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  1. I think i will go with the Arcane Knight, because i like the Mage Spells more then the Cipher Spells. My last Question is about a Weapon for this Knight In the Beta One-Handed was clearly the weakest Option. With which Weapon do you think should i go? My Ideas: Dual Wield Sabre with Explosive Staff Dual Wield Onehanded Sword with Explosive Staff Rapier with Dagger
  2. My Mage/Pal (Darcozzi) would look like this Might --- 16 Con --- 10 Dex --- 10 Per --- 15 Int --- 18 Res --- 10 With One Handed Sword for Melee and for Range Attacks Staff with Explosion With this i able to deal decent damage and to tank a lot + Selfheal.
  3. My next idea was to play an Arcane Knight with a One Handed Weapon. I saw a Video about this combination and it looked strong. What is difference between them?
  4. Hey, Since BG1 i'm in love with the Fighter/Mage Combination, that means a Melee Char with Spells most times to Buff youself or to finish a important target from a longer distance. The best Part of this Class is it was self substainable a well balanced Group was an addition and not neccecary, you could beat the Game alone. My Problem is after i read a bit, it looks like Magic/Melee Multiclasses are not really that strong. Am i wrong, if yes which Multiclass could do this Job? If not which Class could be a good alternative?
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