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  1. @ Sabotin torment's reach cone attack has 15-25 base damage . https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/78264-torments-reach-mechanics/ Is a special attack (gets the extra accuracy per char level) , most of the weapon damage mods don't apply to it (savage attack, fighting spirit) - but surprisingly the 50% on crit from battle axes does (didn't check annihilation mod on unique sabres), checks against reflex for hit resolution , doesn't benefit from transcendent suffering damage or accuracy - but will benefit from other accuracy sources ( weapon enchantment (why weapon monks >>> fist monks at torment's reach spam) , fighting spirit, weapon focus , ) https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/78264-torments-reach-mechanics/page-2?do=findComment&comment=1691372
  2. If you're right, you're contradicting some of the OP post .. It's been a while since I've played PoE but from what I recall the to hit checks for torment's reach main and cone attacks use different formulas (AOE cone gets a little extra accuracy per char level from being special attack) so the accuracy for the main attack should most of the time be different from the accuracy for the cone attacks.. EDIT: from old post of mine 25-25 torment's reach "weapon" 30% might dual wield unique battle axes Edge of Reason & We Toki 25 * (1 + 0.3 - 0.5) == 20 // graze savage attack as predicted - not working for "magic weapons" 25 * (1 + 0.3 + 0.5 + 0.5) == 57.5 // crit The Bonus damage on crits for Battle Axes transfers to TR crits 25 * (1 + 0.3) == 32.5 // hit Accuracy from Transcendent Suffering doesn't apply to Torment's reach AOE chance to hit - but the accuracy enchantment from (superb/excellent) weapons did . 73 accuracy TR AOE with fist // level 10 monk +12 accuracy to fist did not transfer to TR AOE 85 accuracy TR AOE with Blade of Endless Paths (superb weapon) 73 + 12 87 accuracy TR AOE with We Toki ( knight weapon focus + excellent weapon ) 73 + 6 + 8 91 accuracy TR AOE with Edge of Reason ( knight weapon focus + superb weapon ) 73 + 6 + 12 94 accuracy TR AOE with We Toki ( knight weapon focus + excellent weapon + fighting spirit ) 73 + 6 + 8 + 7 98 accuracy TR AOE with Edge of Reason ( knight weapon focus + superb weapon + fighting spirit ) 73 + 6 + 12 + 7 /////// 30 + 9 * 3 + 1 * 10 = 67 <> 73 30 + 9 * 3 + 1*10 + 12 = 79 <> 73 Don't recall the level of the monk used in the above test ( 10 / 12 but the numbers don't seem to fit (73 accuracy) either way)
  3. Game log does not (currently) list DOT damage ticks .. (which makes testing those kind of bugs difficult without third party application) You are free to include the values picked up using the third party application or link to the OP. I do think they would find them useful .
  4. torment's reach has 2 components .. The main attack (vs deflection) which will benefit from TS and the cone AOE attacks that target reflex (title specifically nominates the aoe component) .. Those will not benefit form TS.. Again any monk save will do ..
  5. Haven't played pillars of eternity in over a month - don't know in what state my saves are. You don't need a save for this one..Check the to linked images on original post .. damage range on fist 24-32 damage inflicted in game 34.6 It even explains why it happens . Open and shut .. Any (high might) monk save would do ..
  6. the int /might score on my test characters aren't "legit" since I've use the a console commands to change them to the amount required for each test .. It would take extreme amounts of real time to test those bugs properly without at least some console help .. I did not use third party application to change char stats for tests - only the in-game console ..
