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  1. After studying the talent trees some more, I have to say that a fighter/paladin (any dual wielding one) multiclass seems REALLY strong. Bonus points for moon godlike, assuming the healing from their racial scales. You get: -Deep faith + the fighter inspired defense buff (level 6 upgrade extends the effect any time you're hit) > an eventual blanket +40 ? to all your defenses all the time, assuming you're tanking. -dual wielding + armored grace, meaning you can potentially wear the heaviest armor with very low recovery (like a normal fighter). -Constant recovery + white flames (if kind wayfarers) + potentially Lay on Hands to heal yourself, or the upgraded armor aura for extra healing. -The paladin armor passive for + 2 armor to the last incoming damage type. -The fighter defensive stance for +3 enemies engaged and -5% damage taken per enemy, upgrade knocks prone enemies who try to disengage. -The best damage buff in the game (I think) with disciplined barrage, generating you tons of crits. -Adding to this, you get fighter weapon specialisation + retribution for even more damage. -One of the best auto AOE damage spells in sacred immolation (assuming the self damage it deals is a lower than listed, a UI bug like disintegrate) -A very good, spammable full attack with low cost in flames of devotion (even though it was nerfed in both accuracy and damage), potentially buffing allies too with the upgrade. -A very powerful battlefield mobility tool in charge (as seen in the developer playthrough, this teleports the fighter to an enemy and somehow does like 8 attacks, even though it says it's a regular full attack). And assuming the DLC adds at least one more tier of abilities and allows multiclass characters to reach level 8 abilities in the future, you get: -Another extremely powerful selfbuff, the fighter one which adds all 6 basic inspirations to you at once (+5 to all stats for 30+int bonus seconds). -Another paladin armor passive which adds +1 more armor every 6 seconds while standing still -The paladin passive which allows you to self-ressurrect if you somehow manage to die. I'll probably make this my second character, or build pallegrina as a hybrid in my first run (it is in her potential class combo). Even if she's undoubtedly very poorly statted again, I think the classes are so poweful together that it will work.
  2. I'm fairly sure the abilities use that description because, as a lot of people seem to forget, there are 3 DLC's coming. Those will most likely highten the level cap allowing even multiclass characters to go past power level 7. So +2 to each resource on a level 8 or 9 ability will probably become relevant for future multiclass characters. But it specifies "each Rogue resource"... not "each resource". It implies there's more than one Rogue resource. But Guile is the only one?... I agree that the wording could be better. I think that it's worded in this way so that players do not expect it to replenish empower points, which are also a resource but not specifically a rogue resource.
  3. Let's be honest here, there were countless threads on dual wielding being too powerfull. It probably still is compared to the other styles. As I mentioned in those threads, I would prefer any other solution to that problem. The one thing I take issue with is slower recovery because it's boring. I don't like staring at my men doing nothing, and with average recovery times at 4s (!!) dual-wielding was pretty much the only style I could consider to avoid falling asleep between weapon swings. I think the solution to this problem is just increasing the combat speed with the slider. If you feel that characters need dual wield to get around a percieved lack of action per unit of time, that seems a much better fix than allowing dual wielding to be even more OP. For the record, I do agree that the average recovery time is currently high, which is why I'll set the combat speed higher to compensate too.
  4. I'm fairly sure the abilities use that description because, as a lot of people seem to forget, there are 3 DLC's coming. Those will most likely highten the level cap allowing even multiclass characters to go past power level 7. So +2 to each resource on a level 8 or 9 ability will probably become relevant for future multiclass characters. Let's be honest here, there were countless threads on dual wielding being too powerfull. It probably still is compared to the other styles. Honestly, deathblows, deep pockets, reposte and dirty fighting on the rogue tree kind of has me considering a dual wielding paladin/rogue multiclass. I think rogue gets a decent amount of goodies even at level 7 and below. I'm a bit sad that the shield phrase got nerfed from 30 hp to 12 hp per application, and mith fyr also hurts, but I'm probably still going fopr that sweet beckoner double dragon summon The coolness factor of that has officially convinced me as the first playthrough,
  5. Kind of have to agree here, I don't think it's that bad compared to how powerful the other active abilities are in fights. If you give up alchemy to invest in stealth, that's a very high price to pay.
