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  1. After testing I've found this to be quite easy to reproduce. It seems to trigger more often if you trade with the shopkeeper. In fact, I only managed to trade and escape successfully once. Not trading seems to make it easier to make it back outside.
  2. No prob Balgin, I am sort of a portrait nut so I had to figure out how to make it work. As am I .
  3. Thankyou so much for sharing this information. Definitely sticky if at all possible .
  4. I, for one, would definitely appreciate this too. I see the saves are separated by character (which is nice). I suppose separating saves by character names is one way to keep things simple but it's often nice to be able to give a save some sort of memorable name to remind me where I am in the game at the time or why I might want to load that one.
  5. On every character sheet there is a large capitol letter T tucked beneath the bottom left hand corner of the portrait. The fact that the portrait partially obscures it would lead me to suspect it's not supposed to be visible there. Just thought I'd better report it.
  6. Hey again folks. In Winfrith's Arms & Armoury I cannot examine item descriptions on mouseover when they're displayed in his stock. I can get the mouseover pop up when they're in the trade windows at the bottom of the screen. I just can't actually look at his things before he lets me buy them. I can examine my own belongings and anything in the trade windows at the bottom of the screen. Just not his stock.
  7. Hello there lovely folks at Obsidian. Today I was happily playing the Backer Beta and enjoying myself thoroughly. At one point I popped into Winfrith's Arms & Armoury to make a few purchases. When I headed out the door to return to town I got to spend about 20 minutes watching the loading screen. I waited this long because it's Beta and long load times are to be expected (plus I had a few household chores to take care of). When it became evident that something had gone wrong somewhere I found that I could bring up the menu & escape to the main game menu. I should probably try to re
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