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  1. I remember from my POE 6 melee party runs that the most of chosen engagement locations were contrary to the hold choke with tank and nuke them from behind wisdom . For this kinds of parties is pull/draw them in the open so we can flank at will most of the time ..
  2. ..And that's where I got stuck and needed to ask for help .. I did not expect this to have a single solution .. Was hopping for a few examples/suggestions to get me started in my first run .. and then eventually after ~billion restarts later (assuming the game has draw) .. get to a setup I'd be comfortable with .
  3. Haven't played this game at all yet. (generally dislike getting involved with un-stabilized games - games still subject to major systems rework / patching .. this game doesn't appear quite out of the woods yet but I'll willing to give it a shot) Done quite a lot of reading on these forums yet there are a lot of unknowns. I would like to try a non multi-classed full melee custom party. Fighter, Barbarian, Paladin, Monk, Rogue . Could you help suggest builds, weapon styles , armor class and even specific items that would fit such a party ? General Quest order ?
  4. In a world in which most of the industry doesn't give a damn about providing coherent game mechanics systems and properly explaining them for the player base (a fact sadly supported by the most of the customer base who are satisfied with mere 'illusions' of meaningful choices - so until the customer base doesn't get 'educated' this trend is not going to change) You have the chance to : 1) Do it right ! 2) Easily prove that you did it right, unlike the overwhelming mass of the competition BY PROVIDING THE NECESSARY TRANSPARENCY and in doing so also help 'educate' the player base to show more discernment in the future on what kind of products it spends its gaming budget on. 'Not crashing often' should not be enough to make an RPG eligible for release (sadly that is just about what it takes these days) ... If my experience has taught me anything over the years - non transparent game mechanics UNAVOIDABLY leads to gameplay bugs. Big problem is if you don't start from the beginning (and thus make it able to easily keep up with whatever game mechanics changes / experimenting developing iteration process requires ) with the appropriate philosophy/ mindset / set of priorities - it gets very complicated to 'graft in' the transparency stuff after the project is halfway done. (@IndiraLightfoot it might already be to late for POE2)
  5. I "they" won't provide them somebody needs to either dig up or reverse engineer the progression formula for all those stats "everything" health, accuracy, penetration, number of projectiles, etc. and then judge the influence of the power levels from there ..
  6. here's an example of an external app I've made for a different game . I think the ability to visualize/compare the attack/cast times [timeline] of different ability and auto attack combinations would be really great ..Help better convey the effect of haste (DEX) and all the other cast/attack speed modifiers ..
  7. What do you mean pistol cannot be used in melee range ?! John Wick strongly disagrees ! (maybe give the firearm some accuracy penalty in melee range - but let it fire ) also
  8. High Dex[haste] offers a bit of 'protection' towards interruptions[literal stun lock if attacked by multiple fast attackers when wielding sufficiently slow weapon + high recovery combo ] and even CC .. Ability to react in time to changing battlefield conditions .. [once you've started a slow attack .. you've forfeited control of your character for the duration of the swing + recovery - you might have an ability to counter some nasty stuff you notice coming your way - you might not get the change to 'cast' it in time .. ] Shorter cool downs [even for Auto Attacks] provides tactical flexibility .. Becomes painfully apparent in solo situations .
  9. the step math mentioned by the dev there [but not really explained -or maybe he did explained and I just don't get it ]... ?!??! WHY ?!?!? ?Why use simple math when you can make it complicated ?
  10. >>but MIG is multiplicative in Deadfire (it was additive in PoE.) >>Overpenetration is also multiplicative treated as such in the calculations in the OP
  11. Not enough penetration multiplier is *0.25 instead of the displayed * 0.3 [rounding issue] .. But for the fallowing example I am at a loss as to the math used : Devoted Axe Crit: UI numbers 17.8 Roll 33% might ; 70% crit [0.25 base + 0.2 axe + 0.25 devoted]; 15% fine total damage listed as 43.9 * 1.3 = 51 !!! ---------- 17.8 * 1.33 * (1 + 0.15 + (0.25 + 0.2 + 0.25)) = 43.79 // different from 43.9 . So maybe the shown 'roll' is already rounded.. Meaning proper tests will still need to remove weapon RNG for maximum precision . (unless they provide more precision / less rounding in UI) Because what fallows is quite ridiculous 43.9 * 1.3 = 57.07 QUITE A WAY OFF FROM THE LISTED 51 !!! If players cannot fallow the presented the numbers with math ..then the presented numbers are USELESS !! 43.9 * 1.25 = 54.875 (17.8 + 0.05) * 1.33 * (1 + 0.15 + (0.25 + 0.2 + 0.25)) * 1.25 = 54.89 !!
