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  1. @Voltron this is sweet info mate, thanks for taking the time to write this up - I have a couple more questions If you'd humour me. What are your thoughts on Thrice Was She Wronged? Is this a bad invocation? I plan on running with a party on my first real playthrough, so don't need to be thinking of solo options, so I wanna maxamize my effectiveness knowing I have party memebers to back me up should things get hairy. I thought Kind Wayfarer was the way to go here, but I'm thinking, Goldpact Knight now maybe, seems sexy.
  2. Hopefully a simple one: Wanna play a Herald, primarly as a damage dealer, but I guess the beast can do anything. But yes dps. What attribute spread are we looking at? How are 2 handed weapons in terms of damage against dual wield? And what are the better level 1 Innovations? Thanks in advance.
  3. Have you tried running one? I'm curious how survivable it feels. It seems like the higher DPS, lower defense counterpart of the Wizard/Fighter mentioned above. Or can any one else speak to how Monk compares to Fighter for multi-classing? I have -I haven't got too far into the game, but I've gotten to the same point in the game with many chars and variations - This one is my highest DPS at the moment, and I haven't had problems surviving as long as you're on top of things. It's the DPS version of Fighter/Wiz you're right - You still get the amazing instant cast defensive buffs from
  4. Has Sage been mentioned? Wizard/Monk All the swift flurry goodness with Dual wielding along with powerful sexy spells - having swift flurry/chill fog early is pretty nuts. Also Wiz has tons of defense options as we know. Fun stuff in my opinion.
  5. well I think its overkill, also you are trading that much resources into redundant defences rather than damage and utility, and you need to buff all the time at start of the combat, but thats not a problem with ai scripts tho The thing is I am literally devoting one level 1 spell and one level 2 spell to get the 14 and 18 armour. Both have almost no cast time and no recovery. The pair of them have the same total cast time as Rage. Everything else is offence with extra armour pen, accuracy and crits. Barbarian's weakness is being targetted and killed. With this setup you are basi
  6. Could someone much more talented than I - Sort me out with a Watercolour for this image please - would be baller
  7. So Evoker Wizards are strong as hell. How are Fury Druids In comparision? Anyone got any thoughts about their high end dps spells, compare to Wizard Damage or not?
  8. Title? Druid and Sorcerer casters seem to pretty much do the same thing. Would you have multi these two, are are the high end spells of both not worth putting them together?
  9. Don't you mean Swift Flurry here which has a chance to proc additional attack on critical hit (30% chance). Yes. If you crit 5 enemies with a rod you have a 33% chance to proc an additional rod attack on each enemy you hit, each of these being aoe and giving you further chances to proc more attacks. You really need a high crit chance for this to work though. How would you build Wizard/Monk? Been trying something similar myself but don't know enough about the game to fine tune it. People have been saying Summoned Weapons are bad, so I'm assuming you'd forgoe the Level 1 Staff for an
  10. I really wanted to play a char as Similar to Erza Scarlet (from Fairy Tail) as I could get - Hence, Conjuration Wizard - But, dreams dashed I spose with a bit of Gambit Flair Thrown in. Dreams dashed I spose. @nstgc - which build would you be referring to that's okay with normal weps? Might get round to playing teh game at some point
  11. Are summoned weapons really that bad? I finally thought I had figured my build out after hours since launch - well guess I'll spend another week trying other **** - FFS
  12. This is what I'm trying to figure out, as someone who didn't play the beta and doesn't know much about the game at all. I've currently started a Wizard (Conjurer) Monk (Helwalker) Not sure really how good this combo is, I need to play more of it - The idea is to use the Staff from Wizard Level 1 to heal and help offset the damage from wounds, using swift strikes means I should be attacking a fair bit therefore healing a fair bit - In theory, I hope this means Helwalker won't just keel over a die to a gust of wind - And then going from there, using summonded weapons - auras, buffs and d
  13. Aye, but if anyone has any info for the above, I didn't play the beta - so my knowledge of the game is slim. Just want - Which Monk Sub is Best with Conjurer Wizard using conjured weapons. Helwalker seems a bit filmsy maybe - have no idea how good Drug Monk is - Shattered Pillar the best bet? And then what would the attribute spread look like - Can I dump any stat with this build? Or...???
  14. Okay, I've decided on the Class I wanna Be - Sage - Wizard/Monk As I don't know how a lot of the mechanics work for stuff, a few basic questions. Wizard will be a conjurer, idea is to summon weapons, aura's etc - use enchanting and trans to buff/debuff etc. What would be the best Monk Subclass for this build? Helwalker might be a tad to risky? I paired it with a Fire Godlike as they get tougher the weaker they get but this seems like it probably won't help much. I'm not entirely sure how wounds work - If I cast a spell like Spirit Shield, will I gain wounds more slowly,
  15. Guys, if I wanted to build a Wizard that focused on Conjured Aura's/Weapons as my primary source of damage. Single or Multi? How are level 8 and 9 spells like Enchanced Armory, Cloak of death - Piercing Sigil, Blackbow? Are these gonna be enough of a reward to forgo many benefits you can obtain from martial classes?? I'll have access to echanting and transmutation, both offer signifancy buffs and debuffs as well? If mulit is really the better choice, what are my best options? Any synergies that spring to mind? And lastly, is a ranged Caster Wizard or even Druid (Fury) - Going
  16. I don't know if popular or viable or I'm overlooking something better. But I plan to make Solaire of Astoria from Dark Souls using Paladin and a Druid with the 'Sun Spells' Don't think many peeps talking about Druid/Paladin Melee/Caster Combo
  17. @Ganrich Still trying to figure out my class, Druid was one I had my eye on - When you say silly good, is this in terms of Damage or Utiliity, or maybe all? If wanting to build for damage, which subclass is going to be the way to go, although I gues that depends if you multi - I want to basically cast, so thinking even Fury or Animancer. Single Class or Multi for these 2? Any synergies I should be aware of??
  18. Seems like Melee is doing well - what are peoples opinions on Casters? Or particuarly Druid/Fury? - What would synergise well with a Fury Druid? Is melee that much better than going shifter or Animist would yield better results - combos for Melee mulitclasses seems pretty easy and intuituve
  19. How are druids as a caster? Fury - Better as single or Multi? Too early too tell? What classes as far as people know, synergise well with Fury?
  20. I'm doing this in Photoshop coz I seem to get better results, but I'm a complete noob - it comes out pretty much perfect at 221x330 - but if I make the image smaller for the convo size etc - then it's just a blur, you can distinguish anything - anything obvious I'm doing wrong here?
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