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  1. Maybe I'm just too leet for you to handle.

  2. You should set it up so you can play GTA with me and Hurly. But Hurly is rarely on.

  3. Do you have x-box live?

  4. Now we're friends.

  5. Michigan State University

  6. Don't give up on me babe

  7. Never forget. no matter how much I don't sign on MSN and talk to you anymore, never forget, and I will never forget.

  8. Can I join your goon squad?

  9. Didn't ask for a lecture

  10. I forget the reference, but it had somethng to do with the Halo thing.

  11. What does that even mean?

  12. I almost transfered there, but Wayne State would be better for what I want to go into.

  13. Haha, Michigan State.

  14. I have seen operas.

  15. The Opera Bookclub is a club for discussing songs. Read a freaking newspaper once in a while.

  16. Oooh Mr. Todd


    I'm so happy


    I could


    Eat you up I really could

    You know what I'd like to do Mr. Todd


    What I dream


    If the business stays this good

    Where I'd like to go

    In a year or so

    Don't you want to know

    Do you really want to know?

  17. Did you hear about the litter of Kittens run over by a bus yesterday? It was a cat-astrophe.

  18. I'm Captain Turner.

    To you.

  19. Wake up San Fransisco

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