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  1. Maybe it has to do with how long your history stores information until it resets or empties. cookies are indirectly connected to the browser history, so after x amount of days, the day you signed in was either deleted from the history or pushed out. I have to sign after every time I delete my history or after a really long time of not being online. this might not be the case with you because I have the Mozilla browser.
  2. It is going to be the Packers versus the Patriots in the supper bowl because that's the game the majority of the people want to see. Ad what does the NFL want the most? more viewers, because more views means more people are watching which means they can charge more for commercials. Also the match up would have great poetic undertones. The comeback team led by their great QB on the verge of retirement vs the evil and dominate villain. It's vary much like the rebellion vs. the empire. The teams even dress the part. The Patriots in empire white and the packers in rebel green.
  3. You really think the giants have chance in single digit temperatures and swirling wind? which is going to make it pretty hard to kick field goals. There'll be no need to ice the kicker, he'll already be frozen. Farve also has the advantage because he's played in snow a lot longer then Ellie has. Farve also can through with a lot more velocity than Ellie. since f=ma, a faster throw requires a stronger force from the wind to blow the ball of course. So Farve's passes will be more accurate than Ellie's.
  4. The packers versus the Patriots is imanet because the giants have to play at Lambo in the cold. The chargers are in bad shape to beat the patriots, they barly beat the colts and Lt's return is questionable. the Patriots vs. the Packers will be a shootout wich will come to defence and turnovers. As long as Farve doesn't degenerate into the farve of last year then the Packers have a good chance of winning.
  5. well after avreging the two you'd git a 6/10 but since the first 2/3 is pre suvivors then it should be wieghted to around 7.5/10 which is pritty good but not great.
  6. Yep. Which is why you should replace your bacterial cultures after a course. Typically with yoghurt and milk. which is why a consisent diet will help regulate your system.
  7. early on counclers doen't have the benifits that they do latter. They start with low health and don't yet have the powers or the force points needed to fight effectivly.
  8. Goto did it so he could stay alive, but he says he sent his droid to keep on eye on the exile. Goto wanted to keep the exile from destroying another world. If such a threatt were prdesent goto would selfdestuct turning the exile into dust.
  9. Didn't you pay attention to the story? Mira joins the party so that she can save the exile. actually all her actions were aimed at protecting the exile, so she could collect the bounty on her. Didn't you see that mira was one of the people you could bring onto goto's yacht.
  10. but you have to enter and exit on foot not by the speeder. Once you start the go see visquis quest the game should atomatically proceed every time you complete your current goal until it takes you back to nar Shada.
  11. Have you tried turning off movies? The movies are what really strain your stystem. But I think your graphics card might only be 2d and not the requied 3d.
  12. carbines are unupgradeable while regular blasters are fully upgradable. sonic blasters can obly have upgrade scopes. The most powerful disrupters are upgradiable. The Mandoloirian disintigrator is the most powerful disrupter pistol and you can git multiples of them. It can be upgraded to a 15-20 critical threat range and can have devastating criticals. Snipper shot can git the threat range up to at least 14-20 but maybee evan more. Ion enery damages shields fast and droids are vulrable to it but humans are resistent to ion attacks. Bao fights better unarmed because of his unarmed specialist feats and his strength is higher then his dex. you make mines and grenades at med labs because they are based on chemisty not mechanics. Explosions are caused by chemical reactions not by mechanics. goto will allow you to skip some of the fights with bounty hunters. he also doesn't set of mines. He also can make security spikes. you can use kse to change your allignment before the quest so you can git either Hanhar or mira then use kse after you have finnesd the quest to change it back. However thier probable is a mod somewere that does it. Thier defiently is a mod that lets you pick disiple as a male but the dialogue pronouns will not change to the appropirite gender. Thier is no way to have a party of four. It would break the game engine. Mods can only warp the game around it's engine they can't actually change it. Besides if you take bao you'll also have the remote, so you really can have a party of 4 har har. So it may be possible to mod the remote into a diferent charector that follows Bao.
  13. The Golden compass It was good except for the dissapointing ending. they chopped of the book's end from the movie. It's sad because all they needed was another 15 minutes to finnish the movie.
  14. She shouldn't care, unless of coures you git rich off of it. Then your going to be in trouble.
  15. thier's a mod somewere that makes Bao's remote tell you what your influence with your party is. To unlock influence options you need to either have really low influence of really high influence. With high influence your party members gain allignment points that you do. with low influence your party gains allignment opposite of you. the more extreme your influence is the more allignment points they get. Charisma will also increase allignment but Masters and Lords have a feet which signifigantly pushes thier compain's allignment to the extremes. the benifit of alignment mastery is that you git a bonus of some sort.
  16. I have a high persuade and wisdom so i get a lot of dialogue but correct me if i am wrong I dont think you can wear sion down with words the first time around aye? either way i DID beat him just all those dam assaisns have retarded resistance to the force my 30 wis and 25 char isnt good enough i guess. I thought you ment the fight at the end of the game not ware you fight sion on korriban. I thought you ment the end fight. It was intended that you git HK-47 before koriban and that after fighting sion the first time, you can ask him how to kill jedi (influence). This leads to a conversation about will and latter revan breaking jedi to convert them. this conversation is ment to tell you that sion can't be beat till his will is eroded.
  17. if you have a lot of patience try brining Atton. Put Atton to sneak in solo mode and keep your other person in the first room. Have atton fight while you wait with your other charector saftly at the enterece. Atton will die but since you have another party member alive he will rise and fight somemore. Eventually atton will kill everyone. You could also tryusing rivtalise with your safe charector. Remember to use the programs you find, you can weaken goto's defences with them.
  18. cheack akarree on Dantooine outside of khoonda he has an hk part. otherwise you'll have to biy the last part from the droid in the isis merchant quarter on onderon. you can also upgrade hk with the pasafist package. You have to help the rodian on Narshada then do Dantoine Ls and complete ondreon and you must not cut the conversation with hk-47 ,when he ask the exile about the mandolorian wars, short. Don't ever use the line "the next person who something when I say the conversation is over is going to be shot"
  19. It gets easier to use force powers on sion if you erode his will because that's what keeps him alive. you can do this with the 'kryea is using you lines' and almost everything with (inteligence) (wisdom) (awarness)and i think (persuade) should do it, but thier's atleast one that doesn't need a skill/atribute cheack.
  20. no it's not because the glitch is part of the game, you use cheats to change the game in some way the game normally doesn't allow. No one complains about exploiting Fable's hero save. So no one should complain here I think it's fair considering all the other glitches that plague gamers.
  21. you can finnish the escaped criminals quest without killing them. You only have to sea them in the cerka office. After you see them in the cerka office go to Grenn and tell him about the criminals. you will eventually git to the line "i followed them to the resoration zone and killed them" or something like that. It's shortly after something loke "Jannes hired the criminals"
  22. the # of components you git depends on the repair skill of the pc unless the pc is unavaliable ( e.g ebon halk prelude) otherwise it's the repair of the person using the workbench.
  23. but thier all tweaks and trivial which means they're probably just aesthetic glitches and game balances.
  24. I find that Mandalore is better with melee weapons then blasters. Mandalor's strength and constitution are both higher then his dex, plus gunner's don't wear heavy armor.
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