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  1. Dumb. I haven't tried it yet, but i'm fairly sure its because I need to bring Pallegina with me.
  2. I've had this quest for a while and have tried to talk to Agosti at different times. My only dialog options are "Tell me about the Vailain Republics" and "What do you do here?" At some point I might have had more options, I can not remember. But currently only those two which are greyed out from already selecting them. My current progress in the quest is that Pallegina wants me to talk to Agosti. Obviously I have. Files: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8971392/The%20Child%20of%20Five%20Suns%20bug.zip
  3. Very simple. It would be great if we could have a playback feature for battles. I find it difficult to follow because i'm constantly pausing and assigning characters to do many different things so it would be nice to be able to just watch the battle unfold.
  4. I did not have to quicksave and quickload, but getting everyone north as possible before talking to uscgrim worked. ty
  5. Same problem. Hope for a fix. I asume this creates bad rep with the city, so until fix we should probably hold off playing if we can't get it to work right on or own.
  6. Bumping. Moderator? Devs? Thoughts? Something that will need to be looked at?
  7. I always buy GoG over steam if possible. I prefer to foster competition. I do not like one company having too much control over any market.
  8. Slight update. I exied the game and loaded it later that day. Exiting to the courtyard worked fine.
  9. Each time I attempt to leave the throne room area of the now dead raederic(sp?) and using the exit into the courtyard the game hangs. Three times this has happened in a row. I came up into the area from the scriptorium, clicked to the area next to the exit and then when my characters arrived i clicked on the exit icon. The screen would be black with the the move to icon still replacing the normal mouse arrow. Then the 'working' blue swirling circle. Saved game, output log, dxdiag in a zip here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8971392/Repeatablegamehang.zip
  10. Fighting Black Ooze, same issue while having 'pause when weapon ineffective' turned on. Picture:
  11. I'm not sure what happened. Reading the responses prompted me to load an older save and try again. I did not have one instance of weapon ineffective. I decided to try to turn on pause when a weapon was ineffective as I had it set previously(it was unset for the first retry with the older save). This time again I was receiving a lot of 'weapon ineffective' messages. Particularly 4-5 consecutively before any other combat messages were received.
  12. For reference I'm playing on normal mode. I've been fighting xuarips. First I keep seeing messages of 'weapon ineffective.' I assume xaurips or somewhat akin to goblins in that they're the ubiquitous early adventurer training monster. However over and over my characters show the 'weapon ineffective' red text in the combat log. This is from a variety of weapon types. Slashing, piercing, bashing, etc. Can someone tell me why this is happening/have experienced the same thing? I didn't have this problem fighting shades which I assume are partially insubstantial. Secondly, xaurips seem to
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