  6. I'd like to add to this that almost none of the beckoners summons seem to work correctly in the current beta. The skeletons and their upgrade work. The upgrade to the ranged drake hatchling summons doesn't seem to do anything as the tooltip states it should give them 'unique attacks', but it doesnt. All they can do is their ranged basic attack. The ogre summons attack their initial target but then start running in place and become uncontrollable. None of their special abilities work. The level 5 summon for the drakes is completely broken. The drakes have no animations, they can move somewhere but not attack or use either special ability. I hope this gets fixed before release...
  7. Please don't use the ability to create 5 fully customized companions as an argument for removing might. You can fully customize a party to be overpowered for all sorts of different reasons and as such saying might it the problematic factor here is silly.
  8. +1 here, the titan itself is ok. The sand blight adds are impossible if you don't kite the titan away from the ruins. That was with the premade party and a herald though. Maybe if I had 5 fancy multiclass and/or more optimized characters it would have been more easy, but really... if they give me this party to test out and then design something invincible to take on, I can't say that feels very good to play.
  9. Ah, apologies, the 'modal' word in one of those proposed abilities threw me off there. I see the rest are normal passives. My bad.
  10. Honestly aiming that arrow does feel really annoyinh to me. I very much prefer dragging the item over the slot and then releasing it. That feels MUCH more natural.
  11. Yes but I think he want to say, in this case, you haven't a big choice if you want to be a shifter. Eventually, a Fury have a +1 penetration with electrical. (But attention with stacking rules we never know with Obsi...) A non shifter can use what he want. A shifter... IS ON a monotonous highway. I don't understand WHY NOT new uniques abilities like : Passive. Sharp claws = Penetration +1 when shifted. Passive. Sacrificial restoration = If you reach the end of the shifting, you can reuse the transformation for half of your life. (Actual HP / 2) Active. Modal. Broken bones = +30% critical damage and +40 % damage taken if under an affliction. ETC ETC. It is not complicated to... create good abilities. It is only numbers and RP logic. Often there are not even a sound effect. (except for modal perhaps ?) So... The idea was that you could switch into the modal to suit the combat, but not give a huge passive benefit. Your examples are all massive benefits I wouldn't want to turn off. I do agree however that the modals give penalties that are too large to be worth much.
  12. I do agree that there seems to be a distinct lack of ranged talents. I think the combat as presented in the 4.0 beta is okay though. Sure, it's still really slow compared to pillars 1 but then again, maybe that's not such a bad thing. There's something to be said for not instantly winning (almost all the time) in the first two seconds or losing it just as fast.
  13. Wanted to report an issue I've encountered: After the first time you leave the town with your ship, you can no longer succesfully buy supplies for it. If I return to the dock and then use the 'buy supplies' option, I CAN buy the food and water, and money is removed from the party, but the supplies then spontaneously disappear. They never get added to the ship inventory and are nowhere in my character inventory. Thus, my crew is more or less doomed to starve to death. Has anyone else encountered is? Is there a known workaround? Kind regards
  14. The example for rares or unique passives: Retribution, deep faith, dirty fighting, hold the line, ancient memory. There's no immediate overlap between of those in the classes I've seen so far. Of course, I haven't checked monk, barbarian or ranger yet so maybe they'll surprise me. If your problem is that there is usually only one 'best' choice, then I agree with you. Usually you do only have one universally good choice whereas the rest is bad or very situatutional. But that is a seprate issue from the generic passives being selectable by other classes, which I still highly prefer over them having no passives at all.
  15. One thing I noticed is that it's impossible to buy food and water after leaving the port for the first time. Even though you can spenmd omney on it, the supplies just disappear. Does anyone else have this issue? Also, after realoading the first ship combat, I got stuck in perpetual combat mode even though all enemies were dead. One crewmember got stuck on the enemy ship and kept spasm-ing along the enemy ship railing. Maybe that is what caused it?
  16. It's true that there is a lot of overlap, but honestly I prefer this over having no choice other than active abilities. Plus there are SOME unique or more rare abilities for the classes.