  7. You mean this "problem/feature" is specific to this particular Estoc and not to all unique weapons with the disorienting trait ? (I did not test other disorienting weapons but would expect them to behave the same)
  8. I think you can simply confirm those issues without the need for third party debugger. (but I am surprised you are required to do your job without proper tools - like ability to "see" damage inflicted by damage/heal over time effects ) Much easier for the skills that work out of combat. Notice test PC char health number (displayed in interface) before and after test hit (+ DOT time) . This would give you total damage inflicted .. You can alter test parameters via console (better armor for DR on receiving char, altering INT/MIGHT attribute on the PC char doing the hits ) .. For the combat only skills - you'll need to test them during combat .. You can not toggle combat state via console (would help testing) as far as I'm aware of but you can achieve long enough (permanent) combat state multiple ways .. One way would be to have a single low damaging/low accuracy no special attacks hostile permanently engaged to a high DR & deflection fighter (press X for the fighter to stand and not attack back) .. After measuring the total test damage inflicted on the test PC (one test round/hit) you can console "heal party" to reset the state for another test .. (heals test PC to be able to receive another hit and heals the health & endurance of the fighter so the combat state will maintain for as long as it is needed) .. Anyone can do this - its just going to be tedious work ..
  9. [20.7 * (0.3 + 0.1) - 14 * 0.25 ] + [20.7 * (0.15 + 0.1) -14*0.25] = 6.455 greater wildstrike adds a separate 15% lash (Same as with intense flames) .. So is 30% lash vs 25% DR + 15% lash vs 25% DR .. The belt ups both lashes by 10% so 30% to 45% and 15% to 25% and you end up with 45% lash vs 25% DR + second lash 25% vs 25% DR ..
  10. 21.9 * 0.3 * 1.2 - 14 * 0.25 = 4.384 (rounded up to 4.4 corrode damage in combat log) 2h weapons have the same attack speed as "average speed" 1 handed weapons .. Always did ..
  11. sorry about the delay . I promise I'll get it done - sometime this week , the civilization V spark is just burning very brightly at the moment ..
  12. noted.. It's been a while since I've played Poe // done tests .. Might take a look at this tomorrow (never made a cipher class before so all their abilities are foreign to me )
  13. TR main target component adds 50% lash ALWAYS of crush type..(not based on equipped weapon like marked prey)
  14. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/78410-proper-debugger-breakpoints-dot-hot-tests/ not consistently -some abilities will do more DOT ticks (more damage on target) with more INT -some abilities do fixed amount of damage so more INT means more ticks thus less total damage on target (DR subtraction more times) http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/79653-intellect-hit-quality-adversely-affect-total-damage-inflicted-by-wounding-shot-enduring-flames-and-wounding-unique-weapons-dots/ -some abilities will try to list total damage inflicted/heal before DR. Some will show amount healed/inflicted per tick .. Very messy
  15. To add insult to injury the high level barbarian ability that is designed to trigger multiple carnage hits on the same target "Heart of Fury" is very flaky and very rarely gets the number of hits granted by the jolting touch + carnage (bugged IMO) interaction .. Level 11 once per rest working maybe 1 per 5 tries compared with a dagger available at lvl 2-3 and granting a much better effect once(?) per encounter .. Where's the balance ?
  16. Without bumping does this mean certain bugs/issues are never to be acknowledged to be quietly kept under the rug forever Such a policy does not encourage players to report issues ..
  17. Soldier looks pretty good then Tidefall: Draining & Wounding Hours of St. Rumbal : Prone Tall Grass: Prone Strike Hard: Disorientating You can have fun with that all over; Adventurer: The White Spire (Estoc, Disorienting), Half-Mast (Pollaxe, Prone), Gaun's Share (Flail, Draining), and Starcaller (Flail, Stunning, Spell-Striking) Noble: Drawn in Spring (Dagger, Wounding), Mosquito (Rapier, Draining) Ruffian: Azureith's Stiletto (Spell-Striking), Oidhreacht (Stiletto, Draining), Blesca's Labor (Club, Draining), and Purgatory (Sabre, Draining) And a personal favorite, Peasant: The Vile Loner's Lance (Spear, Disorienting) and Cladhaliath (Spear, Stunning) First time playing a Barbarian and doing so in 1.06. I now finally see how this works, pretty sweet (I know it is old news to most, but did not see it when I did a quick search) 1st line reads that Durthal Crits Troll the 3/4 Targets gets hit with Jolting touch. Then not 100% how it works, but carnage gives jolting touch an additional 18 "hits" bug report material
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