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  1. I encountered a similar issue in the Xakoras fight. Xakoras died before all the summoning animations had finished. Most summons were instantly destroyed but one animat ended up in a strange state. It had no selection circle and I couldn't interact with it in any way (untargetable, AoE attacks had no effect). It also had no collision detection. I ran over to the next fight hoping that triggering it would fix the half-summoned animat (it didn't), and the animat ran after the party, walking on air in the process. The animat itself couldn't really do anything. It would move next to party member
  2. A few issues I observed while playing a Beckoner: The skeletons summoned by Ancient Brittle Bones split into regular skeletons (as a non-Beckoner Chanter would get) upon being destroyed. I've also noticed that the newly spawned skeletons generated when one of the initially summoned ones is destroyed aren't always immediately controllable. Sometimes they need a few seconds before I can give orders to them. I don't know if that affects only the Beckoner's skeletons or if other Chanters are also affected. I would assume the latter but I haven't tested it. The ogres tend to just
  3. The Blinded status effect locks characters with the Affliction at a full recovery bar, making them unable to do anything but move. It doesn't always seem to happen, but most of the time. This usually, but also not always, persists for the duration of the Blinded Affliction. I first noticed it fighting the second Lagufaeth pack on the Broodmother map, which has become one of the hardest fights for me, mainly due to the AoE Blind the Sidewinders got. Here's an example from the last fight against Beza: https://imgur.com/a/pF448mF The Nature Godlike Helwalker/Shifter (close to the middle,
  4. Same here; I actually just wanted to make a thread for this. This bug only affects unlocked power levels (for me), by the way. Hit points are what they should be, I get the expected amount of proficiencies and skill points as well. Even ability points are unaffected, so my mercenaries get 2 points for unlocking a new power level at the appropriate level ups. They just don't actually unlock the new power level.
  5. https://wizardstyles.shinyapps.io/DeadfireRandomParty/ Because who wants to deal with all the pressure of having to think about what to play? Sorry if you roll a Bleak Walker/Lifegiver or a Sharpshooter/Unbroken.
  6. I'm not convinced there's a problem with long casting times in general. Many of the spells that have persistent effects are good. Beckoner and Lifegiver are two of the best subclasses imo, and their summons and healing AoEs take a while to get up. Conversely, I don't use a lot of the attack abilities that martial characters get because it seems infinitely more efficient to use the resource points on self-buffs instead. Which is a problem very similar to the one many offensive spells have. I agree that a lot of offensive spells can't be scaled up in power sufficiently to be worth it
  7. When the Evoker passive (30% chance to replicate an Evocation spell that was just cast) triggers, it will sometimes cause the Evoker to lose another spell slot. It doesn't always, and it took me one and a half playthroughs with an Evoker to be sure it actually happens, but I just noticed it at the beginning of a fight. I cast Thrust of Tattered Veils, it got replicated, and just like that I had no level 1 spell slots left to use. So the replicated spell must have used one up. (I've noticed it with other spells of other levels as well.)
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