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  1. Bubba Fet's Mandalorian Armor saved him from being digested. George debates whether or not the should have put Bubba crawling out of the pit into ROTJ. by the way both Fetts "died" from the same cause, Jet pack failure. My favorite is still General Grevous. He could have had a better fist fight with Obi-won if he brought out his 2 extra arms in his legs. Imagine Grevous with six lightsabers. I don't think Obi-one would have one if grevous had use al 8 of his limbs. Grievous could never beat a jedi without MASSIVE amounts of help and "luck" I went a learned some information about the Sarlac. A female Sarloc is the one that digs a pitt and the male is a small parasite that attches to the femal. Sarlocks are vuknrable when young or the prey of greater Krayt dragons. The sarlock slowly digest it's pray keeping it alive as long as it can. Digestion takes between 500 to 1000 yrs. Srlocks have a life expectantly of over 10000 yrs. Since digestion takes so long and Bubba had his armor he survived the pit. Ok it sounds preposterous but what of Grievous used six double bladed lightsabers and the Vapadd form. I know it's completely far fetched but I only wanted to suggest how outragesly powerfull Grevous could have been. By the way the raw and unedited Uttapow chase was 20 minutes long. Just a little factoid But seriously all Grievous had to do was stall Obi-won long enough for the clones to betray obi-won and kill him.
  2. thats a good idea but it would probably be only good for the tutorial lv or a minigame However peole could and would cheat and not ware a blind fold, but as Obi-won said "your eys can decieve you don't trust them" so thier cheatting might not help them.
  3. Evan though we don't git to know Darth Maul's backstory George likly has one for him.
  4. yeah thats true also it would be really easy to kill yourself. However the game could have a no self dammge mode. you would also need 4 controlers incase both people want to duelwield. Despite all this DBZ Budaki is on the Wii so thier is some way of doing combat
  5. Just saw 300 on saturday and It was prity good except the movie was only about 60% historically acurate and the power of the Persian empire was streched a litle too much for my liking.
  6. Lightsaber combat would be vary intresting but I don't Know if Wii's mottion sensors are advanced enough for that.
  7. I ment both and the seris in General but thanks I'll go to the Bioware forums I used to post in the K1 forums there but I havent in a while By the way why are the Jedi Temple forums dissserted?
  8. today I was crunching with my team to finish our high school yearbook. I'm the yearbook clubs unoffical treasure; I was appointed early in the year when it was just the few starting members but I lost my possition when we had elections. Despite this the ellected treasurer doesn't do anything so I have to do everything. :sad:
  9. I've only watched some older films recently Monty Python's King Arthur and the Holy Grail Children of Dune Joffe's version of The Scarlet Letter The only movie in theatures right now that I want to see is 300. I can't wait for Spiderman 3 to come out.
  10. ghosta


    The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne Don Quixote by Miguil Cervantes The preface to Don Quixote is my favorite preface it's extremely funny. I look forward to reading Hunters of Dune by Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson but I don'y have any $ right now. :sad:
  11. I'm intrested in Neverwinter Nights but I want to know what some general information on the game and it's story.
  12. Ok so that now that the Nintendo Wii is out what do think about a starwars game for the Wii? I think that a starwars game on the Wii would be alwsome.
  13. when playing RPG's I always start off pure good the first time cause I belive in being a good Giy! But my second tim through I go pure evil after all that I've learned were going LS is a pain and were being DS is not so good. K1ie: great Farakan shark much better to destroy the machin than git kicked off Mannan permantly. But you git more money for going LS on the Kassayk wookie murder K2:Ds If you kill all the Rodian Gaurds on the Telos Staion and destroy the consol then your skrewed. Ls: Paying lots of money to git Opo chano's credentals or save him from the exange is a pain. Biying Rana and giving her up is also a big pain.
  14. yeh about that.... he definately dies so it confuses me when he makes an appearance in jedi knight jedi acadamy which is after Ep;6 and before anyone gives me any crap abpout it being someone iin his suit i will remind u that his suit was also eaten Bubba Fet's Mandolorian Armor saved him from being digested. George debates wether or not the should have put Bubba crawlling out of the pit into ROTJ. by the way both Fetts died from the same cause, Jetpack failure. My favorite is still General Grevous. He could have had a beter fist fight with Obi-won if he brought out his 2 eaxtra arms in his legs. Imagine Grevous with six lightsabers. I don't think Obi-one would have one if grevous had use al 8 of his limbs.
  15. George started Starwars at episode 4 because he liked the style of the many part saturday night serials, were you always started part way through the story. The first three parts were drafted as a back story. Just about all novels and movies have back story notes. Bian Herbert wrote 7 novels of his own based on his fauther's, Frank Herbert, back story notes Looking back only episode III had terribal dialogue. George decided to do the prequils for a number of reasons the two main reasons are. 1. He wanted to set the story strait; that Starwars is the Tradady of Darth Vader not the story of the fall of a supper evil villian 2. George finally had the tecnonolgy and money to make the prequils that he didn't have in the late 60's early 70's.
  16. your right he does look a lot like Aton except his face is a litle rounder than atton's
  17. I say that Malcore would have won in it's full state but in it's minimal form it's a no contest. We'll need a new poll when TSLRP is done cause Malacor is gonna git some musle that might just make it a fair fight.
  18. Sion would win because he can just regenerate everytime he's injured as long as he wishes to live. The exile beat him because the exile broke Sion's will to live. Nihlus could drain the force out of Sion but Sion would just regenerate. The fight would be a draw because nihilus could super heal himself so the fight would never end.
  19. I think KI would be easier just because thier were more civilians on the planets and the Pc was more involed with them than the Exile is in TSL.
  20. last time I played as a gardian marrader I first went supper dark to become a marader asap then went to the korriban tomb and lv up using hissis and then at lv 50 with force affinitty I go git my crystal and never have it tuned because it's max power. After all this I ls up to neutral and go for Ls ending because Force enlightenment is much more useful to a fighter. Using this method I avoid gaining LS influence until after gaining my uber crystal.
  21. Back on topic my favorite bady was actually general grevois. I thought his fight with Obi-won was to short and he lost his 2 arms too quickly. A villian as unique as grivous diserves a longer fight.
  22. this is actually somewhat simular to Emporer Leto in God Emprorer of Dune by Frank Herbert (don't want the laywers ) in which Leto undergoes a transnfermation into a giant sandworm so he can live for the thusands of years he needs to save humanity from dystruction. by the way the last book came out a month or so ago as Hunters of Dune by Brian herbert and Kevin J Anderson ( )
  23. but what about the free roaming games like Tony hawk, GTA, streets of LA, and Spiderman 2 that are all or have large map free roaming. It clearly is possible. But the most prominent would be the elder scrools III Morrowind. (I haven't played any of the others). If a game that big can be free roaming shurly kotor can. If the engine can't do it than why not just change the engine/ Also couldn't the moduals be seperated by trains or shutals or some other mode of transportaintion instead of a doarway. That way thier still is the same walking distance but the action could be in a completly different part of the planent.
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