jokes are really throwing my depression off!

  10. Sometimes I just need someone to talk to really late at night so that someone knows I exist.

  11. We share this Hell Kitty. We share this

  12. But I didn't tell you the twist though. The twist is his ass.

  13. I saw Watchmen the other day. Everytime I saw Dr. Manhattan's **** I thought of you.

  14. girls are dumb ; (

  15. Did I mention I'm declaring war on you?

  16. Llyranor will pay for his insabordination

  17. Look at Aristes over there, talking about plumbing like you ain't got none, what he thinks you sold them all?

  18. I'm going to get you banned for what you did to me.

  19. That's disturbing. Which ones in particular? I only sing on one of them and it's an old song from like, the 40's. The newer ones are pretty swung and improvised so like, I don't know why they would be Christian Rock -esque

  20. So usually I would tell you these things on AIM, but you're not on right now. Webcam sex is a lot harder than you would think.

  21. So like, did you change your name?

  22. That kind of looks like me

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