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  1. Is it possible that someone who knows how to change the code could use some modding way from mods section or nexus,github and apply this change, so that it coud be fixed, as @Loren Tyr tracked the issue? Does it regard whole dll changes or maybe just change to confidentaim.unity3d? Or tell me if confident aim works in previous version, if so, what specific version would it be?
  2. Ok, let's say someone buy PoE with release of WM2 and 3.02 state of the game. He's playing and suddenly finding game breaking bug with stacking defence of enemies... And Obsidian spent over at least 4 months just for now, ok they're working on the final patch, but doesn't effort to fix and upload small fix for mjaor bug.... just embarrassing and disrespectful approach to the client... good riddance for upcoming games
  3. patch notes says however in https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/87601-spell-striking-seems-to-not-work-in-the-303-beta-patch/ appears some doubts about it does anyone have info how situation looks like in beta with proc items on normal attacks,crits, maybe particular items have problem or it works fine? thx in advance
  4. yep, I saw it, but it have appeared voices, that it's still problem with this case https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/87601-spell-striking-seems-to-not-work-in-the-303-beta-patch/ here comes my question though
  5. Any news about spell striking items? Does proc effects work as it suppposed to? It's improtant fix, so whoever has beta steam, pls give some info.
  6. Any news about other spell striking items? Does proc effects work as it suppposed to? It's improtant fix, so whoever have beta steam, pls give some info.
  7. [3.03] Stormcaller weapon gets wrong passive bonus accuracy, seems liek old bug with soulbound/universal items https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/87471-303-stormcaller-bug/
  8. Many Thanks Developers .
  9. common issue with effect proc times from items... already reported pray for repair
  10. Release it even in end of June/July, don't care about time anymore, just don't make new bugs with new patch and situation when some bugs would be fixed and some things previously working would became broken, like You did in the past. I hope it's gonna be precisely tested, fix major bugs and gameplay would be complete, game finishable. I don't expect further updates since game's cycle is finished, just do it solid for the last time, so people who have not bought game already wouldn't have doubts about condition of the game and of course for old players to have finally finished product. ( or maybe You are planning enhanced edition?;p) Just to be clear, I really do appreciate the game, but after over a year since release, so many bugs(still broken, fixed,again broken) through all that time, it's just depressing. ( regards to Achilles, update Your % math ;p) Also I hope that experiance with first PoE help to avoid bugs problems with Tyranny and other upcomig projects or just make the scale of them a way much much smaller, I'm counting on You Obsidian;p
  11. You have typicall Dot effect ( not periodical, IIRC dragon thrashed dragon wailed is periodical) which does pierce/fire etc damage. You deal i.e 43,3 pierce over dmg 10 sec like Your desc. says. Remember it's a STANDARD DoT-base ticks 3 sec. Enemey has a 12 pierce DR. calc: numbers of ticks: 10 sec+3 sec/3 (rounded down)=You will have 4 ticks 43.3/4=10,825->10 than You will have only ONE DR substracted 10-12*0,25=7 every tick will have the same value 7 dmg 4 ticks *7 dmg= 28 overall dmg It's like one overall attack for DoT effects and than DR, so yes every tick have the same value. For DoT such as Ectopsychic Echo that are reduced by DR every time they hit, they have severals seperate attacks( multiplie attacks,acc,DR)- and values should be diffrent. and that's the diffrence check debug calc old thread https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/78410-proper-debugger-breakpoints-dot-hot-tests/?do=findComment&comment=1693196
  12. Previously all beta was only on steam... so gog user have to wait until official release+ time after steam release
  13. -Might affects dmg, INT and hit quality affects duration time also- however skill has base 20 s duration, than divided by 4 and multiplie by INT stat -ticks works like You said every 3 sec -DR is substracted from 0.25 fire ressistent for each tick -MIN effect works as usual, it has to be min value, no "0" effect-so it's not completely useless but already said that in 3.02 it doesn't work at all
  14. You're wrong, don't mislead between normall DoT and DoT-Periodical dmg such as Ectopsychic Echo. Normally DoT are reduced only once, Ectopsychic Echo is reduced every time, depends on what kind of skill is used.