  17. For anyone who doesn't follow JE Sawyer's tumblr, he already commented on why he doesn't like the idea of reduced affliction time for resolve: https://jesawyer.tumblr.com/post/171380084061/one-resolve-suggestion-i-think-you (Sorry if this has already been linked to, haven't read entire thread) Thanks, I didn't know he had one. That was a nice read. One other simple idea I had: change resilience to give all defenses +1 per point in addition to +2 will per point. That would make it a better defensive stat that should be universally desirable (basically, the anti-perception). It would be better defensively than the other stats and would fill the role of a damage reduction attritbute that can synergize with constitution in making a character more tanky. Old resilience tried to do this but was underpowered since it only increased deflection. Even if you buffed it to +1 all defenses instead, the other stats all have offensive uses that would probably still make them comparably or more powerful and you can still follow the manthra of each attribute adding + 2 to a non deflection defense, resilience would just be unique in that it slightly increases everything as well. That aside, I'd personally be ok with the pillars 1 variants of might and resilience. That would be a freepass to dump resilience again to spend on more useful things, which sort of appeals to the power gamer in me.
  18. Alternatively or next to this, could we perhaps add a certain percentage to healing taken per point to constitution (or resolve instead of the duration decrease)? In the case of constitution, that would this second-most dumped stat also more attractive as it would now double as an actual defensive force multiplier instead of being just your max HP. The reason con was dumped so much in pillars 1, next to resilience, is that either of those didn't actively add to your damage dealt/ability duration and only very minimally reduced your damage taken (res, and then only vs 1 specific type of attacks). Having one of those stats buff your amount of healing taken like the survival buff seems more valuable to actual survival than a minor amount of deflection.
  19. I'd like to add another suggestion for fixing the very limited pool of points the different classes have available, also touching on the limited cutomisation options. Simply double or so the amount of useable points each combat. Next to having more than 2 abilities to use before running out, this would also make having multiple point spending abilities a more viable strategy for building your character.
  20. Hey everyone, I'm one of the high end backers and a long term fan of obsidian and Pillars of Eternity 1. I didn't really post anything before this to withhold judgment and give the team more time to polish. Given that it's specifically asked now by a QA member I felt I might as well add my few cents. A lot of what I'll add below here has already been covered but I do feel these things can't be stressed enough. I should also add that I haven't played the last 5 or so days so if I missed an update that fixed one of the below, apologies for that. Finally, the goal of this post is to point out the weaknesses of the current build in an effort to make the final game better, not to 'bash' the beta or the developers. If any of those are reading this, know you have my faith; you made an awesome game once and can do it again, so I'm holding onto hope that you'll find a way to make it work in the end. The good: -The atmosphere. -Visual improvements. -The ability to multiclass and the addition of subclasses. -Supposedly the ability to select different classes for your companions. The bad: -Extremely limited set of selectable AND usable abilities for all classes. For a non-caster it almost feels as if I have no choice, as there are usually 1 or 2 good abilities in any given tier with the rest being extremely situational or actively bad/outclassed by other abilities of the same class. In example, the fighter dps cooldown (disciplined strikes especially with the crit upgrade) virtually obsoletes the passive fighter ability of turning misses to grazes. Sure, that saves me a power point but 50% crit rate just outweighs everything else. What further adds to this problem is that characters have extremely limited pools of resources to actively use abilities. This means that all active abilities compete with eachother for resoources and thus push me further towards the few good passive talents the class has available. If I have one good spender ability, why would I waste points in getting another? Especially since I can only use two or so abilities each fight before running out of power points to use! >Proposed fix: Change system of active abilities back to pillars 1 in which every active ability can be used a set X times per fight or per day. This would make selecting active abilities much more attractive compared to passive ones and both fixes the problem with no options in combat and running out of abilities instantly. Having empower as a seperate mechanic is enough of a mechanical upgrade to me. For casters this problem is even worse (I've played chanters, wizards and clerics in the beta): since they have no innate spells, have to buy every spell seperately, have no selectable options other than their spells and are now also bound of per encounter spellcasting, caster classes just feel extremely 'empty' to me. They have no passives or meaningful choices at all, it's just selecting