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  1. I don't mean to quibble too much, but more money doesn't really mean more time, it just means hiring more warm bodies to do work in the time allotted. FWIW, there isn't a chance in hell they hit ten million; 2.5 might even be a push.
  2. I'm not even opposed to having men being slightly stronger inherently, so long as women get a slight inherent stat bonus to agility or some such. The sexes don't have to be dead equal physically, but it would be damned silly to stat gimp women characters and make them an undesirable class choice.
  3. And that's the problem with DA and too many MMORPGs. I like having a fighter class, a barbarian class, a berserker class, an archer class and a sword master class and any others. I hate it when a Fighter A is just a few skill selections different from Fighter B. Variety people. Well it's just a guess. Truth is, we have no idea what the Devs plan to do.
  4. I could go either way with skill-trees or class systems, but a lot of it boils down to the way the world is portrayed. If the game world is more egalitarian and there's a lot of bleed over across roles in society, then having fuzzier distinctions that skill based systems provide (like Fallout and Arcanum for instance) could work but if we're talking about rigid caste systems where fighters fight, thieves thieve, Sorcerers ensorcel, then it seems like a class based system is the way to go. My guess is that they'll probably go with a class system of some sort with class specific skill trees nested within those classes for differentiation.
  5. What are you talking about? The standard of realism is the same. Once you've established that there is magic in the world, physics goes out the window. Once you've established that there are "magical" (for lack of a better word) women able to beat men in armored combat, the realism of armor goes out the window as well. If a wizard can use a fireball to destroy a building, it doesn't really matter if the exact temperature of the fire may not be enough to burn stone. Likewise, if a woman can beat a male fighter in combat it doesn't matter if she wearing plate or a bikini. Both scenarios are pure fantasy. Sort of like Joan of Arc?
  6. DLC like F:NV is fine because that added more actual playable content and entirely new story lines to explore, which are always fun, but if it's like the horrific crap Bethesda put in with Oblivion (3 dollars for non-fucntional horse armor for instance) then I want no part of it. When it feels like a developer is just withholding something from the original release so they can chisel it out of you later because they know that people aren't going to want to feel like they're missing something, that's somewhat distasteful.
  7. Give it some time. If you're that worried, maybe this will assuage your fears:
  8. Well as long as the Dwarves have a Northern England/Scottish accent and the elves are haughty and flighty then I'll be satisfied /sarcasm
  9. More content, more replay enhancing features (like a toolkit and co-op MP) and less fluff like VO and shiny graphics please.
  10. I won't argue. Frezetta and Boris Valejo had quite the impact on me when I was about 13 or 14 when I first stumbled on to their stuff. As far as the game goes I could take it or leave it with "skimpy-ness." The only thing I can't abide is character or costume design that is explicitly trying to pander to a 15 year old male audience. If there's a reason for scantily clad women and it fits within the confines of the culture or the story then so be it, but god help me I can't take much more of the influence anime seems to be having on art, movies and game design.
  11. Just wanted to say that I love it when artists get to create art for themselves and for an audience that really appreciates it. Glad kickstarter came along and glad that maybe a renaissance (or at least an unfilled niche) in PC RPG gaming can maybe get filled. hope all goes well and you guys get to make the game you really want ... That's almost always the kind I want to play.
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