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  1. If you steal from the excange containers with out stealth then the gards will attack you but not all of them will attack. i think.
  2. If you steal from the excange containers with out stealth then the gards will attack you but not all of them will attack. i think.
  3. i thought that Nihlus and Sion and Traya were created by studing the Exile and the wound he created when he cut himself from the force. Each learned a diffrent aspect of the Exile and the wound he created. Nihilus could not drain the Exile because when the Exile ended his connection the force could no longer run through him. Essesialy He could use the force but the force could not use him.[/size][/size]
  4. There are ways to use killable charectors one such explanation is that killable charectors can comeback as spirits or be reserected in some way as Fredon Nadd almost was or Exar Kun remember "through the force nothing is impossible"
  5. Personally I would like to find out what happened to the charectors of KI and II we never did hear about what happened to Mission, Juhani, Jolee, or Zalbar P.S. KI/II never explianed how Vrook and Vandar escaped the Destruction of Dantaione an example of plot wholes that need to be filled.
  6. I would like K3 to finally fill in all the plot wholes of the past two games games always have glitches but KI and II have far too many
  7. A while back i noticed that the Star Forge Rakatan fleet looks very simular to Captain Toth's fleet of Saboeth(sp) fighter in Jedi Starfighter. Is this a coincidence or is this a perpuseful connection.
  8. that would also explain why Kriea doesn't want the party to grow any large she whants to keep her bound as strounge as powerful to use a leavrage which she does if you are DS
  9. Earlier Kriea tells you that durring combat you are safe because you gaurd against the other's pain so when You kill Kriea you are gaurding yourself from Kriea's pain
  10. I would compare Jolee to disipile also adding that they can both be counsilars Kreia's nutralitry, wisdom, and power make her simular to Jolee
  11. Tatoine has become clichie because it is the birthplace of Star Wars it is the home of both Luke and Anakin Skywalker Houses some of the worst villians Huts like Jabba and bounty Hunters The creatures Jawas Tuskan, Raiders (Sand Men/people), Banthas, Rantos, Dewbacks, Krayt Dragons, and Sarlocks. As far as Star Wars being cliche In numerus interviews George Lucus has admmited that one his goals in the films was to create repition in new ways this means that most Starwars games are are following thier intended pattern
  12. I have to go with Taris At Taris you can advance your charector plots at Perougus U can't Note: thier is a side quest called Medical Bay Murderurs at Perragus
  13. for major ls points and influence with Bao Dur give the republic spy the starport Visa If dark go for Sakarie and the merchant If light give them to the republic spy and the stranded mother If netural give them to spy and Sakarie
  14. if in doubt do two things 1. check the jurnal 2. Talk to everyone around
  15. malak was essey because to beat him all you have to do is brake open/drain the jedi capsuals so he can't regenerate. on telos if you have sufficent computer use, wich you should because of T3, and enough spikes you can weeken the droid by removing it's shield when lving Bastila give her stun droid this will help you win. You can bypass traya/kriea's lightsabers by hacking at her directly :D -the lightsabers will dissipear after kriea reches 0vp
  16. I have to vote for the war of the Infinite Rakatan Empire it is the oldest war i have ever heard of
  17. in K1 Revan speaks with Ajunta Paul's spirit on Korriban when you go to git his sword if ajunta Paul canreturn as a ghost so can anyone else, provideed they've learned to
  18. you have to gain influence with Bao Dur because he will only become a jedi if he's the same allianment as you. people with influence bellow 50 gain the oppisite allianment points when you git LP/DP PS: is it true you can teach Bao neww fighting moves.
  19. thier is a somewhat refrence to the true sith when the PC talks to Yurtha Ban the darkside twilek that is Master Uthars apprentace she mentions the profissy of the coming of the Soudar Sith (stars with S and has d & r in it0 the profissy says (parafrays) one day the Soudar will come and destroy us and then make us stronger then we ever were. the true sith are a race modern sith are the follores of the dark side If revan didn't want the republic to remain then he would have destroyed the republic's infilstructure.
  20. [SIZE=7]the only way to activate this quest is if after speaking to Berun and agree to investigat Zahron find out about the atomospereric sensors with Baurdur find the sensors in the ruble and have sufficent repair\awarnes note: you can also gain\lose influence confront the old man about the sensors procead to Kunda and confront Zahron. listen to him and do what he saids for lightside points or be dark and turn him in. [/size]
  21. you only git Hanhar if you are strongly dark to be a grey jedi with a prestige class go 95% light or dark git your prestige class go to the Korriban Chamber after leaving the chamber return to neutral being neutral gain as much influence with the party as you can the difrent personalitys of your party will keep you netural make as many party members you can Jedi stick to a lightside or darkside ending. If you kill only one or two masters you will have to fight the rest on Dantaine and you will have DS ending. Your allianment has nothing to do with the ending you git. relode areas if you git terrible drops. this will increase your chances of gitting the good items. However on PC you can simply mod your game to git the items.
  22. bronze for it's the rarist color and very buitiful and the personal crystal is verry powerful
  23. the droids speak a part of the code after they are dysttroyed the numbers are in base 2 or binary the primary programing language for computers.
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