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  1. Maybe it was mentioned earlier in the thread and I missed it as I was skimming posts, but I think part of the reason arrows were finite in the IE games was sort of a "gamist" reason as well as trying to be semi-realistic (though it's hard to imagine somebody hauling around hundreds of arrows on their back). Ranged combat in BG/IWD and fighting from a distance was the best survival strategy; you didn't fare too well if you wanted to go toe-to-toe, mano-y-mano in those games. To account for this you had to make a strategic decision about how many projectiles you were going to carry vs. how much loot you were willing to pick up along the way. So simulationism vs. gamism aside I liked having that as a strategic decision. So far from what I can tell with PoE, projectile weapons are still useful, but they're not quite the clear-cut advantage they were in those other games. Rates of fire are different, DPS is less, etc. So without the advantage over mélee that existed in the IE games, having to carry stacks of ammo is less advantageous from a gameplay perspective. Personally I would have liked to see finite ammo and ranged combat balanced against those finite resources, but with the bottomless stash and no weight limits already in, I just don't think that's going to happen. No biggie either way.
  2. This reference is just dated enough to be entirely sad and embarrassing. It fit the mood.
  3. Really thoughtful breakdown and it echoes a lot of what I encountered in my twelve or so hours I've put into the game.
  4. Doesn't matter if the models are 3D or pixels, there's a two-fold problem: the low oblique camera angle and the lack of contrast between characters and the background. The first can't be helped, the second can.
  5. This message pops up every time I've checked the game cache. It doesn't go away with multiple checks. In any case the general bugginess of the beta probably doesn't have much to do with this. It's just buggy because it's an early beta.
  6. I attempted 3 separate playthroughs and after running into the same basic issues all three times: Disappearing inventory, quests that won't complete, zoning problems when exiting WInfrith's shop, having to re-load when a character becomes unresponsive and feeling like the game gets worse the more you save and re-load. I think it's best if I wait for the next update. I don't feel like I can give honest feedback because everything has been so halting and choppy or just outright broken. Some intitial impressions regardless. Pros: The writing and world design so far is good - The aesthetic is right on. Cons: Not enough feedback in combat, aforementioned game-breaking bugs, not really sure if differences in attributes really make a character feel all that distinct, even when those attribute differences are wide (i.e. a 3-18 spread in D&D feels wildly more important and impactful than the 3-18 spread in PoE).
  7. Confirmed: Main character has frozen twice in a row when switching from arquebus to melee in two straight fights. I need to test it with other characters in the party. Update: bug is confirmed with the BB Fighter at least as well the main character.
  8. I utterly fail to grasp how whacking somebody with a stick is supposed to heal somebody.
  9. Have you tried to verify the integrity of your game cache files? I ask because you didn't mention trying it.
  10. So I've found exactly one extra camping supply for sale at a vendor. My save games kind of disintegrated before I did whole lot of exploring, so maybe it's just that I haven't stumbled on to them. But I was just curious if this is an issue other people ran into, and if this is by design (which I'm OK with) or if this is a bug I should write a report about.
  11. I had something similar happen. After awhile both my rogue and fighter's modal abilities and even per rest abilities are impossible to get back after a rest or even a quit and re-load.
  12. I can understand some of the complaints/confusion but this was never going to be a D&D licensed game, so saying "copy/paste" is kind of ridiculous. The pitch was always: "Do you like isometric, party-based, RPGs with tactical, real-time combat and a deep engaging story?" The beta has some rough spots for sure, but underneath the issues, it sure seems like the game they pitched is underneath there somewhere.
  13. I get the same issue. Trying to reload or save when it is in the state did not appear to work for me however.
  14. Issue: Pressing shift+double-click creates duplicate items and sends them to your quickslot. Description: I was trying to figure out if I could split a stack of potions by shift-clicking on them. What I found is that it doubles the stack and sends it to your quickslot(s). A three potion stack turned into a 5 potion stack and a single potion. The five item stack then becomes unmoveable/unclickable. The single item can moved back into inventory, but if you shift+double-click that single item it dupes it and replaces the five item stack with two potions (which like before cannot be removed/manipulated from the quickslot). Additional Comments: I attempted to replicate the bug and it seems somewhat inconsistent in the way it manifests. Sometimes picking up one of the duplicate stacks (the only one you can manipulate) and dragging it over the other will cause the duplicate to disappear. In another case when duplicating a single item this way it creates a stack of 2 that cannot be interacted with, when toggling to another character and coming back, the item vanishes entirely from the inventory. Screenshots attached:
  15. I'd ragequit if Obsidian put those ridiculous "buster" swords in this game.
  16. I always thought the Baldur's Gate portraits were kind of crap to be honest; way too cartoonish. The Justin Sweet, Icewind Dale portraits on the other hand are some of the best I've ever seen in any game. Regardless, thanks for doing all of the hard work to resize and rename those BG portraits. I'm sure somebody will get use out of them.
  17. There's little point to this thread because people are discussing all of the issues in that list ad nauseum, ad infinitum already.
  18. I think most people get that, but If their goal is to create more elegant and intuitive UI and visual feedback elements then they need to hear about user experiences.
  19. I'm fine with the "scroll" popping up, but it does need a big fat "close" button at the bottom and they really should increase its length top to bottom. The Width is fine, as a really wide text blocks can cause eye strain over long periods of time.
  20. One assumes that they still plan to come up with an "engagement" visual feedback marker/token/animation at some point. Other than that I just presume characters are engaged if they are toe-to-toe with an enemy. Then again, early beta and all that.
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