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  1. I've finished Torment: Tides of Numenera yesterday and it is a pretty good Planescape: Torment's successor. Not as great as the original (nothing is ), but closer than I expected. I heard it was boring and overwritten, so I postponed playing it for a long time, but when I finally dived into it, the game turned out very enjoyable. I liked the characters, the world, intertwining quests and crazy items. Combat is probably the weakest aspect (mechanically - encounters are varied and interesting overall), but still serviceable (so similar to PST). Next up, a game I never really gave a real chance, abandoning it after a few hours of play years ago.... Fallout: New Vegas. Already got my character up and running around Goodsprings.
  2. After bouncing from game to game for around a month, I've decided to go back to Dark Souls 2 and finally finish it. Got the 4th Great Soul, and reached the castle. Hopefully that means I am at least at the halfway point of the game.
  3. I know exactly which part you mean, as I've been there recently. I seriously hate these MMORPG-derived RPG mechanics, where a few levels of difference means you are level-locked-out of content and won't be able to kill that lion not matetr how many hours you hack and whack at it. And the worst thing is this affects not only "ARPGs" like new ACs / Witcher 3 but also traditional RPGs (Divinity: Original Sin) AND usually also comes combined with level-scaled random (and boring) loot. What happened to the elegance of D&D (and its derivatives), where you could still kill high-level enemies with low level characters if you were creative (or extermely lucky ) and hand-placed items that were actually excicitng to find? Why was this abandoned and replaced by the MMORPG levelup power escalation. And if you HAVE to have level-scaling, do it right! Baldur's Gate 2 basically figured out the right way (repalcing easier monsters with harder ones, and more of them) in 2001. Upping a Lv. 5 wolf to lv. 45 to make it a threat is not the way, and does not make any sense game-world wise (because why would some wolves have 100 HP and others have 5000? - I am looking especially at you, Blood & Wine). I still enjoyed AC Origins (and enjoy AC Odyssey right now), but that is mostly despite its broken RPG mechanics, not because of them.
  4. Lack of any word from Obsidian is a bummer, but if patience is what I need to get a better and less buggy turn-based mode, that's fine.
  5. It's probably my favorite AC game, but that might have a lot to do with me enjoying the direction they went in (ie. incorporating leveling up skills and stuff). Oh, yeah, I only got interested in the series after they started copying Witcher 3 design.
  6. AC Odyssey. After a few hours, I like it much more than Origins (which was my first AC ever). We will see if this feeling lasts for the next 80 hours.
  7. I was always fine with RTWP, since that was the first way I experienced isometric RPGs with Baldur's Gate. However, turn-based mode in Deadfire is a good addition and I actually prefer to play the game this way now, even though there are still some weird quirks here and there as leftovers from conversion from RTWP. Hopefully a couple more patches will be enough to deal with those.
  8. Works just fine on my Galaxy S4 (a phone, not a tablet), except for tiny text and some issues with adding characters to my party (for some reason this only works when I put my phone vertically and then drag their portraits/icons; does not work at all when my phone is held horizontally).
  9. This bug is caused by Reckless Assault not being modal in patch 1.02. Its modal flag was later restored in 1.03, but this did not fix the already present multiple instances of the ability being active. This means turning it on/off has no effect - it is always on.
  10. Both options are fine. #1 is better for me (I get most of the stuff earlier) while #2 is better for Obsidian (no double shipping costs). I voted #1, but I would not mind #2.
  11. Nice work, Sensuki and Matt. Hopefully the devs will at least take these suggestions into consideration.
  12. Thanks for all the good work, Sensuki. As most of people everywhere are very lazy, myself included, we expect you to keep it up until release. :D
  13. Agreed. This bug/feature supports at least one character concept, so it should be left in, because this enriches the game.
  14. Your HUD is better than the current beta one, Sensuki, but I still have two problems with it. 1. HUD in the IE games changed based on the character/characters selected. This way if you had a summon or mind controlled someone, the HUD automatically adjusted, allowing you to use this temporary character's abilities. PoE HUD does not take this into account and, for example, when I mind controlled someone/something using Puppet Master ability, I could only auto-attack with that character, because there was no interface to use his/her/its abilities. Your HUD does not really deal with this issue either (at least not in any obvious way). 2. Current monitors and TVs have much more horizontal space than vertical space. Putting the HUD on the bottom further reduces that vertical space. I would much prefer to have the HUD on one of the sides (or even both), only leaving combat log at the bottom (with the additional possibility of making it transparent). Your version definitely solves some problems, but IMO not all of them.
  15. That is some nice and constructive criticism. I agree with pretty much everything (except I never get tired of listening to BG1 main menu music - NEVER). Good job, Sensuki.
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