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  1. Everyone has different opinions, but my problem is the real one... yeah sure! hay, i got a real problem here! Cats! there is not enough of them as pets. it cute though when one of them eats my fireball or helps lead a swarm of monsters to me if i was trying to retreat/hide.
  2. why would anyone compare that game to this one? I don't see the logic. One is a single player crpg. the other is a free to play dungeon crawler, not even a good one at that. Its free so that is its only real redeeming aspect of that game.
  3. sorry to hear it with the load times. I don't have that issue though. Maybe 5 seconds tops between loading. I do have a good computer I have recently built. Was these loading times always present from the first time you guys played? Also, why make the post here? there is a better section in the forums to try to address bugs and game play issues. Sharing your specs help too seeing its something with your computers that's running PoE to lead such undesirable results.
  4. Here's your tip on that fight - talk with your main character, run quickly to the choke point. [/quote I don't even wait to talk. I open up all the aoe spells and attacks. That's how I "talk" with my main character. But that's only if I do intend to kill him.
  5. Like most aspects of the game, they rushed/did not have enough time to really flesh out these things. I really hope they add more to it otherwise I'd just build the shops and the inn and that's it. The rest is just a waste, at lest feels that way to me. Was really hoping it be like the keep the fighter class gets in bg2. Kinda a let down
  6. If it's not your main character then make a new one. Cost CC I know, but better then having and exploiting god character ruining any left challenge in the game...or keep using him
  7. I call it justice. Getting slammed with 8 to 10 of these guys near the start of the game is a real pain. Doing it solo is really hard. As a side note, fan of flames is almost useless, very hard to land. There are way better aoe spells in the 2nd tier. Edit. Sorry, as a wizard I mean. There are lots of useful spells from tier 1 and 2. Mostly 2.
  8. If you got exp for every kill you could easily be level 12 before act 2. But I guess you would protest ether way no matter what they went with.
  9. In groups the are not bad. In solo path of the damned, they are stupid with the skirmishes with that auto paralyze. Just one of those things they rushed through and many people don't notice really in a full party. Wish I had a 100% stun auto attack. I have not had the ineffective weapon come up though, sorry
  10. From what I understand, you can ransom some of them. But it's not very much and they could escape at any moment regardless how high your security is. You could also get less of rewards as well from quests if you put them in the slammer. It's just worth it in its current state.
  11. There is also buff from other class's you can use to to help. Just look out for priest attack spells. Some are vs will and do hurt if it crits. Getting hit in general damage or cc; is not so bad. Just don't want to fall behind so far behind that everything is an auto crit.
  12. Only one? That's your opinion. I agree with the notion though that spells for makes need to be looked at more, particularly the self defense spells. The real problem is from the others, is in this game, spell damage never goes up from leveling, unless of course modified from a talent or item. They made it simple and they clearly rushed it which I can understand that. I just hope they put more time into these things in the future seeing they won't have to redesign everything again if there is a sequel
  13. If so, that I would like too, except it would kill solo players unless they bump the exp modifier higher. I suspect though those players did everything there can be, all side Quests and what not. It happens in other games too like BG.
  14. I noticed that myself. Suppress affliction has always been a little buggy for me, not just this instance ether but from other effects too. Some times it works and some times it makes it worse, heh.
  15. It's a minor issue, probably not one at all for most. But if say, a monster gets into a fight with some other npc while I'm fighting one of them, combat breaks and they both heal during this time. What triggers this is spells and abilities. If I was fighting, a shadow, as a mage and an npc jumps in to attack the shadow, draws it's attention and the if I continue to attack it by spells, that would break the combat. Wasting the spells and very annoying. Sorry for the long explanation. I doubt this will get fixed due to lack of people experiencing this but hoping the right people will take note o
  16. I noticed this right away myself and agree. Don't know the reasons behind it, perhaps not enough time to really get into it or that particular branch has no idea about such things. I was very disappointed with obvious, such as blinding eyeless creatures or poison skeletons or back stabbing their vitals. I hope this can be reconsidered in the future.
  17. Silly post. Do you srs think the devs sat around all day at a table and thought to themselves "hay, let's make a simple sneak system that covers stealth, traps and hidden items because XYZ player will have a hernia and cry a lot!" No, that's not why. It because of time constraints and money. They would love to go more into this, just like crafting; but could not due to what's realistic to getting other things into the game. If there is a sequel or perhaps in an expansion, this could further be improved upon. Holy Cow! Learn that this game is not going to be 100% perfect and tailored just
  18. Well, I made an account cuz I figure I would respond to this. I am Currently Solo in path of the damned, Iron man, no tips or assist off. I have started over a few times tell I was happy with how I started (starting is everything). Not too far though yet, it is a little tuff. The largest issue is the sizes of your encounters. Don't matter what class you are (in these kind of situations), you are not killing 9 wolves at level 3...probably not level 4 or 5 ether. There are small encounters, so knowing them is huge. Stealth is Huge. So is Mechanics. You need them both. Its been really fun for
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