the best spells and their upgrades if any and just using those same spells over and over. As someone who enjoys building characters, i'm legitimately sad to say that this is probably the most boring iteration of caster character creation I have ever seen in RPG's. I have a strong preference for how casters were in pillars 1, with their spells being limited per day but also much varied and useable than what they currently are. Plus, I had the ability to actually build the character with additional utility the way I wanted them, which is impossible now. > Proposed fix: return at least a basic set of innate spells for all casters and fill their talent tree with meaningful talents. -Combat in general: Combat feels extremely slow paced to me. In addition, armor penetration as a mechanic is way too powerful (30% damage if you fail to meet the armor, 100% if you do? What? That's a 333% damage increase depending sorely on penetration? Way too much of a difference, and any party not having this is severely screwed). Wizards and clerics also seem particularly weak in fights since they have gigantic casting times and are way too open to being interrupted by ranged enemies. I'd say casters are too reliant on having their concentration buff from somewhere the same way melee are too reliant on having a penetration mechanic from somewhere. >Proposed fix: severely tone down penetration by reducing the damage penalty for not meeting it. 30% is way too much, 60 or 70 % damage is much more reasonable. Reduce casting time for casters. Actually, heck, return the combat to what it was in Pillars 1. I'm currently replaying this to get the last few achievements and it's shocking to me how much better that combat feels than what is currently in the pillars 2 beta. I wish I didn't have to feel that way -Lack of clear information on the workings of spells and mechanics. One of my largest gripes with the beta. Others have already spoken of this, but to give one example the effect of empower on the abilities are too unclear. -Ship combat. The current iteration again suffers from lack of clarity and information. In addition, it is really hurt by the lack of an ability to either flee or reload the game. If you are losing a fight, you have no option but to wait for the enemy to very slowly kill you. I should also add here that the amount of resources used by the crew feels much too high for me. -The 'Might' change to strength: This seems to go against your own design goal of having every stat being important for every character. This is what I liked about the stats in pillars, they actually were all important to the different builds, except perhaps resolve, which was still unique but underpowered. With might now being strength and only applying to weapons, it is now virtually useless for any caster. >Proposed fix: If resolve is the problem, and required you to give half of might's old benefit to fix it, I would either remove constitution and add that effect to resolve (to characterize a character's internal drive and ability to fight on despite injury - has an additional benefit of not having to rewrite resolve dialogue options and in pillars 1 the constituation ones were extremely rare anyway) or remove resolve alltogether and add the deflection bonus to constitution (let's be honest, constitution is also fairly weak since it's a stat that doesn't actively make you either better at dealing damage or better at reducing damage taken, which is why it's the second most dumped stat next to resolve). Removing either resolve or constitution and buffing the other with the removed effect would leave you with 5 stats, but they would all be useful to all builds and unique. Every conversation option for removing resolve can easily be added to either intelligence or might since it always comes down to knowing exactly what to say or intimidating someone into cooperating. Well, that's everything from the top of my hat. I hope the team can still fix a few of the issues before launch, since I want this game to be as awesome as it can be!
  21. Wanted to add one for basic fighter MC (I dislike the penalties for the following build that all the fighter specialisations offer) for something like Darcozzi Paladini (seems like the least downside to this build). The idea is to make a 2h tank that deals a lot of damage and keeps himself alive via armor buffs and a plethora of healing. You get tons of static damage feats, a flat +22 to all defenses, Lay on hands, fighter's constant recovery, the paladin armor/healing aura, the paladin +2 armor passive, the fighter + 3 enemies engaged stande with -5% damage taken, vengeance, and the disciplined barrage upgrade which converts 50% of your hits into crits 4 times per encounter. I played this through the current beta and it is an absolute monster. He has better defenses with a 2 hander than the shield fighter (including deflection!) and he does by far the most damage in the party. Also, he is unkillable since he heals for so much, and when needed can just heal allies.
  22. Hello everyone, First post, wanted to report a bug I've encountered. I took bonus first level spell on my two mages, and when I rested after taking it, it no longer takes that talent into account. So the cap is now 4 first level spells while it used to be 5 when I took it. Can this be fixed, please? Feels really sucky to have completely wasted my talents on nothing :S -kind regards, Lunattic
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