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  1. Oops, realised I screwed up and it wasn't a bug. Doesn't seem to be an option to delete this post. Sorry, please ignore
  2. Awesome art I wish people wouldn't use ship dates like "Winter 2014", the seasons are different in other parts of the world so dates like that mean nothing to those outside of America (well we can work it out but it's still anoying).
  3. "Soul Whip (Modal) - At close range, the cipher's weapons generate fields of parasitic energy that lash out at a target's soul. The Soul Whip mode reduces the amount of damage caused, but each successful hit briefly lowers the target's Psyche defense and generates Focus for the cipher (attacks Psyche)." Just a suggestion, but maybe the reason this works is that the cipher is channeling his own soul into his weapon. Stabing the opponent (and their soul) with his own soul could be the reason that energy is stolen. Just an idea. "Soul Shock - The cipher causes an ally's soul to "crack" a
  4. Any info on what the playing cards are made from? we amateur magicians would like to know if they are proper air cushion/air flow card or plastic? The former is good for tricks, the later is not.
  5. I think you're shooting yourself in the foot a bit by not having a list of stretch goals on the kickstarter page. Now that the project is funded, people have no new goal to shoot for and donations will start to drop off.
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