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  1. Sweet, i should have figured those two aliens out when i burst into the room without steal generator and they start babbling about sneaking up on them, lol. Anyways, shame about he cut content, thanks a ton for the help and info though
  2. Hello everyone There are a couple of questions thats been bothering me in this game and if anyone would even have a slightest clue to share i'd be a happy camper I'll only name a couple of them; 1, There is a door to the sublevels in the military base on Telos in the restoration zone but i can never seem to access it and there is also another military grade security door just past the hangar bay control room that i can never get past either, anyone know if its possible to open either of those doors at all? 2, There's a mapped area right next to the flophouse in the Nar Shadaa docks behind Fassa but again, i cant get in there, lol, is it even posssible to get in? 3, That damn watering urn for Vogga's kathhounds... whats up with that, i can highligh it and click and getinto a scinematic screen but it only gives me the option 'leave urn alone' is there any quest or something that will let me do something else than that? 4, The door in the room where Vogga The Hut is can't be opened, i get attacked by the kathhounds every time i try, is there any way to get rid of the darn hounds and get in there at all? 5, Master Lonna Vash stays a mystery to me, everywhere i go to read i get indications that i can meet and slay her but it doesnt matter what alignment i choose or what order i choose to go to korriban in everytime i get to Master Vash she's dead in a cage. Are those indications about being able to slay Master Vash when alligned to the darkside false? Cuz if it is possible i really wanna slay her Anyone who knows anything about any of these question and willing to share what they know would be greatly appreciated Oh or is all this in some kind of hidden expansionpack or something? i only have the original copy of the game and only patched up with its built in updater and the platform is PC
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