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  1. Got a source for this? Can't find anything with reverse google image search.
  2. That's awesome, congratulations! Today I wallowed in self pity and read about cancer for about ten hours. I have an exam tomorrow and I have more or less resigned myself to the fact that at this point, it's out of my hands. If I don't know it by now, I'm ****ed, so I'm in bed watching TV and internetting. As a subject, pathology really ****s with your head. I caught myself thinking "well, 60% five year survival rate isn't THAT bad" and then realised that no, actually, it's a ****ing dreadful prognosis. Don't get cancer, guys. And especially don't smoke. That **** gives you basically ev
  3. Right, see my previous point about "a rose by any other name" - make it the exclusive definition of racism or consider it systemic or subconscious forms of racism, either way, the systemic discrimination doesn't disappear! I actually kind of agree that it's silly pretending you can't be racist against white people: a lone white kid at a school being bullied for being white is still subjected to racism. But it's incredibly important to also recognise that the racism he's experiencing is, to a large degree, a consequence of a larger systemic kind of racism, where poc and white people are, to a v
  4. Also, why is he drinking a thimble-sized coke?
  5. Well, amusing doesn't mean guffaw worthy, mind you. But what was off-colour about the jab, there ? Nothing especially wrong with it, it's just a really lazy and dumb joke. A person fulfils a stereotype? Yeah, you're hilarious.
  6. Hopefully you survive the trauma. Was amusing and is a common dodge by those people on Twitter (can't expect much from that kind though ) I don't think I'll ever cease being amazed by what people find funny...
  7. So instead of saying something useful or interesting, you opted for accusing people of ad hominem arguments through an ad hominem comic? It's five in the afternoon and it's still early for this ****.
  8. Alright, I get you. I kinda disagree, though. Admittedly I haven't watched that much of A. Sarkeesian's videos, but I don't recall her ever saying that it doesn't influence behaviour - her deal is cultural criticism, and as far as I know she's never said that culture doesn't influence behaviour, neither explicitly nor implicitly. That would be a totally ridiculous thing to say. At least to my mind, there's a huge gulf between Jack Thompson's arguments (is he still around? I remember he was a big deal in like, 2006?) and Sarkeesian's. Thompson's arguments are/were explicitly about censoring
  9. Well, yes, that's what I was trying to do. I was trying to explain how video games change the way we think, namely as part of our broader cultural tapestry. It affects both the way we think and, consequentially, how we act. Do you disagree that culture affects how we think and act? Edit: I guess I'm kinda struggling to understand what you're saying here, could you explain it briefly? Sorry if I'm misunderstanding you here.
  10. I kinda disagree. Talking about "steps" seems weird to me when we're constantly steeped in our culture. We've never not been exposed to this stuff. There isn't a linear progression between watching a dumb thing on TV and adopting a dumb opinion, the program is just a drop in the cultural ocean, constant around us. Because of this I often think discussions about single instances of sexism or racism are more symbolic than constructive - we're missing the forest for the trees a lot of the time. It's much easier to talk about single crystallised aspects of our culture instead of looking at where i
  11. Yeah that's a silly thing to say, I agree. It influences both. Culture influences the way we perceive the world, our perceptions inform our opinions, our opinions inform our actions. It has a real effect on the world and people around us.
  12. It's not especially controversial in psychology today that everyone harbors some amount of racial prejudice, for the most part unconsciously. Some people are in a position where the cumulative societal prejudice works in their favour. Recognising that this gives them some measure of advantage, while giving disadvantage to others, doesn't seem that crazy to me. I guess defining "racism" as encompassing that idea exclusively seems a bit narrow, but a rose by any other name, right? Call it systemic racism if you want, it's still a real thing, it still works in our favour, and it still affects
  13. Yeah, no, **** this bull****, especially the IP stuff. Restricting ability to shape individual country copyright laws, restriction of fair use, stronger patent laws for medicine... Not a fan, not at all.
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