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  1. Freedon Nadd's blaster is the best pistle in k1. using the mannan airlock you can quickly multiply weppons. Remmember to upgrade the weppons being duplicated before multiplying them. That way you can take the upgrages out of the surplus of the weppons and put them into your other weppons.
  2. it seems it lacks the ability to create sexy humanoid girls like 'orion girls' or 'vulcanians' or 'twi'leks' I think that's because they are humanoid meaning that they evolved from humans or share a comon ansestor with humans. That means your basically creating the humans species over again. Sinse the idea is to create a new species, creating an exsisting species is not fullfiling the games goal.
  3. I prefer to max out criticals rather than power. I also prefer finnese rather than strength.
  4. so what was the best random items you found legitimately (no cheating or KSE) My favorite item I've found was the Mandilorian Disintegrator I've never found any famus jedi robes or the HK rifle
  5. Once I got into the korriban tomb at lv 15 sentinel 7 assasin it's important to git your prestige class as soon as possible it took me about 18 hrs to reach lv 50. I could have lv. up faster if my xbox wasn't so old. i can only spawn about 30 hisis at a time.
  6. I'm waiting for an unknown game called Spore. It's a real time strategy game were you create a creature and evolve it over millions of years. The game is planed to allow sharing of user made creatures online so your creatures have something to interact with. link to spore site
  7. If you have the pc version you can brouse through the files and find unused voice files and dialogue. Team Giza has the cut Moduals to m4 the droid planet avalable for downloade. the TSLRP thread should be on the front page of the forum topics page.
  8. The only better evidence then these photos would be a video.
  9. Those aren't batons their called elbow blades. Batons are wand shaped weppons while elbow blades look like night sticks. The short part is gripped in the hand and is rotated when attacking. Light saber elbow blades don't make sense because to apply the proper force the user's arm braces against the flatside of the blade. Talim in soul Calibur uses elbow blades.
  10. I know what you mean I've seen "Be Cool". In the beginning of the movie a hit man shoots up everything but the man he was sent to kill. However he gets lucky and manages to kill his target with his last shot. No modern gun is that inaccurate in real life.
  11. Since all Nvidea GeForce graphics cards use the exact same driver for your version of windows it shouldn't matter how old or new the card is, as long as it has enough memory. (I managed to run the KOTOR games on a 64mb card). The only problem is the glitch that occures on Dantooine. From what has been posted before, TSL can prove difficult to run on Vista. But solutions to this can be found on this part of the board in the FAQ thread. How good are the graphics on your 64mb card? My old Nvidea graphics card had enough memory but could only do 2d lighting effects so I went and bought a Nvidea Geforce 5200 with a lifetime waranty for about US $105 and it works nicely. the card itself was about $90 US dollers by the way what's the glitch on Dantoine?
  12. If you mean wield-as in twirl around then yes, you could do that with two DB sabres. If you mean would it be practical to fight with two DB sabres then the answer, given several times is no. You'd be more dangerous to yourself than your opponent. General Grevous 'only' had four arms, not six. Although he might well have been able to handle a sabre with his feet. Ok maybe he can't seperate his legs but acorrding to wookieepedia general grevous has repulser lifts in his legs. So I infer that he can levitate and use lightsabers in all 6 of his limbs
  13. the only thing I watch on fox is house, 24, and the Simpsons. I watch the American Idol auditions, but the rest of the season is crap. but yeah Iv'e seen the short animations, they started being shown two or three weeks ago. Honestly I don't really know what to make of the animations. they're no more than about 10 seconds long and don't seem to make much sense. My first impression was that fox was going to introduce a new show but know I just don't know. I'm not shure how rascist the animations are but they are definatly sterotypical.
  14. You have to git the exchange to notice you and cause enough conflict to force Master Zar... out of hiding, the opposite of what your party wants. either git the exchange to like you (generally DS) or hate you (generally LS) or a mix of both
  15. on the pc box it recommends an ATI Rederon 9200 or NVDIA GeForce4 Ti or better I know that the NVDIA GeForce graphics cards are for AGP slots and the more advanced cards require a power supply. sense TSL game out in 2005 those cards are probably 2004 model graphics card. They probably shouldn't be to expensive. Also I've heard K2 doesn't run on vista but I havn't looked into it.
