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  1. This is some good info, I think I've decided on Druid - not sure what to pair with it - I think I'd rather focus more on the spellcasting side to Druids than the shifting
  2. Would really appreciate if someone could watercolour these two for me <3
  3. This might sound dense as - but if the mainly broken part of this is summoned weapon + swift strikes going well with dual ranged weps and dance of death being good for ranged - why is wael the chosen path if he makes you better in melee range?
  4. Yo - no idea what I'm playing tomorrow. Haven't played the beta, no almost nothing about the game, I didn't really go deep into the first, much to my regret, so don't have much knowledge in the way of potential synergies. I'm looking for some ideas basically. Only Criteria: Caster, but no Cipher - Mainly a Damage Dealer Must be Multiclass. Is Helwalker from what little I've read, the most viable way to make a mulitclass caster dps. Not looking for anything in depth at this point, I know this is a little vague given all the options. Just want a sort of platform to build off, some basic ideas of where to start, what is currently working, what synergies are stand outs with regards to casters. Thanks for any help
  5. I've been thinking of doing ghost heart/ascendant and hadn't even thought about helwalker/ascendant. For talents I assume Enduring Dance, Lightning strikes, Duality? The wording on Turning Wheel is saying melee, but i wonder if that tooltip is accurate on the wiki. "(Turning Wheel) - The monk is able to channel their pain into pure energy adding a proportional fire bonus to Melee Damage." turning wheel is melee based on description, but the int bonus from duality is separate. also, do not forget long pain. you is gonna be able to do melee damage from range with a monk thanks to long pain talents. early in game, use scepters and dance o' death talents to quick build wounds-- should start every combat with 4 wounds. swift strikes is gonna also impart quick inspiration. not a bad way to begin combat, eh? dual wielding sceptres will build wounds extreme fast, if such is the way you wanna play it. contemplative priest o' wael with a summoned rod is a bit op at the moment, though we still see sage as best option for flexibility. grimoires are so darn useful for accessing extra talents beyond those purchased at levelup. HA! Good Fun! Yo, I haven't played any of the beta, so haven't been able to experiment with the multiclasses - can you explain how a priest of wael/contemplative is good, what synergies does it have going on, and why a priest of wael over other gods? Sorry if these sound obvious, but - I know next to nothing about the game thanks
  6. A Druid - Animist or Fury - Want to pair it with another class, but no idea what - bloody OCD
  7. Ah, thanks guys, I wasn't aware that that all class info wasn't available yet. I'll look into Paladin/Chanter Combinations, does seem to be the kind of thing I'm looking for
  8. I played through the first game only once, despite loving it, currently playing through again ready for 2 - My knowledge of the games systems aren't extensive to say the least I know almost nothing of PoE2 - not played any betas etc. I know I'll probably spend 3 weeks just trying to pick a class - wonderful OCD. Just a few basic questions to help me out. In terms of straight up power - is it better to multiclass or devote to a single? Things will likely change between now and release, but where does balance stand with regards to Melee Vs Casters for DPS/Tanking and to lesser extent support?? I've always liked being a Holy Type Warrior that was more Magic Based but did use a weapon and get stuck in up front, not really a tank not really full DPS, but a healthy mix leaning more towards damage. If I wanted to build something akin to this in PoE2 - what am I looking at doing? We'll start with these few. If I need to narrow down what I want just say so, at the mo, I don't know what I don't know. Thanks
  9. Hi, so I played and loved this game at launch, only through once though as I had a backlog of other stuff to play, I'd really love to get back into this game, and have some proper run throughs and on harder difficulties. I know there has been a lot of changes..so.. Can someone give me a basic rundown of each class, the state they're in, how they;re played, party set-ups and builds etc.. I'm not looking for too much info you don't need to go deep, but any info, I'd greatly appreciate. Thanks
  10. Am I missing something here - I can only sell the Pistol to him for 150cp - you guys make it seem like you get a bunch for it
  11. So, I normally opt for a Caster in RPGs - So, Wizard, Druid or Cipher - What are the pros and cons of each? Ideally I'd like to top the damage charts, but other than that, what do people have most fun with?? I heard Wizards are slow starters but do get better.. How much is a hinderance to damage potential early on with the per rest spells or druid and wizard, as opposed to Ciphers pretty much bieng able to cast spells at the same rate in both small and large scale skirmishes?? How actually viable is a melee cipher opposed to a ranged one?? Thanks for any and all help - I'm terribad at making such desicions.
  12. In all seriousness, I have no idea. I no exposure to this game until 2 days before release so know almost nothing about how it works. My question: My Cipher has base 19 INT - I have equipped 2 items that give +2 INT - and yet, my INT is only showing to be 21??
  13. So, I've nevered play a cRPG before, never got round to Baulder's Gate and the like, but I've instantly fallen in love with this game. I am however, struggling. I'm only on Normal, but I'm finding myself needing to reload quite a lot. I can't get to grips with this formation business, simply because as soon as a fight starts, they lose formation - The wizard seems to want to get cast his spells at point black range. My squishies die in one or two hits, which would be fine if my front line was a front line and held aggro, more often than not, the enemy is simply walking on through and beating on my casters and such. I feel like there is something fundemental I haven't caught on to yet - I'm fighting a bunch of goons at Lord Raedics place - and they are pwning me - Anyone have any basic combat tips, and or formation tips - am I underleveled for the content, I mean I received the quest like 2 levels ago, gah I dunno -
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