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  1. If you train Disiple, I think you git exclusive cutseens between him and Kriea. I'm not shore whether the dialoge is slightly different or that the seens arn't triggered.
  2. and darkside coruption/ lightside elightenment further push your party members allignment to the extremes.
  3. I suggest wisdom over charisma because at high level you'll have more force points then you can use, especially if your using force channel. Also more force powers dc is based on wisdom not charisma.
  4. You only need to see the criminals (after talking to Gren) in the cerka office to complete the quest. After you see them, go to Gren and tell him about the criminals and say you followed them to the surface and killed them. Gren will believe you and you will finish the quest. however the fuel for citidal station quest is broken in that thiers no dialoge option to tell Gren that you have found a new feul source. The quest is left unfinnished after you get vogga to agree to sell to citidel station.
  5. The higher levals of force body reduce the force cost to less than 100% between health and force points. This power is ideal for low leval gardians but is useless once your have way through the game. At that point you already have a buket load of force points.
  6. Are you by chance on Dantoonie when this happens, because iv'e heard that you can git stuck . There's two ways to fix this ethier switch to another charecter and walk and the charecter should unstick. The other option is to add a mising line of code to the opptions document. Unfortuantly I don't remember the line of code.
  7. You can not beat the droid. I tried it on the pc using the instant win glitch. I got 6 seconds and the droid got 4. I think thier is a lightside way of doing the quest but i don't remember. You proably can find a ls solution on gamefaqs.com Anyway you need to do the quest for two reasons 1 to git the exchange to notice you 2 it is part of GOTO's plotline
  8. If you have influence below 50 the party member will gain alinment points opposite you but, above 50 allinment points will be the same. If you have dark side corroption or the Jedi master eqivlant, your party member alinment is pushed farther to the extremes.
  9. While your at it add the hk assination rifle, It gits at critical range of 15-20 when you add a pinpoint scope and sniper shot can bring it down to atleast 14-20.
  10. Sinse your using atton just send him in solo and stay as t3. Aton will die but sinse you have another party member alive, t3 he will git back up again and fight some more and die again until he kills all the enemys.
  11. I think one episode of House had brain eating ameba in it. I think it's the one were Formen and a cop git infected.
  12. i also heard that the iphone battery dies really quick and can only be charged at an i store, but thats just heresay. I do agree Apple is quit stuck up. Maybe you remmember those mac attack adds on the windows pc, the one's with the two giys in the white room.
  13. I watched 210: The Year We Make Contact After watching it 2001 makes allot more sense.
  14. Which doesn't make sense because Nihlus is a Sith Lord and Malak is a Dark Jedi Gardian.
  15. The bronze crystal. I always seem to find one in the lightsaber Revan drops and another in the computer lock box in the duxun tempel.
  16. If you play planets strait through you can git a pile up of cutseens. Just try entering and exiting the ebon hawk several times to trigger all of them. After you enter the hawk and you don't git a cut sceen go to another planet and you should git the call. If that doesn't work try exiting and entering the Hawk again.
  17. you could just copy the sound files and place them in a seperate folder then rename them to .mp3
  18. If you are a wepponmaster/marrader you can up duel weppon fighting to suppier duel weppon fighting III. If you used a ballanced weppon i.e.(short lightsaber) you actually git a bonus for using 2 weppons.
  19. Also Near the end of the game you will naturally have a lot of force points. Evan a Gardian ends the game with a large force pool.
  20. I recently wathced THX 1138. I personally think it's one of the best sci-fi films I've seen.
  21. Eh, the Xbox version is kinda buggy, plus you can only go above your head, it isn't like the K1 'Free Roam' camera, unfortunately. Are you refering to the first person camera mode you enter when hitting caps or clicking the left thumb stick.
  22. I personally prefer the Mandolorian disntigrators with pinpint scopes mandolorian chambers and ryth cell (i think that's the one that gives masive criticals. Along wiht these guns I use sniper shot and sometimes rapid fire. If your going as an assasin then you should start in it's preliminary proffesion of sentinel. You will git the skills requied to succesfully sneek, plant traps, and sabotage the enemy. one benifit of being a gardian-assasin, as i found out in k1, sneek attack damage is added to force jump dammage.
  23. I think I had the same problem as you. upgrading the graphics card fixed the problem If the game crashes right after the opening movie, you may need a better graphics card.
  24. i understand DC but I also am lost when it comes to +3resistance
  25. An update on the story Diploma Denined for Cheering I'm just glad the students got thier diplomas.
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