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  1. - Limiting camp supplies is a game mechanic so you can not rest spam after every fight. - custom companions... just dont use custom companions? - stronghold.. again nobody forces you to use the stronghold. actually the bonuses of the stronghold are so bad every inn buff is way better than any stronghold buff. the gold income from the stronghold is tiny - Enchanting/crafting. Agree, the crafting system seems a bit odd. Either give it more depth (collectable recipes etc) or just drop it.
  2. I´m pretty sure they made the bonuses deliberately weak so that you dont feel "forced" into upgrading your stronghold. That being said, the bonuses should at least be on par with normal inn bonuses.
  3. to be honest, I´d rather have more of those smaller villages like gilded vale instead of big multi-mapped cities.
  4. Next up at Obsidian Forums The real truth behind the truth behind the truth. Do not miss it. Grap your popcorn now.
  5. I beat her on Hard on the second try. Only lost one companion (all with level 10). Didnt use any strange trick just a straight fight. Whats the problem??
  6. To be honest, if I could get a Game that had the roleplaying and gameplay parts of a PoE/BG/IWD etc and the Graphics of a Dragon Age: Inquisition that would be absolutly awsome. Dragon Age: Origin was pretty close to being that game. To bad they didnt improve DA:O but instead tried to go more and more the console/actionRpg way.
  7. I have PC Cipher Eder Hiravias Sagani Aloth Durance so I kicked Kana, his buffs are nice and all but he didnt do really much.. I wouldnt kick Sagani because her pet can tank a little bit and she´s doing decent dmg I like having a druid and a priest because a) the druid can give healing over time but sometimes you need a big heal immediatly. b) the druid does a lot of dmg/control while the priest can give some really nice buffs. If you only have 1 healer it can be hard to do anything else besides healing Aloth is a heavy dmg dealer I wouldnt want to miss that you cant really kick Eder as he is the only good tank unless your PC can tank.
  8. Problem is that that line of reasoning ONLY justifies the initial stat distribution and first couple of levels. If the level 4 talents (for example) were truly essential to the character's personality, then you wouldn't have a choice over them... not if you got the fellow at level 2, AND not if you let him smoke his pipe at the crossing until you're level 5 from quests. No plausible justification exists for letting you choose their level 4 talents under one set of your personal circumstances and yet not the other. It IS plausible. The companions are affected by YOUR choices you make so they level up the way you skill them. But if you dont meet them, or meet them later they are not affected by your choices thus they go their own way. It is a ROLEPLAYING game. If you want to min/max go play WoW etc. Durances Stats make TOTALLY sense.
  9. Restspamming after every single fight was the worst thing about Baldurs Gate. I´m glad it´s gone.
  10. so now we have a "hard mode is too easy" AND a "easy mode is too hard" thread? well...
  11. My party composotion ATM is Fighter, Cipher, Druid, Priest, Hunter, Mage A fighter with decent items and some defensive talents is more than enough to tank several targets at once. The hunter pet can bind one maybe two targets for quite some time. My cipher can usually tank one or two smaller targets while killing them. Using crowd controls, blinds, debuffs/buffs. I´m on Hard difficulty and there was until now only one dungeon were I had to go back to town one or two times (mostly because I had no camping supplies with me and couldnt find any to buy in that town) But I guess you can just cheat too if you want to...
  12. My main is also a Cipher. Until now (about lvl 6) I´ve played him with a Greatsword but yesterday I got a extremely good flail (very similiar to that awsome BG2 flail) so I guess as soon as I get another goot onehand weapon I´m gonna change to dual wielding. My favourite cipher skill sofar is the mind spikes (or so) massive dmg on lots of enemies :D
  13. sorry to disappoint you but double clicking an item does nothing unexpected for me. Just tested it. I double click a breastarmor to equip it, i get the stats, i double click it again to unequip it i lose the stats. Er. Did you have any passive abilities on your character prior to testing this? Racial ones, say? Not sure, I just made a quick test before going to work. But shouldnt you have racial passives all the time?
