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  1. Other than racing against opponents or the clock swoop racing and Pod racing haave a few obviouse difrences. One the look of the veicals are differant. Both drive diferantly. A pod can turn but a swoop can only staffe. Both are prowpelled difrently. A swoop is pusshed from the back like a plane. A podracer is pulled forward like a locomotive. A pod's breaks are likly in the cotpit, becaues if the egines were to stop the cotpit would retain it's foward momentum and continue to fly forward. A swoop bike doesn't have this problem becaue it's all one piece so the brakes can be anyware.
  2. What about Gandolf in LOTR he fought with a staf in his right hand and Galminng(sp) in his left. So that meens duelwielding with a DB and a single hilt is possible. As I said earlier when using a DB as a single you can change which side is on so you can change from backhand to standard grip without moving the lightsaber.
  3. It's selling for like 20 bucks. Yeah, but I have to work up the energy to earn the money. That is a challenge in itself. The other day I say a new copy for about $17 on Amazon.com but I don't know if it's still there
  4. I suggest going through every question possible and and every LS dialogue line possible that and the sparring should give you all the influence you need. Eventually you'll be able to ask her anything you want evan about Atris. I also sugest NOT talking to Handmaiden in the polar acadamy that way you can't possible waste any dialogue. Handmaiden is one of the easiest charecters to train she only takes alot of time. Disiple is the easiest of all to train. all you have to do is question him and give LS responses and after about ten minutes Disiple can be made a Jedi. I made him a Jedi in the acrives room right after he joined my party. Mirra also is pritty easy except she has a mix of LS and DS influence gains. Atton is extremely easy all you have to do is be either extremely DS or LS and be nice to him. You can git pritty much all the influence you need In his conversations just agree to what ever he says. His conversations have to be triggered in the Nar Shadda Refugee sector when the Twilleks call the PC to talk with them. Bao takes some work because you have to take him with you and then talk to him when you git enough influence.
  5. So when I finish getting all powerful I plan to go to Dantooinne and git my pet crystal. Once I have my crystal at it's most powerful state I can keep it in my lightsaber permanently this is good because I'm trying to be DS without killing the jedi, So I have to do some good deeds, which would LS my alignment and weaken the DS powers of my crystal. Also I like Mira more than Hanhar so I need a lot of LS points.
  6. Well I got to lv 40 something from about 22 in a couple of hours I could have gone faster if my xbox wasn't so old. I can only spawn about 40 at a time. First I'm pure DS when I entered the tomb so my force points come back between combat. The trick I use is using the force channel form and in stealth I spawn almost 40 Hisis. Then I use force Valor followed by two force storms and then use death field like theirs no tomorrow. I have two guns equipped so that when a hisis dies my pc doesn't go running into a swarm of Hisis. At DS affinity death field is extremely cheap and force channel restore force points supper fast. As long as you keep using death field the attacks of the 8 that can hit you are negated by the health drained from all the hissis. After a while I got my PC lots of force points from all his level ups. The problem with this is that a LS pc can not git the force points needed to use all those dark force powers. Also when there only a couple of Hisis left you'll need shields, medpacks, and to use heal because deathfield is not going to give alot of health from just a few Hisis.
  7. I really don't think a statue would be built. KoTOR, to my knowledge does not have any environmental changes. Except perhaps Mannan when the ocean can be poisoned but it doesn't change the intractable environment in anyway.
  8. I would have to say that yes a human could fight with two double blade- lightsabers but it wouldn't go vary well. But someone could only have one blade on at a time. So that means they're duel wielding with two double-bladed lightsabers, each with one blade. So in a sense they're technically using two double bladed lightsabers. The advantage of this is that you can easily change your wield between back hand and fore hand by changing which side of the lightsaber is um... ignited. To make the sabers easier to control the wielder could shorten the length of the blades so that they're not too long and cumbersome. What I wonder is if the light saber can be turned into different weapons such as elbow blades, axes, or crescent blades.
  9. Yeah if you kill one Jedi then the Jedi you leave alive will jump you when you return to Datooine. In this case you can get either a DS or LS ending.
