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  1. Greetings, I just want to report that Storm blade still doesn't work according to description. It doesn't add 10 shock damage on Crit. Rather, it seems to add another ~10% shock damage which amounts to 3-4 damage in most cases. This damage isn't even shown in combat log, you can only see it added to the red damage numbers.
  2. It doesn't seem to work. I've been trying to spot a change in my penetration, recovery, or action speed but to no avail in more than 50 battles.
  3. That's probably a visual bug. Same thing happens to me with the Stormcaller but it would always fix itself when you re-equip your weapon/reload your game. Check whether the bonus applies in the combat log. If it doesn't, then it needs attention.
  4. Come on, guys... no need to be so pedantic. You know what they mean, don't you? By using the word "area" they're covering cone and other irregular AoE shapes like Freezing Rake's that don't really have a radius. You don't really expect them to calculate the area of an oval (even though its width doesn't change), do you ? Having said that, the formula that determines what these 10% increased AoE for each spell really mean is even murkier than the DoT resolution. Most of the time at 21 INT it's actually 8% or close to that (8.16%) which means it's different not only for different INT values but also for each spell.
  5. Hey Bronstejn, You're right. There are a few spells that benefit from sneak attack. I've already reported this issue here so lets combine our findings in one thread and let devs decide wether this is an actual bug or not.
  6. This description is lacking in many ways. First of all it doesn't say anywhere that it has a duration and how long it is. What's more, it actually shouldn't have a duration at all as it's supposed to be instant heal, not a heal over time (again according to tooltip).
  7. Both attacks are hits , one inflcts 1 sec dazed, the other 15.8 sec.
  8. So not only do we not see the last tick most of the time but the damage we see isn't even the real damage too. Makes it really hard to keep track of things with so many hidden stuff going on. P.S: 6.9+6.9+6.9 equals 20.7 which should be 21 real damage.
  9. It's more of a question rather than a bug report but I'm sure many people would like to know why multiple instances of the same DoT sometimes stack, other times they don't. For example Autumn's decay stacks with itself while Necrotic Lance doesn't. What's so different about these 2 spells?
  10. There's still a problem. Check out my example of a crit vs 16 DR in my first post. I'm not sure why you add 3 to the duration but either way using your formula I get 80 damage rounded down. What I saw was 77 damage. The last tick was shown so there's nothing to amount for the missing 3 damage. And a bonus question - why do we have 6 ticks at 13.95 sec duration if damage ticks every 3 seconds?
  11. On second inspection it seems to malfunction only at the beginning of a battle. Later on it seems to work fine. I'll avail myself of this thread to ask, why isn't the DoT duration fixed at 6.0 sec as it's supposed to be? Did it get changed at some point?
  12. There's something specific here as I've tried Stormcaller+Wounding shot with my ranger and it works properly. Now I gave the Stormcaller to my chanter and the baby version of Wounding shot doesn't work at all. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ujlkplxopx6ykos/0e64ce5b06134f23b32d74f0901cd134%2024984067%20Mowrgheken.savegame?dl=0
  13. True, it's lower by default. However, as you can see I have the Crowns for the Faithful buff here which in my case means 27 int = 5.6 sec duration. It should still affect him for a moment. Too much time had passed when I took the screenshot for it to be shown but you can guess by the combat log that it doesn't in fact affect him at all. If it did it would read: "... and hits with additional effect. (Terrified for 0.6 sec)" Nevertheless, this turned out to be a more minor problem than I thought so we can leave it at that.
  14. Hey Sking, I see... but are you saying paladins have such an ability because I'm pretty sure they don't? Besides the screenshot proves they can get frightened so either way there is a bug here.
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