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  1. I seriously doubt this is the complete list ... I hope; not feeling too many of them. Oh well, I guess my IWD, Justin Sweet portraits are going to get another workout.
  2. One niggle: The decimal values are really odd. Don't know why it bothers me exactly except that it just feels kind of modern. I'm not saying I need "ye olde tyme" copper, silver, electrum and gold pieces, but I'm not feeling it.
  3. Assuming they put in enough granularity in the step up/down to the combat speed controls, then this really shouldn't be too much of an issue. That said, I agree the default speed seems a bit frenetic, but I suspect a lot of that feeling is a lack of familiarity with the systems and being thrown in at a higher level.
  4. I looked through the bug reports to see if this was already posted, so apologies if it was. During character creation a Barbarian character's morningstar haft was transparent (toggling through different different culture/item sets didn't have this problem). Furthermore the NPC in the kitchen of the Dracogen Inn was transparent from the waist down. Brief System Specs: Win 7 64bit Intel I5 3570K AMD R280X with the most up to date WHQL drivers at the time of this post. I haven't played around with driver settings or image quality. If screen shots are needed I can attach them in the morning.
  5. Not for me. If my party isn't attacking, I will simply order them to attack. It's called controlling your party. Auto attack is a convenience, but it's not essential to get started with the beta demo IMHO. It will be a big deal for some, I'm sure though. It's not a big deal, it's just a hassle. Knowing that they've already addressed the issue also means I'd rather wait to play the beta until that patched version gets released.
  6. I cut my RP teeth back in junior high with the AD&D 1st ed. rules, so it will always hold a special place in my heart, but looking at the rules, now it's not a ruleset I could recommend to somebody wanting to play it "as-written." It's totally playable, but what I realized much later on is that we didn't actually play it by the book; in practice we actually played B/X with the AD&D monsters and classes bolted on. If you want AD&D "feels" with a much better organized ruleset, I can't say enough good things about Swords & Wizardry Complete from Frog God Games. The full-art PDF is completely free from their website, so you can take a look at that and play from it without having to splurge for a hardback (their hardbacks are awesome quality FWIW). All that said, I've been utterly enjoying Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG for about a year now and it's got all of the D&D I need in it, so I'd recommend that too.
  7. "Where's my Waifu?" I can already see the never ending stream of thread topics scolling across my browser window faster than I can hit F5.
  8. That arbalest animation is a really minor thing, but it's done so well that it really enhances the experience of looking at the game. Kudos!
  9. So other dimensions ... something like the the ancient Sumerian cubit, rod, cable and league?
  10. I'm gonna play Wasteland 2 because it comes out first and then I'll play a lot of PoE. After the release of DA2 I finally cured myself of the need to play Bioware made games on release ... and after skipping ME3 entirely and not regretting it, I think I've kicked the EA habit cold-turkey.
  11. God I Haaaaaaaaaaate Wayne Reynolds' artwork. Why the hell can't these companies commission proper artists like Doug Kovacs, Russ Nicholson and Justin Sweet? At least we have Goodman Games.
  12. Those "minor" details are actually pretty costly to iterate in terms of man-hours. I just don't think their budget on this game can allow for the kind of detail and polishing you're talking about ... at least not without sacrificing other areas of the game.
  13. I picked up the RQ6 bundle awhile back. It was excellent enough that it convinced me to plonk down the coin for a dead tree version. I pass on most of them since they seem to focus a lot on New Wave "story game" style ""arrpeegeegaems" but they're worth keeping an eye on or subscribing to the mailing list.
  14. god dammit, can we get back to talking about elf games?
  15. And then sometimes Orcs are just "Orcs;" big, smelly, green-skinned blokes with piggy snouts and a predilection for human flesh. It doesn't have to be about cultural stand-ins and thinly veiled racism or a lot of other modern crap.
  16. Which doesn't bother me, but I completely understand that puts me squarely in the minority.
  17. I'm OK with a 3D model, but not if it's going to be that blocky and low res. I'd much rather go for a stylized 2D paper doll, or better yet, maybe a paper doll that sort of resembles the sepia tone, pen & ink style seen in those scripted interaction cut-scenes.
  18. The only way I'd go for orcs would be the Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea way: the unholy progeny of Picts and swine daemons.
  19. While I'd probably plonk down the cash for another Obsidian kickstarter game without much of a second thought, I'd also be plenty pleased if PoE ends up being enough of a commercial and critical success that they can become self-sufficient. Whatever. Do what you gonna do.
  20. Well if there's one thing we need it's more vidya gaems with Orcs, n' elves, n' goblins and such. Look, I love Tolkien and Irish Faery stories as much as the next nerd, but it's OK for a game not to be stuffed with every generic trope from the last fifty years of literature, tabletop games and CRPGs. Embrace the differences people. Now if somebody wanted to make a proper Lovecraft/REH/CA Smith/Moorc.o.c.k.ian, swords & sorcery RPG set in an antediluvian Mythic Earth I'd be all over that particular trope, which has never really gotten its proper due in role-playing vidya gaems. EDIT: The name of Micheal John Moorc.o.c.k should not be a swear word folks.
  21. I'm all for weapons with lore and histories attached to them and even purpose made weapons, but the "Holy Avenger" only belongs in a D&D game, with its very specific mechanics and its place in the D&D cosmology that puts so much emphasis on the conflict between forces of evil and good. Where does a "Holy Avenger" fit in a world without a strict line between good and evil?
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