  10. It's called Star Wars Galaxies, the NGE Pardon the question but what does NGE mean
  11. OK maybe Nixon is a better choice but I haven't gotten to to the 70's yet so I picked FDR because were in WWII right now. Also notice the sub heading is compare and CONTRAST
  12. This is a restoration not an expansion. A restoration adds cut content back into a game. An expansion adds additional content that never existed for the game.
  13. This Is a discussion of how US President FDR and Supreme Chancellor Palpatine compare and contrast. To start in both of their terms of office both received extra executive powers to deal with their crisis. For example Congress gave FDR blank cheek powers to create legislation needed to relieve the people from the great Depression. Chancellor Palpatine was given emergency powers so that he could protect the republic from the separatist. FDR's "Court Packing Skyrme" albeit it didn't work was an attempt to replace the conservative justices on the supreme court with Justices that would be corporative with FDR's New Deal plan. Palpatine on the other hand practically controlled the senate legitimately and illegitimately Both Palpatine and FDR stayed in office longer than other elected officials. War was a primary reason both rulers stayed in power. FDR was the only US president to be elected 4 times. His 3rd and 4th terms were won because the American people didn't want a newbie leading the country through the war. Palpatine probably stayed in power for the same reasons but I don't think their's not enough evidence to be sure. I thought about this topic for two reasons one I'm taking US History in school two I remember George saying something about how George put some political themes in Star Wars. Well anyways have a good discussion.
  14. what about bayonets on the super large clone trooper guns. In Episode two at the battle of Geonosis the guns could have had bayonets but in the latter episodes not have them because the guns got smaller and they were found ineffective. Every clone trooper is CG so no one could git hurt doing stunts. A bayonet does't have to old to be put on a gun, the bayonet could actually be part of the gun not just an attachable piece. If you look closely as the geonosan sonic guns you can see that they do have bayonet like spikes attached to the gun geonosian sonic gun
  15. their is no good and their is no evil. These are just abstract terms that are meant to control the way people act. Interestingly the abstract of Good and evil are each other just like Bliss and Depression. A most noteworthy example is "The Scream." The most obvious downside to DS is that you git buck ugly. Try getting a date with yellow eyes, bleach white skin, and an asthmatic cough, It ain't gonna happen.
  16. ghosta


    I finished Hunters of Dune on Thursday. Which means I read a 500 page novel in 5 days, a personal best. Any ways I got a couple of things to say about the novel. As a said earlier the previous Dune novels have been a culmination that have lead up to Hunters of Dune. The novel probably won't be enjoyed by many, except for seasoned Dune fans. I also suggest reading the legends of Dune series, that is The Buttlerian Jihad, Machine Crusade and Battle of Corrin, before reading Hunters of Dune. Otherwise you'll be waiting till the end of the book for the authors to give you a straightforward answer. When given the scheme of the events of the Butlerian Jihad you'll see things start to unfold about have way through the story. The prequels are not nessiary to read to understand Hunters of Dune but thier still great storys. I have the feeling that when Kevin and Brian were writing Hunters of Dune they presumed people would have read everthing that had come out earlier. I concluded so partially from the Author's note in the introductory pages of Hunters of Dune. Brian and Kevin tell the reader that they wrote the prequels to reintroduce reawaken the Dune audience for Hunters of Dune and latter Sandworms of Dune.
  17. Why should I, when your provide none yourself? Talk about hypocrisy. Firstly, you said that hundreds of Jedi were not trained on Dantooine because the enclave is too small for that many Jedi. I don
  18. As far as my real events of 300 I wrote a general summation of what happened based on what I remembered from the history channel special I saw. I'm vary sure I forgot allot of stuff that happened. They have to have crude humor in Borat to please the simpletons that don't comprehend the deeper commentary of the plot. If all the scenes were social satire than the movie would loose a large percent of it's audience.
  19. the problem of Wii lightsaber fighting is that it requires a lot of room to be able to fight, which meens thiers potental for people to hurt each other, crash into something in their hours or simply have thier fighting abilitys restricted to the space they have. Also it would be just about imposible for the Wii to incorporat kicks into combat because thiers no controller that I know of that ataches to the foot. Thier would also need to be wireless controlers so that people don't git tangle in the wires or unplug the controller. As far as internet goes no one with dialup would evan be able to participate let alone stad a chance against someone with broadband. Despite all the fix able problems, some needing more attention to others, the figthing would still be awsome and revolutionary, one large step tords the futue of interactive gaming.
