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  1. Reloading after failing is degenerative gameplay, how dare you?! This is badwrongfun! You have dishonored the great Sawyer the First, and brought great shrame upon your family! This is exactly why open-world pickpocketing cannot work and was removed as a mechanic! Do you want to take away food and encounters too? DO NOT DARE ANGER THE GREAT LEADER! I am expecting your haircut to be one of the five approved ones by the end of the day, followed by at least three laps around the gulag and ritual seppuku in the morning. "Double dropping"? Or double-clicking the item on the model
  2. You can eat food by picking it up and then double dropping it on the model of the character in the inventory screen.
  3. If the game were BG3 I would pay 100$. If it were IWD3 I would pay 60$. As it is, I have already spent 250$ on this particular game. In conclusion, if the game works as advertised on release, sure, I would pay 50$.
  4. Well, to be fair, "might" can literally mean "physical strength" and superficially it does seem to replace the IE stat "strength", however in the context of the game they probably want it to mean "power or ability to do or accomplish". But simplifying it down to "damage modifier" could be accomplished as well.
  5. I don't know. I prefer the old AD&D 1-25 stat system. You make the character and the stats should define him. Makes sense to me. If you have "20" in might and it is defined as how much damage you do it becomes meaningless. Might as well ask for 25% more stat points. Really, why not rename it damage modifier?
  6. I have a better idea! Lets port it to DOS! Just think! 8 colours! KILObytes of RAM! It would be the talk of the town! Of course after the fact port wouldn't work. You see, DOS can't support any of the art, engine or sound, let alone the interface. So let's keep in mind that we port the game on DOS while it's being developed! SO it can be released at the same time! Brilliant, no?
  7. I feel that maimed injuries should be something permanent. Like for example, lose an eye. You could perhaps replace it through dark rituals, making it even better, or perhaps you can only gain wisdom after losing your eye or such, like Odinn.
  8. In the IE games I would always play as a Lawful Evil Human, so if PoE has no alignment system I will just play plain old human I suppose. Possibly with a lawful evil background?
  9. Is it out? Is it good? Haven't checked it out. But the classic AD&D books have got a certain feel to them. They actually seem arcane and mysterious.
  10. I'm not going to beta test any games, so I will play them in order of publication. After playing DA:O, not DA2, I wouldn't touch DA:I with a 10 foot stick.
  11. Perhaps only being able to carry and wear one armor and one shield at a time. It is realistic enough. You don't go around carrying around a bunch of plate mails, EVEN if you could and were strong enough.
  12. Bioware is dead. It died when it was sold to EA. I think it is much more accurate to call DO:I an EA game. Let that sink in. Would you buy an RPG from EA?
  13. I just bought the reprint of AD&D first edition and I was wondering if anybody could tell me how it plays. Do you think I could set a up a group in this day and age to play this very interesting system? Or should I rather try out second edition?
  14. Lord of Light by Robert Zelazny I have been reading a top 100 sci fi book list and this one stands out.
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