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unable to disable Reckless Assault

Mico Selva


This bug is caused by Reckless Assault not being modal in patch 1.02. Its modal flag was later restored in 1.03, but this did not fix the already present multiple instances of the ability being active. This means turning it on/off has no effect - it is always on.



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I was able to clean it up by doing the following:

- Loaded the save (after patch the toggle was off but effect still on)

- Turned on the toggle (added another instance of the effect)

- Saved the game and then loaded the save I've just made

- Turned off the toggle (all effects were removed, but turning it on again here produced multiple effects again)

- Save/load again (turning it on/off from here on out worked correctly for me)


But I only had the effect in double, not in triple like you, though hopefuly it will still help.

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