  20. ghosta


    I got Hunters of Dune on Sunday and I'm on page 372. I personally love the seris but I can see how other people might not. The seris is more like 2 seris in one. 1-3 and 5-8 with God Empoer as the transition. I think the first three were supposed to tell of how LetoII came to become the God Emporer. This is simular to starwars because in the Starwars trilogy we find out the important events neer the of the Galatic cil war. but latter when the prequils were made, we find out how the Galaxy got to Episode IV. Frank Hertbert did the same except in the normal fashion of story telling. The first 3 novels were the groundwork that would explain how the universe got to the point and time of Heritics of Dune were the main story of the fight of humanity against an unkown enimy. Dune is a great series because it is filled with themes such as morality, philosophy, relliogon, and mortality all interlaced into a rich and well worked plot.
  21. that the miniseries one? I've been thinking about grabbing that as well. it was pretty good (and the chick who plays Alia is hot) The miniseries was pretty damn good. I would have liked if Jennifer would have gotten more screen time(favorite character), but besides that it was a great series. It was good, wasn't it? I turned over and saw it one night when I hadn't even heard it had been filmed and thought "Hmmm, this is familiar, isn't this Dune? Where's Kyle MacLachlan and Sting?" Happily, they were both absent. I'm almost glad the first film was such a disaster - I've heard they'd intended to make the full six books before it bombed, and MacLachlan had actually signed up for that. Though the closing credits music was rather good. Yeah Alia is, hot but in the first part Alia was supposed to be 15. the actress that played her was way too old. In the novel Ali does her fight training naked but I guess they can't put that on television. If you've read the novels Paul Atreides is only a character in novels 1,2,3,7, and maybe 8 but I don't know yet because #7 Hunters of Dune came out about a month or two ago so #8 Sandworms of Dune will be out in at least a year. There are at least 3 versions of dune I've only seen the most recent 6 hoar miniseries version that was made for the Sci fi channel. Their is only one version of Children of Dune that I know of. Dune was the most viewed movie in the Sci Fi channel's History.
  22. Umm...no. Hundreds of Jedi were trained on Dantooine. Common sense would tell you that. The enclave is a training facility for all Jedi. The vast majority, or all, of the Jedi would have trained there (either for a little while or a long time). Umm...no again. WTF? The Galaxy has over 1000 trillion people and over a thousand worlds and in it so it's fare to say that 99.95% don't know about the enclave equates to some multi-billion people that would know about the enclave. What I meant about the enclave was that hundreds of Jedi could not of trained there at one time the place was too small. A war machine has no need of an agricultural planet such as Dantooine. Malak needs large profit industry that can generate the credits he needs to fuel his war. War creates a large drain on resources such as money needed to pay solders and crewmen, Malak's got people to pay, a lot of people to pay. The cost of controlling Dantooine would the be more than the profits meaning Malak would be going in-debt. Dantooine is also a low population planet meaning Malak has no one to recruit into his army. By the way please give evidence to counter my points. Otherwise your objections are unjustified.
  23. I agree cats are great. Perhaps Cathar would be to your liking, that's were Juhanni's is from. as to a ship I would need something bigger than ether the falcon or the hawk but not as big as a star destroyer that would be too big and clumsy for my taste.
  24. What would be cool would be if you could have an alien PC because their aren't many starwars games that I know of were the main character is an alien
  25. 300 is about the 300 Spartans that stayed at the pass of Thermopylae when the rest of Greek army retreated to save themselves from being killed by the Persian army. The battle lasted 3 days the first 2 days the Greeks held off the Persians, but the third day the Persians found away around the pass and marched to attack Leonidas from behind. There was also a naval battle, the Persian emperor wanted to land troops behind Leonidas. Thomisticus prevented the the Persian navy from doing so. After Leonidas is defeated the Persian Army burns Athens then heads to Sparta. Thomisticus retreats to Sparta and ambush the Persian navy and destroys enough ships that Persia has to retreat. If the Persian Army had to retreat because if the navy lost any more ships then the arm would not be able to return home. Borat is supposed to be a commentary on racism and social inequality. The movie's humor is directed towards an older audience than crude humor comedys.
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