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  1. Yeah, I absolutely dislike the logic of "everything is going to hit you on POTD so screw defenses". That makes 0 sense to me. I mean pure glass cannon builds can get away with no res and no con. No one else should even attempt it and even then, the second you meet a vampyr or anything else that can dominate.. man that pure DPS will rip apart your entire team if you're not careful. Can't support what ppscurry said.
  2. Oh I see, then I would suggest you check out the beta videos where he was playtesting all sorts of builds, learning mechanics etc.. It's all on his channel. Those sound exactly like what you're looking for.
  3. Would you be willing to trade druid for Priest then? Make the Ranger a Ghostheart ranger so your pet is more of a battle summon instead of a constant thing. Never summon it if you don't want to. Lots of spells, buffs, damage aoe, healing. Priest of Magran has LOTS of RP stuff in the campaign right now. It's the highest called out subclass in the game for NPC interaction. Ghostheart is second.
  4. If you want to be a DPS hybrid druid, you should use the wildshape abilities imo. You could mix Ranger and Druid in order to have for example a lion and then transform into one yourself?
  5. That's the only one I've found that has a special ability on the grimoire itself. I have found Grimoires with unique spells in them. Like Ninagauth's Teachings that contains Ninagauth's Shadowflame. Variant of Fireball: Keywords: Frost + Evo Counters: Fire Cast: 6 recov: 2 range 10 m aoe 2.5 M pen 7 Loud 42-51 cold damage ACC vs REF if successful: Paralyzed for 6 seconds ACC vs FORT
  6. No but because of the crit fishing nature of the Skald I would built it as a dual wielding blunderbuss build for sure. all out offense and get as much crit chance, damage, acc, penetration, etc as possible. I have played with a blunderbuss assassin before and a full attack can usually do around 100-125 with mid-late game gear. It's fun to see the numbers cloud the screen hehe. Make sure you use Blunderbuss' that have the multishot ability, the more bounces the better.
  7. Well it's more about AOE damage, which there is a lot in higher difficulties, combined with mind control effects / disables in POTD. Like it's great that your assassin has insane sustain DPS, but he gets mind controlled because you didn't invest in defenses / you get killed the second combat starts because of the aoe burst damage of team monster, you're not doing it right. Plus, the Fighter gives increased penetration, damage, graze to hit, etc.. The defense buffs are the icing of a very large DPS cake.
  8. This is basically how I played Xoti on my first playthrough as a pure Priest build. Worked very well even on POTD.
  9. Based on the most called out classes, Priest of Magran is very popular. Recommend mixing Priest of Magran + Ghost Heart Ranger for lots of lore and RP stuff. Play as a ranged DPS Priest.
  10. From a pure DPS gain Multiclass I would say it's hard to beat the Devoted Fighter for an Assassin. Tons of toughness to survive melee. Tons of buffs. Great build.
  11. Well if you're going to modify her to whatever you want, I would look at what class(es) make the most sense from an RP perspective. Her whole deal is that she can absorb souls and put them into her lantern. I would say maybe decide if you're going to have her go dark side or not? Change the build based on that decision. Dark side could be built as a DPS, kill steal type build with effects on kill. Light side could be a more Priest oriented build?
  12. Meh, I soloed that Area on my lvl 10 or 9 War Caller. What you see here is not that broken on strong at all. Guy is at almost max level and everything dies so slow. If I went there on his level with Fighter It would end in 3 Charges probably... My post wasn't meant as a kind of chalenge to you to tell us that you can solo the area, or to fill your need to diminish someone else's build. Frankly I don't think that's very important to the discussion and if that's the only feedback you have about the video then that's kind of boring. Please do better.
  13. Hm I don't like your ability scores at all. a tank build should be maxing out Resolve. Here is a build guide for the Herald class combination that should give you what you're looking for. Cheers.
  14. Why is her picture icon so ugly though She was so beautiful in PoE1. I was so sad when I saw it in Queen's Birth :(
  15. Might is the best of the 3 damage stats because at 20 it gives a straight +30% damage multiplier to all your damage. The other 2, Dex and Perception can't compete with that kind of multiplier. I would order them from Might>Dex>Perception. From there Intellect is good for DPS builds that use AOE like the Assassin Rogue/Evoker Wizard. Not as important on the single target DPS outside of defense. Minimum CON I would recommend on a character would be 7. Outside of specific builds, most will set this to 7-8. Example: damage on my attack is 5.9-11.8 I look at my bonuses, says 3-6 base. +36% from Might and +60% legendary bonus. 3-6 becomes 5.9-11.8 Take off legendary and you get 5-8 base, +36% from Might = 6.8-10.9 Someone's math isn't correct here I think and some people are confused on if Might is multiplicative or Additive. But that 60% from legendary doesn't seem to do much so I'm going to assume that's only additive while the one from Might is a multiplier. Am I correct?
  16. Nerd Commando on youtube is posting dozens of builds that we should totally put into our build guide. Could someone do that please? TY! Also, see builds vids below! https://www.youtube.com/user/NerdCommandoGames/videos
  17. Priest of Berath is worth looking into for RP stuff. Create a template where you set up your PoE1 playthrough as following everything Berath would want ie release souls back to the wheel, pledge, etc.. Add in Cipher MC for the RP.
  18. Well if you plan on doing 0 damage, then I would make sure your CON is at least 7 and leave might where it is.
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