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  1. It must truly suck to be an Obsidian employee and have your reputation defamed this way, while your publisher counts their lucre. I wonder how Valve feels about having provided free advertising for an Epic elusive?
  2. Limiting your spell selection doesn't really weaken casters or force them to specialize--there are only a few "must have" spells per level. What it does is discourage the player from trying inefficient or situational abilities and the strategies that can result from those.
  3. Priests got kneecapped by the ability system change. I'm sure the 'prayer' spells all have their use, but are they worth wasting an ability point on? As such, they feel pretty lackluster at healing and mending status conditions, which gives priests a weird niche.
  4. There does seem to be some stress between the psuedo-historical elements of the setting (I know Josh is keen on historical settings) and the high-fantasy/power-fantasy elements that attract people to RPGs like this. We're told guns and cannons have revolutionized warfare and the way people build their castles/fortifications--something analogous to our own history of warfare--but this is also a setting where people shoot fireballs and leap over walls in fiery explosions. The thing is, though, that you can apply this logic to pretty much any high-fantasy setting. You seriously need to contort your ideas of historical progression and cause-and-effect to arrive at a world that at all resembles the one we live in. In a way, the most authentic fantasy world would be completely alien, such as Planescape: Torment, driven by forces and a culture that are fundamentally different to our own. If anything, I would suggest Obsidian decrease the historicity of the setting and further create their own unique world. We see glimpses of it in this game. In the real world technology let empires dominate native populations the world over. In this setting, however, the native's magic has let them fight back the invaders to an uneasy truce. In this world, technology is not the be-all end-all, and that leads to divergent power-dynamics and divergent cultures, which is all very interesting.
  5. No, but both find themselves in competition with Gorgonzolawain.
  6. We are told in the first game's priest description that a priest's power does not come directly from a god, but rather through belief in said god, "While all priests dedicate themselves to specific gods, priests' power is actually derived from their personal beliefs." This clever loophole allows for priests of Eothas and Durance (a man thought dead by his god) to exist in PoE1. However, this seems to have some disturbing implications for the larger cosmology. Would a priest who erroneously, but piously, believes Magran's portfolio includes the ocean gain water powers? What about false gods like Nemnok--do his followers gain magic powers vis-a-vis their belief in him? And heavens, think about mad people who believe all sorts of outlandish things. Does the madman who fervently believes in the cheese god gain almighty cheese related powers? I hope they lock those sanitariums up tight. Am I on the mark about how this whole priestly magic thing works, or am I missing something?
  7. The way wizards gain spells in this game really seems to encourage sticking with one grimoire, so you never overlap.
  8. Munchkin's gotta munchkin. But really, I like the armor and magic aesthetic, and the role-playing aspects practically write themselves.
  9. If you do the Arkemyr questline you get Concelhaut's grimoire, which has his crushing doom and draining missles. You also get Arkemyr's grimoire, which contains his dramatic escape, or something.
  10. The limited spell list really does seem to be a victim of the multiclass system they went with in this game. As others have pointed out, though, so many of their spells are so bad this time around that you really won't miss your big selection. It really bums me out, clerics being my favorite class in D&D and priests being my favorite class in PoE1, but they really do feel like they're designed to be multiclassed. I also have a nitpick with the "domain" system they went with. They priest of Eothas only seems to get spells every priest seems to already have, whereas others, such as Wael, get new and powerful spells. Digging around the game's files I found an Eothas version of firebug and sunlance, but those never got enabled.
  11. You can get rid of the confuse by going to your statuseffects.gamedatabundle, finding Frenzy_SE_BerserkerConfused and Blood_Frenzy_SE_BerserkerConfused, and delete the StatusEffectsValueIDs.
  12. Some high-tier inspirations feel a bit weak. Compare the level 1 wizard spell Fleet Feet with the level 3 wizard spell Deleterious Alacrity of Motion, a spell that's also trying to kill you. I don't know what sort of methodological concerns they had when creating the status effects, but would an increase in attribute magnitude per tier, such as 3/6/9, be unreasonable?
  13. Berath warned that Eothas' plan would leave all souls stuck in the In-Between, not able to go to the Beyond. It's possible the In-Between was a creation of the Engwithans as a sort of holding station to suck the energy they needed before throwing them out into the beyond. It's mentioned that entropy is Rymgrand's work, so this is probably where he does his monkey business as well. Before the Engwithans, souls would go straight to the Beyond and back via the adra pillars. The task for modern-day animancers is to reverse-engineer Engwithan technology to delete the In-Between (Possibly including the gods). This is all speculation; this series' cosmology is seriously confusing.
  14. I'm a bit peeved all grimoires have all spell levels (why would a hedge mage know the most powerful spells?), but the unique spells some books have make choosing between the books an interesting decision. I think mechanically wizards were more interesting in PoE1, being able to learn all the spells but restricted to 4 at a time, but I suppose that was a sacrifice that needed to be made going into a more homogenized multi-class system.
  15. No matter what pet I've equipped, the gull buff wont leave my party members, as if the pet buff isn't updating anymore. You'll notice some party members that joined don't even have the pet buff.
  16. I wish wizards (can't speak for the other casters) had bonus accuracy on their spells to make up for the long cast times. Watching your spells miss half the time isn't very fun.
  17. Dragon Age: Origins had something like this. Buffs reduced your maximum mana and made casting spells more difficult. It was a flexible system that let you choose between firepower or passively enhanced stats. I don't know how such a mechanic would work in a more traditional cast per rest/encounter system, though.
  18. Perhaps spellcasters could chose how specialized they want their spellbook to be. Let's say you just want to cast fireball over and over again; at level-up you forsake getting a new level 3 spell to get more level 3 casts. Kind of a wannabe Vancian system. I suppose someone could screw their build up by giving themselves 7 casts of Prayer Against Restrain, but such is life.
  19. Blackbeard apparently carried six pistols into battle. Here's hoping for six equipment slots.
  20. I've created a mod for you guys to increase the damage: http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/122 Let me know if you want any specific range.
  21. As far as I can tell, targeted friendly AoE spells don't affect the caster. I was wondering if this could be changed within the spell's files, or if it's hard-coded. The only way I can find so far for the spell to target the priest is if you lock the spell to the caster, but that's not an optimal solution. edit: Sorry, it appears that this only happens when using the IEmod. Mods are free to delete this topic.
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