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  1. if you play on PC then you can downlode a mod from somewere that changes who you get. You just will have to stand the inapropriate pronouns that will be used. By the way Disipile can be jedified as soon as he joins your party, but you will have alot of dialogue to go through. pretty much al you have to say are LS things to all his comments to gain influence or DS to lose influence. You pass influence cheacks if your influence with a charecter is realy hi 90+ or 10- all charectors start at 50 being neutural. Note that charecters with low influence will gain allignment points opposite of you.
  2. I already know that the LV max is 50 and The hisis flattan out at lv 30 to 300exp each if you enter at lv18. The point was that the PC is usually a Lv higher than the party so I wanted to know if I could still get the exp need to git everyone to lv 50. Too bad I can't take kriea with me her mentor bonus would have sped things up a bit.
  3. only wanted to say is that I loved the trailer and I hope you finish soon also what will you do after you finish the TSL resteration Project?
  4. after you max your lv does the exp in your stats continue to go up or does it stop rising? Essesentially can you git infinite exp?
  5. Goto is by far the worst he has no use all the other npcs fight better than him or have better skills. he might have been vary useful on M4, if it had't been cut that is.
  6. I know thi is somewere in the forums but what effect does the hissis glitch have on my party? I'm not shure if the exp in the tomb goes to the party or just the PC. Thx
  7. that was intentianal because the clones and the emperial soldiers were viewed as expendable which is why they don't get names. minor charectors don't get names because they don't matter to the other charecters.
  8. It's not likely that the rakatan fleet designs would resurface because the starforge was dystroyed and the plans with them: however that droid in the temple might have the plueprints. This is irrelivent because 4000 years latter people would want a modern more advanced and powerful design. Also any survivng ships would be piles of rust after 4,000 years I agree that thier isn't enough furniture in most of the structures but thats what work shifts are fore. And we only see a small part of the ships thier might be a large dormitary in some other part of the ship. by the way I've always woundered how thier could be some many quest in the small areas of the planets. All the action takes place in an area smaller than a city. For example Dantooine is a hudge planet and the Exile just happens to find Vrook in a cave no more than 600m from the landing pad.
  9. Can't you just use his model from TSL from the cave fight in the Korriban tomb. you can evan cheack the feedback to git clues of what his style is
  10. hundreds of Jedi were not trained on Dantooine because the enclave is too small for that many jedi. Dantooine is remote enougth that 99.95% of the galatic population does not know about it Malak would not attack Dantooine because it is too remote to serve any tatical perpuse. Malak would be wasting his resourses occuping a world with no war materials, a complete waist. This explains why the republic so easily resetles Dantooine after the Jedi civil War.
  11. That "could be dead" policy is a downer I really wanted to see jolee again he was hillarious One thing about Nihilus is that it's not fully stated what his hunger kills. we no it kills sentinents but we arn't told if his power touches the cretures and plants on a planet. If Nihilus can kill everything then there would be no plants to make oxygen meaning Visas would have nothing to breath when she walked on the surface of Katar.
  12. Maybe origonally you were supposed to have T3 but they removed him because his skills were to high for the area or some other reason. Or perhaps HK 47 was intende to be in your party so you could acsess the droid factory earlier I heard thier are sound and script files of HK 47 interigatin an HK 50. This was probably replased for handmaiden giving you the acess code to fly back after you discovered the factory which was then cut. Hk's parts would be easy and quick to crate and place. The only thing else needed was some interaction lines and a game triger.
  13. as far as how the ebon hawk got to paragus HK 50 possions exile Kriea somehow boarda the harbringer presumably from the ebon hawk because she has litle chance of being on the sith vessal T3 was already on the ebon Hawk because he's the only one that can navagate because the computer is locked At some point Hk 50 takes the exile into the Ebon Hawk and Kriea and several others board (thiers more than one body and destroyed droids) Kriea and HK 50 may have worked togetther because they have the same goal of getting the Exile and getting out Ethier way someone locks HK 50 in the compartment and as T3 enters hyperspace the Ebon Hawk git shot as it makes the jmup saving it from complete dystruction but kills eberyone except Kreia exile and T3. The ebon Hawk at some point comes out of hyperspace T3 fixes the systems and lands at the mining station Kreia coald have saved her self with a varrity of force teqnices: Exar Kun was able to complettly heal himself after a tomb fell on him. so kriea could have done something like that or used a lot of buffs or really anything. Kreia was not unconsious when she was injured but rather in a trance so she still could have been able to shield herself besides doesn't she hide her true self until the very end of the game. the harbringer didn't arouse suspision not only of the previos ressons but also because the staition was expecting a frieghter to come to make "The Telos Shipment"
  14. kreia explians this when she speaks to Exile of the sith assasins. She says that they see there pray through the force and when the Exile reconected to the force the assisns could then find the Exile and tell Sionwere tey were.
  15. the prevous movie doesn't show the ebon hawk being smashed to bits. also just because the ship falls doesn't meen it's unopperaraple and can't 2 seconds latter start flying away as it does when it picks up the exile in the LS ending movie. Furthermore in Lost in space the captain uses the force of the ship falling through the calapsing planet to thrust the ship into space
  16. I do't meen super detailed and acssesable I meen a unique design But still people should't have the same warships they had 4,000 years ago. In the movies the clone army's vehicals change signifigantly over a short time span of no more than 30 years. So if tecnology can change so fast in such a short time than none of the ships in KOTOR sould look like anything from cera BY and certanly not afterwards.
  17. I might have gotten the menu just like how the M4 moduales were found by team Giza presumingly only off of the xbox If I find a better link I'll post it.
  18. cheack your allignment versus the allinment restrictions of the lightsaber You may be LS with a DS only saber or DS with a LS only saber
  19. I just found proof of the nihilus menu at Nihilus Altenate menu unfortuantly you need the pc version and downlode it
  20. Just remember that Nar Shadda has it's own fast and imidiate portion thats just as long as Duxun/Ondreon Also as soon as you encounter the last jedi Kryea will no longer talk to you.
  21. The harbringer only came to peragus because the exile could not be found while he was disconected from the force. When the exile reconected to the force as kryea says sion's assions could find the exile and brought the Harbringer to Peragus
  22. Although you probabaly wont wait to raid vogga's hoard you can also have mira dance for Vogga
  23. why is modding the Xbox illegal if your not making money doing so
  24. I just got the nihilus menu again a couple of days ago but I didn't have my camera at the time
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