  15. @Fenixp you calling whining and credit answer from obs to myself where exactly I credit it to myself, problem to see the difference between single/plural? no one from devs didn't answer before-not user so think again or try to focus a little same to you @Achilles ... no comments
  16. You're quite correct, thanks to your whining some poor soul had to waste time creating an account and writing up an update instead doing more productive work / resting. This won't get us the patch any sooner mind you, we just know they're working on it. Which most of us knew anyway, so uh... Yay? congrats believe and hope, I prefer facts
  17. -I assume that future fix with def/ref stacking would refer to high enemies dmg also?->http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/85938-302-are-skeletal-fighters-supposed-to-hit-you-for-160-damage/ -any chance for fix for double trigger proc in this "various game balance" or anywhere? it's also pretty important bug for gameplay
  18. hmm people assume that Obsidian's lazy, maybe becouse they haven't response for such long time, maybe becouse hard to say if they are working actually on patch for PoE, simultaneously working on another project ,maybe becouse hard to say if they have big enough staff, since they seem to be not so active here ? and yes, we finally got the answer from Obsidian... now You try to guess, why some new dev member has make an account and finally efforted to post his first ever reply here... ohh becouse community wanted some answer and made their multiplie, determined statments here and there was nobody else to do it before ?? seems like . of course, if we would be so cool and Obs-supportive as You are, we'd get answer sooner or LATER as well yep? saying "your"update it only confirms your actual concern( as I've mentioned above, but seemed you dont understand or do not want ) and this "cool ,wait,quiet support" , so sorry dude but I don't completely care about Your instructive and calming messages
  19. I just talked to Feargus. He confirmed that they are absolutely NOT working on a patch. Apparently they had a meeting and all decided that it was kinda silly to continue supporting the only IP they have, even though it was the game that more or less saved the company. I hate to say it, but you've been right this wholeof time. I'm sorry. We all should have listened to you sooner. What should we do next? i understand you finished the game and not play anymore and not very intrest in? that's how i can understand only this irony and this ''itt is bugsidian,let them work,keep waiting players" approach but there a lot new ppl,game is a mess and better to sit in silence and have naive faith that they're doing sth and f... community-they don't deserve any response? since they don't have enough power, sure we can wait, time after tyranny premiere would be ok also yep? maybe meantime we'd gratefully deserve some info well maybe to you it's enough,congrats , you warrior of obsidian order ,they making notes after all; btw.check meaning of support
  20. hard to estimate anything, when You're just making "notes", not working on something actually, it's not writting new game, it's about making fixes, how naive has to be to think that it takes so long time what suppose to be sold, already have sold... simple as that but for sure they will not increase number of backers for next project with keeping players to wait, left the game in that state, with new bugs introducing with new "patch",messy as hell,so many skills,descriptions, characters leveling combined with skills/talent adjusting after so long time since premiere, don't care if it is main game/expansion obstruction, that's thier work to make it right(release expansion and suprise something has broken with gameplay ), it's ridiculous and " get used to it's Obsdian's game doesn't help" ... they could simply admit, that at this moment they NOT working on it
  21. They post almost every day in the tech support forum. Sorry to hear that they aren't meeting your expectations, but to say that they've "abandoned" the game is just factually wrong. But I'll repeat my earlier question: Bitching helps how? making notes with no response at all means one thing.... they're not working on patch atm and it won't be soooooon... for me 3.02 is to messy,gameplay is wraped with this all skills proc/not proper mechanic problems, progression pretty much impossible with defences thing + fact that new patch makes bigger bugs is unacceptable after so much time so sorry but acting like "sitting quiet and don't give a ..." it's not worth backer's support anymore I don't check forums everyday like I used to and I've lost intrest in this product as they have ps. I don't know if "bitching" or whatever You called will help(seems no one care), so I can assume it's a waste of breath
  22. maybe Obsidian wanne release enhanced edition before tyranny my advice: wait man,summer's coming ;p
  23. well indeed time between last significant patch and next upcoming it's already longer than any other in the past.... well they indeed have not something but have A LOT of mistakes to repair, inlcuding those like defence for enemies, which makes game's progress unplaybale beside that, numbers o bugs should decrease with so many patches already, rather than that , some patches makes new more having impact bugs... complete absurdity it's not about " give the f.. patch", it's about ignoring players, no response at all and keeping them in the dark It passed a month and besides activity of making bugs notes,with no smallest response, no ETA of EVEN BETA, everything else is like abandoned- so something it's not right here and that worries most... so sorry but You delude in case You don't know what I'm talkig about: - enemies defence after save/load -proc abilities from items -abilities proc number aforegoing bugs warp gameplay badly ps. my patience for devs have limitations, and it's frustrating, after so much time player stuck in the middle, couse game is bugged as hell and forced to back to previous less messy patches or spend time to figure out which pach have "x" bug and which not, or trying modify himself instead of fun of play I have frustratiion about how to make it working in satisfying way, couse this or that supprisly is not working
  24. Well,seeing completely no response from Obsidian, it's really start to looking like Blizzard's soon... Worst thing current 3.2 combat,skills gameplay it's more unstable like previous i.e 3.0 So much patches, bugs since release and left games with mess like this....? I understand new production cycle, but at least small answer will be much appreciated or small signle patches for major skills mechanic issues.
  25. Any news about future update devs??? It's completely silence even about announcement for next beta patch..But still are significant isuess,demanding to repair. With 3.02 mistakes like crazy high defenses,attacks for some enemies, overpowered number of proc effects for spells from items, some skills proc number times .. game is somehow messy and unplayable in some cases with enemies bugs. It passed a month and besides activity of making bugs notes, everything else is like abandoned. The worst thing is that, sometimes is better to unpatch and back to previous version, couse new update make single,bigger,more having impact mistakes on gameplay. So really, very strong hoping for next patch and thanks for works thus far.
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