  14. Full passive skill wipes, encounter abilities locking as 'Already activated', Ciphers losing the ability to gain focus, Ranger companions vanishing, whole maps being unaccessible, a DoT you can get that will never go away, getting permanently stuck in combat, and save files that break for good. I don't think all these issues came from people being 'drama queens.' But congratulations on your blackscreens, I wish I was just dealing with a game that would crash periodically but that's something that hasn't happened to me yet, so I'm just going to assume you're lying and making a big deal. why should I lie to you, some random dude on the internet? If you dont believe me or all the others who, so far, have experienced almost no problem, well then.. be happy about it. or sad i guess, whatever do what you like. OP asked about the bugs in the game everyone is complaining about. He got an answer, from both sides. Usually only the ones who experience bugs are complaining loudly. Most people who have no problems dont go to forens and make a threads.
  15. sorry to disappoint you but double clicking an item does nothing unexpected for me. Just tested it. I double click a breastarmor to equip it, i get the stats, i double click it again to unequip it i lose the stats.
  16. People are just beeing drama queens again. I´ve played 27 hours now and I had to restart the game two times because of a blackscreen and reload maybe one or two times cuz something got stuck. Hardly what I would call "game breaking"
  17. see? there´s the problem. For you Crusader Kings had no problems. For other it had. For me and many others PoE has no Problems, for you it does. Softwarebugs tend to be very strange. Sometimes they only occur on certain hardwares. For example a few years ago when I still played World of Warcraft I had a super strange bug where the game suddenly crashed at certain points in the gameworld. I wasnt the only one who experienced said bug but no real solution was known. Reinstalling did nothing. After completly formatting my harddrive reinstalling windows I couldn´t even install the game. The only thing helped was buying a new PC where it worked again.
  18. you should have stopped thinking at exactly this point. If you´ve never experienced testing and bugfixing in any bigger software, just stop. You have NO idea how hard it is. NO Software will EVER be bugfree. EVER!! Remember the Ariane 5 spacerocket? It exploded 40 seconds after the start. Reason a bug in the software. Even in a multimillion project where security and quality has the HIGHEST priority there can be bugs. To get rid of almost all bugs so that everyone is happy (note will never happen) Obsidian would need at least another 4 million and another year or so production time. Software is getting more and more complex, that means inevitably more bugs. While the bugs/per line of code statistically goes down the sheer amount of aditionally code means the total number of bugs stays at least the same or normally is much higher than before. Modern code quality tools do help a little bit but even those can not find everything.
  19. Are you complaining that you get a pause every few seconds? Then just disable that auto-pause option. If not, what exactly is your problem?
  20. it´s merely a time saver for me. if you dont use tab you would have to slowly drag your mouse all over the monitor all the time as there could be literally everywhere one little lootspot. I really wish the perception stat would work outside of scouting mode and highlight you those normal lootspots (and if its a really high perception skill even the secret spots, scouting should only give you a significant bonus in perception)
  21. I never understood why americans are such sissys about swearing. ITS JUST A WORD
  22. Wizards at the very early levels are rather weak. agreed. but the more spells you get the more powerful you get. wizards are also one of the more customizable classes as you can have a lot of different spells. altho you can only have 4 spells per level in your grimoire(?) you can have multiple grimoires in your quickslots which i believe you can then switch. so you could potentially make different presets of spells for different situations if you want. also as others said you can learn spells from grimoires you found from enemies. (it costs a few hundred coppers per spell but unless you buy every magical item you´ll be swimming in money pretty fast) the limited spells per rest makes it much more interesting. you have to plan, do you really want to cast this spell now or do you want to keep it for a harder fight deeper in the dungeon. You also have some "per encounter" spells. You start with a small AoE dmg + dazzling(?) spell, later you can get a Grimoire Smash xD
  23. Its 1 ****ing k for that resting bonus. I did it once just for the laugh. there are better or at least equivalent resting boni at normal tavern, not sure how good the stronghold rest boni get. and what is wrong with prostitution? (as long as its not forced prostitution)
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