  16. In that case wes it would possible. General Grevous would be ideal for duelwielding two DBs (two arm mode) because he has ball and socet wrist joints which allow him better movement than ordinary human wrist. He could use all 6 arms with DBs in a propellr defence but probly wouldn't be able to cordinate an attack. He however could use 3DB's one for each pair of his arms, but it probly would look akward and may be too dificult for Grevous to control.
  17. I got to say episode V is my favorite. I like how the Evil wins for a change. This makes episode 6 evan better, because the forces of good have to rebuild from being down and out, to once again challange the Empire.
  18. It seams the this arguement is going to be resolved only when Star Wars comes out for the Wii. Then we will see just how possible duelwielding 2 DBs is.
  19. ghosta


    I've seen the trailer and all the talk of Last stand and the dearth of Piracy pretty much promises that there is not going to be a 4th movie.
  20. *insert obnoxious buzzing sound* Totally wrong. Lightsabres do not cut through other lightsabres, in fact when lightsabre blades connect it is rather like two normal blades hitting each other-as can be seen in all the films. Nor do lightsabres cut through blaster bolts when deflecting them-seem to recall that there are enough mentions in the EU books etc that deflecting blasters does result in some force being put onto the blade. Enough to knock it out of your hand if your not holding the sabre correctly. (This could also be implied by the fact that it is very unusual for Jedi to deflect blasters while holding a sabre in one hand. They tend to use both hands, probably because it gives better control against the impact). Solid weapons in the KOTOR games have cortoisis ore woven into them, this resists lightsabres and prevents them from cuting through the blade-as is meantioned in the training level of KOTOR. Lightsabres can also be deflected/stopped by some types of force fields-as in TPM. Yes, but it also gives him greater control as the staff doesn't wobble around when it hits something. Using real world weapons is not a great indicator for the possibility of using two duel blade sabres at once anyway. One of the most obvious differences is that when you use a normal staff you can hold it anywhere-Gandalf wasn't holding his staff right in the middle, but at varying points from it. On a lightsabre you can only hold it on the hilt, as the rest is blade. Face it, while it would be technically possible to hold and wave two duel bladed sabres around, attempting to fight with them would be suiside. You wouldn't be able to control them well or fast enough to deflect blasters, and a solid hit from another lightsabre would, at best, knock your weapon out of your hand and leave you open to getting killed. At worst the second sabre blade would end up hitting you. Well I was talking about Gandalf with lightsabers in LoTR not Gandalf in Star Wars who said the DBs had to be standard issue why not a revised weapon, what about a DB with a longer thiner hilt for better handling with shorter blades for better balance. Light sabers after all are adjustable, (sarcastic whisper: that's what all the knobs on the hilt do)
  21. you know you've played too much Star Wars when you start arguing about duel wielding 2 DB light sabers or blasters with bayonets
  22. I have a xbox so I can't use KSE. I need to git a proper graphics card before I can play the PC version. the crystals power is scaled to the player just the same as how random loot is scaled to the PC's lv. This time through I might be able to find some rare loot.
  23. Yeah but Gandalf is no ordinary wizard. He's the number one wizard in middle earth and immortal. If I recall correctly he dies when fighting the Balrong of Moria. However the god of the wizards resurrects him so that he can complete his mission. Basically Gandalf was immortal till the ring was destroyed; being immortal Gandalf wouldn't have to worry about injuring himself because he would just be resurrected. Gandalf may be old but he's not clumsy or stupid. In his vast knowledge and wisdom he'd know how to use a lightsaber once he saw one. If you watch Gandolf you can see his graceful movements graceful enough to use 2 DBs. As far as bracing the staff against his body so it didn't wouldn't be knocked out of his hand. If he was using a lightsaber he wouldn't have to because his saber would cut through everything. So any weapon strikes to the staff that would normally knock it loose would be cut by the saber blade. I presumed Gandalf braced his staff against himself to deliver more damage from his attacks. Bracing the staff against his body would allow him to deliver more energy from his body into his strikes than if he only used is arms. I don't remember Gandalf blocking any attacks, besides it's pretty hard to block any blows with out a shield. As far as parrys, the characters don't seem to parry in the movies but instead dodge or git hit.
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