  12. its been many years and patches since I've played PoE .. I've pretty much only played one thing .. Full melee no shield parties .. Dual Wield Fighter, Dual Wield Paladin, 2H/2w Barbarian, 2w Monk, 2w Ranger + wolf, 2w Rogue .. Nice of you to mention 'frontline' .. While not all chars on this party are equally durable (and durable is a relative term since they're all mostly glass cannons) - so you'd not prefer to engage with all at the same time as a line (you'd lose the softer ones too fast) - the preferred engagement area changes - you HATE choke points that prevent tactical movement - you now like open areas that allow you to deploy your full melee lineup [eventually] ..
  13. ..installing .. but might be some days until I can focus on this .. Not much satisfaction for me to see what's OP at this extremely early stage of development .. My primary drive for this type of projects has always been figuring out how the various systems (are supposed to) work .. Also the super advanced combat logger (compared to the competition) pretty much gets my money by default ..
  14. Well it does seem somewhat dubious for them to charge extra from people who are basically doing work for them (testing/balance/feedback etc.. ) On the other hand the project seems very interesting to me .. I do have a let's play planned for a different game but then, probably I'll bite the bullet and check out this thing ..
  15. very nice. Still if you ever find the drive there are still some missing features: Drop down - quick-search filter select of all "weapons" in the game (including summoned/spell equivalents/ shape-shift forms/ ranger pets ) - don't need to add them all at once. And all the class combat damage relevant perks. This would allow you to calculate single target DPS (all graze/all hits & all crits DPS). And then of course you need to be able to compare (multiple) different setups and ability to save load-ups and share them easily (load up the different choices in the URL perhaps) .. This would result in a great off-game character/party planner/builder ..
  16. Easy sure, but it only it gives you total damage. But if for whatever reason you need to see each and every separate damage application amount (think something like blunderbuss + combusting wounds, etc .. ) ..
  17. yes eaten completely. There are some unique weapons that have inherent 10% crush lash (justice ? 2h sword and a mace or flail ). Which you will seldom see in the combat log since it very rarely makes it past the 0.25 crush DR. One of the main reason lightning strikes was trash before the buff from 10% vs 0.25 DR ..
  18. That also applies (even with monk fist/TLP). It is why for example carnage hits will roll with more ACC than the center hit after a few levels and accurate carnage perk .
  19. In this regard (+ACC) TLP have exactly the same problem. If you want to apply on strike effects (Force of anguish, stunning fists, etc..) nothing beats enchanted weapons
  20. crits ARE calculated "properly" for both unarmed combat and also for TLP. However they are much much more effective with TLP because of the enormous base damage difference between TLP and unarmed combat at high character levels. TLP base damage scales exponentially with character level while unarmed base damage doesn't scale at all.
  21. I don't think equipped weapons have anything to do with spell/ability recovery duration. Only the armor matters. Weapons/shield/armor will affect recovery for weapon swings. The gray area are the spells that create "virtual spell weapons" those direct damage spells that benefit from all sorts of weapon related stuff because of that . (those are actually weapon attacks "disguised" as spells and still wouldn't care about your equipped weapons - they use the "virtual spell weapon" for recovery speed calculations) TLDR nothing equipped in the weapon and shield slots should influence spell recovery speed directly (spelltongue's buff probably does).
  22. I only ever play no shield/no main tank fully offensive full melee party: Fighter/Paladin[MC]/Barbarian/Monk/Ranger/Rogue party AI turned off. Have fun.
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